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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 156

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Today, we look at Tom DeFalco and Ron Wilson’s famous “boxing” Annual of Marvel Two-in-One.


Marvel Two-in-One Annual #7 was produced by DeFalco and Wilson and it told the tale of the Elder of the Universe known as the Champion, who showed up on Earth to challenge the most powerful heroes on the planet to box him. If they all lose, he will destroy the Earth.

Here, DeFalco chose to highlight a difference between Thing and the other, more powerful heroes like Thor and the Hulk. The Thing actually knew how to BOX.

And DeFalco and Wilson handled the boxing scenes beautifully, all introduced by a wonderful panel by Wilson below…

Then the Thing enters the ring, as the last hope of the Earth…

The fight has not gone well, but the Thing has managed to stay in the ring, which all the other heroes could not do. And then we get the ending of the fight…

That sure is the Thing to the tee!

Good work by the creators.

“The” moment is probably the bit where he drags himself across the ground to say he’ll never give up.


One of my favorite moments from Marvel Two-In One.

I just wish the boxing ring didn’t keep changing size.

Still a highly enjoyable comic.

Is that the Mad Hatter in the audience or the father and son from the movie “The Champ?”

Yeah, that’s definitely a reference to SOME old movie character.

Yeah, totally a reference to the 1931 film The Champ with Jackie Cooper.

Has The Champion showed up anywhere else in the Marvel Universe other than this story?

The Thing’s eye can swell shut? Who knew?

The Champion showed back up in the Dan Slott’s she-hulk run, in posession of one of the infinity gems. I think its the 2nd trade paperback IIRC, so issues 7-12 of the first volume.

This plot was taken part-for-part for a “Dial-M-For-Monkey” cartoon back in ’96. Randy Savage provided the voice of the champion stand-in.

Damn. I had that issue as a kid.

Actually, he showed up once in a Deus-Ex-Machina to let the Silver Surfer leave earth (back in the day when he was Earth bound)… It really sorta ticked me off… I always liked that character, and they had him for one page just to give Norrin a reason for leaving, and his powers back.

One of my favorite annuals when I was a kid. Nice choice.

I remember Champion’s appearance in the Silver Surfer no. 1 that Travis refers to. As I recall, the Silver Surfer defeated him quite easily, which bugged me, as it kind of took the wind out of the sails of the big bad in this annual.

Of course, my favorite parts of this annual were the guest-appearances by all the other strong guys. Sasquatch was sure making lots of guest appearances back then! (before regular exposure in the Alpha Flight series).

The Champion has appeared quite a bit over the years considering. He has the power infinity gem often, so he appeared in the Infinity Gauntlet build up series Thano’s Quest (a sweet 2 issue mini) and he ended up being important in the 2nd half of Slott’s first She-Hulk series. (Fighting her, and then being the mysterious benefactor-ish for an older She-hulk villain). He’s an enjoyable pure fighting character,

Here is what makes mr crazy, hardly anyone seems to these Lee-Kirby style punch ups right now.

You figure there are 4-5 “pure” sub-genres (Siegel-Shuster, Bob Kane, Lee-Kirby, Lee-Ditko and Julie Schwartz of supero comics. That plus the 5-6 genres that used stand alone, buy now are mostly mashed up into superheroes (monster, romance, crime, western, space opera, even humor). For example, Ghost Rider is a Lee-Ditko Western mash-up.

Every one of these massive cross-overs is a Lee-Kirby Space Opera mash-up. By extension, every title that crosses into those titles winds up in that same sub genre. There are two big problems with this :
1. The vast majority of the oupit of the Big Two are concentrated in a super narrow sub genre. It does not take a big shift in the markeplace to collapse their business model.
2. Marvel is a lot better at making those types of comics than DC. DC got lucky once 25 years ago with the first Crisis, but have little luck since. Why are they still focused on something they are bad at?

Excellent issue. And Ellis is right; this was used as the basis for a Dial M for Monkey ep. In fact, they actually used the Champion’s speech! Tom DeFalco was given a writing credit for the episode because of that.

Because of this, I always read the Champion as Macho Man Randy Savage…

that story and moment showed that no matter if the thing is out matched in strength that his true power lies in never backing down for even the champion relized that if the fight continued Ben would just continue till he was a corpse.

Great moment, I’m gonna look around for this comic.
I liked the Bamff sound effect too.

Great comic (and great animated adaptation on “Dial M for Monkey “!), but the Champion became more and more of a pushover with every later appearance. I think next time he will be beaten by Power Pack…

“I remember Champion’s appearance in the Silver Surfer no. 1 that Travis refers to. As I recall, the Silver Surfer defeated him quite easily, which bugged me, as it kind of took the wind out of the sails of the big bad in this annual.”

That was probably the LESSER issue I have with that comic. I had been wanting a new Silver Surfer series for what seemes like AGES (the original Lee/Buscema series – which I got in reprints, I’m not that old – being my all-time favorite classic Marvel series) and got that thing. Inconsistent, EXTREMELY badly written and with probably the poorest art the late, lamented Marshall Rogers did on his whole career.

I think that was the first time I thought a comic offended my intelligence. Sadly wouldn’t be the last.

Hunter (Pedro Bouça)

The Champion actually continued on for an extensive run as an off-panel Marvel character, spearheading Everlast of Marvel 616’s wildly successful ad campaign: “Everlast: the Boxing Gear of Champions.”

One of my all time favorite moments from one of my all time favorite runs.
Ron Wilson doesn’t get the props he deserves; one of the unsung Bullpen legends
Great choice

I do believe that this might be my favorite comic book of all time.

I loved that Dial-M-For-Monkey cartoon on Dexter’s Laboratory. Randy Macho-Man Savage was the voice of the champion. He beat all the superheros except for Monkey, who wouldn’t quit. It was hilarious. He even repeats the “Crush your bones, break your body” line at the end.

I hated this issue…

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