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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 161

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Today, we look at the opening of a great Adam Strange mini-series by Andy Diggle and Pascal Ferry.


To set up the scene, Adam Strange, the man who splits his life between two worlds, Earth and Rann, was eventually spending less time on Earth and was actually on what was meant to be his last journey to Earth in Gotham City when the transportation beam that usually brought him back to Rann (where his wife and child were) did not show up.

Eventually, Superman visits him to tell him that a supernova went off and destroyed Rann completely.

So Adam is quite depressed and things get worse when he is taken in for questioning when his apartment building is destroyed while he was out of the apartment.

He escapes custody and he is met by interstellar bounty hunters – it is here that Andy Diggle demonstrates Adam Strange’s superpower – he has the superpower of being ingenious, and boy do Diggle and Ferry do an awesome job showing Strange’s quick-thinking in an utterly fantastic action sequence leading into a brilliant cliffhanger…


I guess the cliffhanger would be “the” moment.


Yay! I thought I was the only person who picked this series up!

Cool, cool Adam Strange!

Diggle should’ve written the Rann/Thanagar War mini, IMO.

Diggle should’ve written the Rann/Thanagar War mini, IMO.

I was just thinking that!

“Diggle should’ve written the Rann/Thanagar War mini, IMO.”

I was stunned that he didn’t, since it was essentially a continuation of this series.

Like you posted earlier, Brian, Diggle was really underused by DC. This was such a great series, resurrecting an underused character in a really cool way. And Ferry’s art was amazing.

David Hackett

June 11, 2009 at 7:38 am

I passed on this because the solicitation left me cold. I didn’t want to read about what sounded like a drunken, grim ‘n gritty Adam Strange, especially by Diggle, who at the time was doing a poor job with Swamp Thing (IMHO). I’ve now heard enough good things about it to maybe justify tracking down the TPB.

even though adam strange never clicked with me that moment made me like the character espically when he tells the hunter he is not taking any of his junk.

Why does the alien smoke a cigar?

So chicks will think he’s cool.

This series was great. It showed why Adam Strange could be a great series and really highlighted how cool Strange could be. i remember always liking the concept of Adam Strange, but never liking the execution [same with Challengers of the Unknown] until i saw how Adam was used by Mark Waid in his fill in on JLA. This series was that same spirit of a man without powers who prepares for all sorts of eventualities, and those he doesn’t prepare for, he makes it up on the fly. Sort of a cross between Batman [smart, strong, planner] and MacGuyver [smart, inventive, resourceful].
i would love to see Adam Strange team up with Bats to see who could one up the other in ridiculously obscure information.
Also, anyone ever think of the Strange/Strange team up? Adam and Dr. Strange. Perhaps they are cousins, no?


Great pick. I got the trade for this series because of the hype surrounding it as an Infinite Crisis lead-in and it was great fun. Diggle and Ferry did a terrific job — I really enjoyed the revamp of Adam Strange (my introduction to the character in JLA turned me off because of how dated his original suit looked) and even though I was getting into DC after being a Marvel zombie for most of my years reading comics to that point, they did an awesome job with the characters. I mean, all it took was one line from Doc to endear me to a character I’ve never heard of and make his ultimate fate in the book a real shocker (and don’t think I’m not miffed by his unexplained appearance in the follow-up Omega Men series).

By the way Danjack, since a Marvel/DC crossover is unlikely at this time, how about Adam Strange and Hugo Strange as relatives?

Have a good day.
John Cage

Knew nothing about this comic but I think I’ll try and hunt it out, especially with those drawings and coloring. Thanks for sharing!

Ha! didn’t pick that one up Mr. Cage. Good one,
By the way, are you related to Lucas?

My, Pascal Ferry’s art has come a long way. I remember him doing some early fill-ins on the X-titles in the mid-90s, and he showed potential. Good to see he lived up to it.

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