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Month of Art Stars: Artist’s Choice!

For the month of June, I’m going to be doing a daily feature that is the return of the Month of Art Stars. Only I’m mixing it up a little bit this time around. Now, instead of me determining which artists to spotlight each day, I’m throwing it out there to the pros themselves! Each day, I will be featuring an artist (either currently working or from the past) chosen for a spotlight by another professional comic book artist who felt that this artist deserved some more attention. Do note that almost all the artists I asked gave multiple suggestions, so when I say that Artist Y is Artist’s X’s choice, do note that Artist X likely gave me 8-10 names and I just chose one of them for the feature.

The first featured artist will be up in a bit (and then this will be the archive for the whole month’s worth of artists featured)!

Hope you enjoy the feature!

Day 1 – Mike Hawthorne (as chosen by Mike Avon Oeming)

Day 2 – Gabriel Hardman (as chosen by Mitch Breitweiser)

Day 3 – Toby Cypress (as chosen by Jae Lee)

Day 4 – Rick Leonardi (as chosen by Casey Jones)

Day 5 – Matt Camp (as chosen by Pete Woods)

Day 6 – Graham Nolan (as chosen by Mike Collins)

Day 7 – Sean Gordon Murphy (as chosen by Skottie Young)

Day 8 – Fiona Staples (as chosen by Frazer Irving)

Day 9 – José Luis García-López (as chosen by Dave Gibbons)

Day 10 – Chris Samnee (as chosen by Tony Moore)

Day 11 – Jacob Chabot (as chosen by Chris Giarrusso)

Day 12 – Jason Shawn Alexander (as chosen by Steve Epting)

Day 13 – Tim Hamilton (as chosen by Matt Haley)

Day 14 – Michael Norton (as chosen by Jamal Igle)

Day 15 – Irv Novick (as chosen by Stuart Sayger)

Day 16 – Agnes Garbowska (as chosen by Francis Manapul)

Day 17 – John Paul Leon (as chosen by Sean Chen)

Day 18 – Kelley Jones (as chosen by Chris Bachalo)

Day 19 – David A. Williams (as chosen by Patrick Scherberger)

Day 20 – Goran Parlov (as chosen by Cliff Chiang)

Day 21 – Alan Weiss (as chosen by Norm Breyfogle)

Day 22 – Jesse Marsh (as chosen by Paul Gulacy)

Day 23 – Giuseppe Camuncoli (as chosen by Marko Djurdjevic)

Day 24 – Jonathan Case (as chosen by Steve Lieber)

Day 25 – Everett Raymond Kinstler (as chosen by Tom Mandrake)

Day 26 – Rebecca Dart (as chosen by Pia Guerra)

Day 27 – Guy Davis (as chosen by Bob Fingerman)

Day 28 – Elizabeth Breitweiser (as chosen by Dennis Calero)

Day 29 – Jon J. Muth (as chosen by Dustin Nguyen)

Day 30 – Reed Crandall (as chosen by Aaron Lopresti)

BONUS DAY 1 – Rudy Nebres (as chosen by Mike Deodato)

BONUS Day 2 – Edvin Biukovic (as chosen by Goran Sudzuka)

BONUS Day 3 – Eduardo Risso (as chosen by Val Semeiks)

BONUS Day 4 – Terry Laban (as chosen by Alex Robinson)

BONUS Day 5 – Steve Yeowell (as chosen by Mike Perkins)

BONUS Day 6 – Dan Panosian (as chosen by Mark Irwin)



How about providing a list of pros participating? It would be neat to guess who they would pick.

That sounds like the business. Can’t wait to see it!

No month of ugly costume designs? DANG IT!

…okay, this is much cooler.

So Brian, any that DIDN’T pick Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez? ;-)

I won’t lie, he WAS chosen by at least one artist. :)

How about providing a list of pros participating? It would be neat to guess who they would pick.

Maybe when everyone’s sent in their picks!

I can give you a quick sampling – here are the last four artists to send in their picks:

Mike Collins, Jae Lee, Alex Robinson and Dave Gibbons.

Look at you, with your access and clout!

This is a really cool idea.

Very cool, can’t wait to see who is picked!

Out of curiosity, why did you get multiple choices and then choose one rather than letting the artist choose one option to go with?

As you might imagine, some artists appeared on multiple lists – this way, that’s not a problem.

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