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My Top Ten (Marvel September) Covers

Here are the Marvel solicits for September, and here are my Top Ten covers for the month!

10. I really dig this Punisher: Noir cover by Dennis Calero.


That’s awesome-rageous.

9. I like how David Lafuente uses an almost entirely different style of art for Runaways covers than he does for Ultimate Spider-Man.

In any event, this cool posing cover is made cooler due to the fact that it ties in well with the plot of the issue.

8. The only drawback of this Chris Bachalo is that, due to his unique style, it might be hard for people to realize that it’s Venom getting punched from both sides.

But if you figure that out (and I don’t think it’s THAT hard to figure out), this cover is awesome. That possibility of confusion is the only thing keeping it from a lot higher on the list.

Dude’s grabbing his tongue!

Hilarious effect (as is the broken giant teeth).

7. Dennis Calero has been doing some really striking covers for this Trojan War series.

I really like how he uses shadows for effect.

6. Damn, Dave Johnson sure knows how to make a spooky cover!

This Punisher cover is extremely simple, but also extremely effective.


“Sadly,” not really a lot to make fun of this month. I’m going to have to settle for a gentle tease…

This is the second Spider-Man cover in the three months since Skottie Young took over as regular cover artist that prominently features an item thrown into the air.

This month…

Two months ago…

That’s weird, right?

Great cover, but weird tic.

Oh, and I can’t help but mention that I was impressed by how well Patrick Zircher did with the Marvel: Divas concept…

And, while I don’t like it enough to make the Top Ten, I think Ryan Dunlavey’s MODOK one-shot sounds hilarious and it looks great.

5. Tremendously fun Skottie Young cover.

I love those skull word balloons he uses a lot.

4. I haven’t seen Salvador Larocca have a cover THIS effective in awhile (not that he’s a bad cover artist, just that this is really, really good).

That helmet pops out of the cover better than it pops out of the sand, even!

Remarkable work by Larocca. It’s dramatic AND it gets the plot of the issue across – really nicely done.

3. Sean Phillips gives us what will be a really sweet cover to a trade collection of Criminal, as it feels like the cover of a great classic crime novel.

Excellent work on his part.

2. We get so used to the light-hearted, fun work that Skottie Young does that his dramatic work can almost pop more so than normal.

Very bad-ass cover.

1. It’s Paul Pope going nuts with the Marvel Universe.

How could it NOT rock?

Man, Pope is amazing.

Okay, that’s my top ten! What’s yours?


I was positive Wolverine: First Class was going to get the #1 spot. Pope ain’t too shabby, though :)

Yeah, that WAS an excellent cover by Young.

I think you and Young need to get a room. ;)

The Invincible Iron Man cover is one of the best the character’s ever had; it works on the principle of the old ” Peter Parker no more ” image of the hero abandoning his identity, but it also adds the suicide mission premise of the current story arc. Tony is in his skivvies as he’s walking away from his armor, and he’s walking into the desert towards the sun. He’s not giving up the hero identity to be a normal person, but going off alone to die. A strong metaphor for what Tony’s currently doing ( destroying all his intellectual property, including his physical brain ).

Larroca was always a very talented artist, but he’s stepped up his game exponentially with the current Iron Man series.

The Ugly American

June 16, 2009 at 12:23 pm

Which super-hero is that on the title in Runaways? Is that “Muffin Top”?

I don’t think the problem is with Bachalo’s style, it’s the color. The red of the left fist mixes in with the red wall. Add in his obscenely too large signature, and it doesn’t help.


Incredible Hercules #134 cracked me up – the facial expression on Herc was great. Albuquerque’s cover to Herc #125 was strong, too!

That’s Gert! Hey, she’s back!

Incredible Hercules #134 cracked me up – the facial expression on Herc was great. Albuquerque’s cover to Herc #125 was strong, too!

I thought #134 was funny, as well, it almost made the list!

And yeah, #135 was good, as well. Albuquerque is awesome.

My favorite part of the Strange Tales cover is that it looks like Pope traced over one of his Batman drawings for Wolverine.

The Bachalo cover is hideous. What the hell are they punching? Venom’s head? It looks like they’re trying to beat up a keg with a twig sticking out of it (or possibly being jammed into it). TAKE THAT, TEMPERANCE.


I love the expression on King Cobra’s face on Pope’s cover.

The Ugly American

June 16, 2009 at 1:02 pm


Oh. I get it. Because she’s fat.

I, honest to God, could not figure out what the hell was happening on that Bachalo cover.

I had to have Boisterous Bill Reed explain it to me, and I’m still not sure I see it.

Is that red blob really a hand? It looks more like the back and side of a foot.

I agree that the cover with Venom getting hit is terrible and unreadable. Certainly he’s a malleable character, but everything is too blocky, too close-up, and too distorted to be perceptible.

Yeah, count me in as another who honest-to-god cannot tell what that Bachalo cover is supposed to be.


June 16, 2009 at 7:28 pm

Oh, and I can’t help but mention that I was impressed by how well Patrick Zircher did with the Marvel: Divas concept…

Is the variant cover going to be by Dedato, and be the exact same pose off, but from 180 degrees?

It’d be a whole lot of ass.

Umm, yeah, is Gert coming back? I’m conflicted (or, rather, would be if I’d read any Runaways after Vaughan’s initial run) – on the one hand, it was a meaningful, character-focused death, with real repercussions (read: the opposite of every other comics death), but on the other hand, she’s awesome and I would like to read more Gert stories…

Brian, isn’t that Criminal cover for a new series/mini/run? I know there’s a collection coming out in September as well, but the solicit suggests that this is a new #1.

I like all of these, but 6, 5, 2 and 1 are my favourites.

I’m really surprised that Pasqual Ferry’s Spidey Clone cover didn’t make your list, Brian. Was that just on principle?

I have to admit, Skottie Young has developed into a fine artist. Back when he first broke in, and was doing Human Torch and New Warriors, I thought he was the worst artist in comics. But he’s moved to a more dreamy, Sam Keith-esqe style that really works. It’s nice to see someone develop like that.

Ferry’s Clone Saga cover is just boring. It’s drawn nicely and all, but it is extremely generic.

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