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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 155

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Today, how’s about we look at the next cool moment following the cool moment featured the other day from 52 Week 46!


So Black Adam is in a rage and he is attacking the mad scientists of Oolong Island.

And this is how they respond (as a quick recap, here is the “roster” of the mad scientists on the island…
Doctor Death, Doctor Sivana, I. Q. (Ira Quimby), Will Magnus, T. O. Morrow, Komrade Krabb, Dr. Tyme and Rigoro Mortis)….

I personally would pick T.O. Morrow’s last line as “the” moment.

Great scene overall, though.


Um Brian, I think there’s something missing.

Ah, I see the problem, Chris – I had moved on to June image codes and didn’t adjust accordingly. They’re there now!

I am completely and totally cool seeing Black Adam get his rear handed to him. The guy’s more of a prick than Namor the Sub Mariner.

T.O. Morrow is the only guy there that’s worth his salt aside from Sivana, perhaps. And wasn’t Metal Men creator Will Magnus originally a good guy? (And had replaced Gold as a Metal Man himself?)

Black Adam should have made mincemeat outta these other losers. In any case, kudos to the 52 writers for making Morrow cool again even if he looked more liked Floyd Lawton here.

52 is a weird bird. Chock full of great moments and cool idea, but the sum really isn’t the equal of its parts. I think the pedestrian art throughout the series really drags it down. Cool as it is, this scene is definitely let down by boring artwork. I do love the mad scientists getting even with the “super jock”, though.

Ethan Shuster

June 5, 2009 at 6:03 am

“I can’t see out of this **%&$% mask! Where is he?” is pretty good, too.

I do like the idea that a cadre of the world’s most evil mad genuises, working together…succeed at their plan. Really, when was the last time you saw anyone hailed as a “genius’ actually follow through? It’s always the big dumb determined brute who finds a way to win. Not this time.

loved how the mad scientists finaly figured out they need to use the old strength in numbers approach to bring down black adam. and also t. o morrows last line you can all cackle is priceless. for black adam was proving to be as nasty as all the mad men on the island

And Cale missed all of that too…she would have been something to see how things turned out….

This is a great moment. I agree with Jeff, it’s nice to see the so-called evil “geniuses” actually use their heads and defeat a big dumb strong guy for once.

@Lt. Clutch, Will Magnus was kidnapped to the island, it wasn’t his idea to join those guys

@DanLarkin, the art is very mediocre.

I’ve never read 52, since I avoid mega cross-overs (and books that are likely to cross-over into one) like the plague. It has made me a much happier reader. This is certainly a fun moment. Black Adam is exactly the sort of character that provokes schadenfreude.

In fact, the top five comic book characters that are best on the receiving end of a total beat down are:
1. Namor, the Sub-Mariner
2. Black Adam
3. Thor
4. Doctor Light
5. The Question

I love the mads. Great use of the Silver Age ultra-obscuros.

I didn’t read 52, but I’m enjoying these moments.

Skimming the list of moments so far, I see an alarming lack of Alan Moore Swamp Thing. Maybe that’s a future theme-week? At the very least for the Arcane moments (thinking of a chilling exchange in Hell, in particular). Or fighting Batman. Or the “give me a number” killer. Or early Constantine. Or the world’s creepiest assassin, the Invunche.

Quite a lot of fodder there is all I’m saying.

And some Neil gaimen Sandman, too!

Seconded on the Sandman. Maybe the joke that kicks off the serial killer convention for starters.

I’ve also been dying to catch the brief boxing session from O’Neil’s run on The Question in here. #10 I believe.

In defence of the art, remember that 52 was a weekly, so this comic must have been drawn in about a week. Considering how many artists can’t get a comic done in a month, I think it was a pretty good effort to get the whole thing out on time, so I’m willing to cut them some slack in the art.

Sivana’s line “I hate you, I want you all to know that” was pretty funny too. Who knew T O Morrow could be cool.

In defence of the art, remember that 52 was a weekly, so this comic must have been drawn in about a week.

Nah – the book had rotating artists. Personally I was happy with the art in 52 though. It was never spectacular, but competent all the way through. (with the exception of about 1 artist who didn’t turn up too often)

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