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Month of Art Stars: Artist’s Choice – Jacob Chabot

Every day this month I’m going to feature the work of a great artist, only instead of me picking the artist to feature, they will be picked by their peers, fellow professional comic book artists who are picking out artists (from the past and present) who they think deserve special attention. Do note that most artists I asked about this gave me multiple answers and I picked out one choice out of a number of suggestions, so these are not definitive answers, like “Artist X likes Artist Y and he thinks all other Artists are terrible!” Here is an archive of the artists featured so far!

Today, we have the pick of Chris Giarrusso, the fellow who drew all those awesome Bulletin Bits comics for Marvel and who is currently doing an equally awesome comic for Image called G-Man. Here‘s his website.

Chris’ pick is Jacob Chabot!

Jacob is mostly known for his comic strip, Skullboy, which has been collected into books by Dark Horse Comics!

Skullboy is the hilarious tale of a would-be world conqueror stuck in elementary school.

Here’s early Skullboy art…

And here’s some more recent Skullboy stuff…

As you can see, like Giarrusso, Chabot has a simple, clean style, but also a highly effective one that includes a lot of detail – just not overly rendered detail, that’s all.

Here’s a cute comic – Space Chick and Space Chicken…

Here is a page he did while working for Marvel (in one of those “Stan Lee Presents” comics)…

And here’s a page from that upcoming Marvel comic series that will also have other neat indie comic stories in it!

Here are just a few sketches….


The leads from Lost in Translation…

The Bride from Kill Bill…

A boxing kangaroo!!!

and a wicked grim Batman…

A lot of awesome stuff! And you can find MORE awesome work at his website, which you can find right here!

Thanks to Chris for the pick!


Tom Fitzpatrick

June 12, 2009 at 3:09 am


I have skullboy and I love it. Love it! It’s great.
I’d no idea he was such a varied talent though.

Great stuff!

For some reason, I’ve been bored stiff with comics in general the last few weeks (it happens every now & then), but the Skullboy guest appearances in Giarrusso’s recent G-Man digest provided me with some genuine grins (as did, of course, the non-Skullboy majority of that collection as well). And I love the Skullboy digest.


Wait, what happened to Ben’s ‘stache???

I’ve never heard of Jacob Chabot but I really like the art. Good choice.

He drew the framing sequences in the Marvel Assistant-Sized Spectacular two-parter, right?

He’s definitely got talent.

One more reason to pick up the indie anthology.

Really, really nice!

I like it!

That monkey’s smile kills me.

The Mighty Skullboy Army is one of the funniest comics I’ve read over the last decade (rnaking it up there with Scott Pilgrim). Everyone should be checking it out. Jacob has true funny talent. DC should get him to work on one of their kiddie books.

Hippety Hopper!

[…] One of the announcements made at HeroesCon this weekend is that Marvel Comics is bringing the X-Babies back in a four-issue limited series by Gregg Schigiel and Skullboy creator Jacob Chabot. […]

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