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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 166

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Today concludes our tripartite look at the beginnings of the awesome Milestone hero, Static!


Okay, so when last we saw our hero Virgil Hawkins and his best friend, Frieda Goren, his identity as Static was revealed to her after she witnessed him getting beat down by a bad guy in front of her. In this issue, writers Dwayne McDuffie and Robert Washington III and artist John Paul Leon give us his origin.

There’s a great bit that leads into the discussion…

That then shows us how young Virgil, in an attempt to impress young Frieda, got his butt kicked by a wannabe gangster in front of everyone. Her call to console him had the opposite effect…

This then inspired him to be “macho.” He had a friend of his get him a gun and he went to a spot where a bunch of gangs were going to have a massive rumble. When the police arrived with tear gas to disperse the gangs, unbenown to anyone, the gas was laced with some sort of radioactive material that killed many of the people there and those that did not die received super powers.

So Virgil got superpowers, but so did the wannabe gangster.

Enter the resolution!!

This issue, as a whole, was one of the strongest issues Milestone Comics produced.

It’s hard to find “the” moment, but I suppose I would pick Virgil’s confident return to superheroing and his defeat of “Hot Streak.”


wow, that was great. I don’t think there could possibly be another Static moment that could top that, so we won’t see another Static moment on the list again right?


Nice try!

There may be more Static moments – there may not be. I honestly haven’t decided yet.

My only exposure to the Milestone heroes was the “Ours Worlds Collide” crossover with DC in the 90s (which I didn’t like very much unfortunately).

Can somebody tell me what are the Milestone comics worth checking out and the ones that suck, please?

Re: The Dude — I haven’t read the whole of Milestone’s catalog, but I’d recommend the Static and Hardware. Static’s the only one with any collected editions, but any comic shop with a healthy inventory should have back issues. They’re pretty different series, but great all the same — my adult side who likes mature storytelling and well-defined characters prefers Hardware, but the kid in me who grew up reading Spider-Man gets a kick out of Static. The designs and coloring might look a little dated, but the writing really holds up.

Have a good day.
John Cage

@ John Cage-DC is putting out paperback collections of other Milestone stuff now. I can’t remember if Hardware or Icon is next out, but the newest print of Static has already hit the stores and the others are soon to follow. I just wish they’d do HC compilations, as I prefer those to softbacks any day.

After reading this, I’m thinking heavily on buying Static anyway, because it looks to be a must-read (and I dig McDuffie anyway so there it is.)

@John Cage: thanks a lot for the recomendations.
I’ll definitely check out at least Static.

I hate when they write the dialogue like that for people that don’t speak properly, it really draws me out of the story. I always hated it when they did it to Rogue too.

I hope you do add more Static moments, or Milestone moments in general.

i would go with where static finaly figures out how to beat hotstreak after a pep talk with freida who says anything for a friend . and she understands that static thought beating up hot streak was not the way for a hero to act

If I were to recommend Milestone books to someone, I’d say try to go for books that weren’t solely written by Dwayne McDuffie. To me those McDuffie written books were always the weakest links and the books I always avoided. Robert Washington III and Ivan Velez Jr’s books were the best, Static and Blood Syndicate. Deathwish and Xombi were also cool. Some of the issues from those books Dwayne McDuffie only cowrote, and those were decent too.

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