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I’d Go To This If I Wasn’t A Shut In: Grant Morrison Signing At Meltdown

They want good questions for the Q&A, though, so maybe I wouldn’t. It’s on July 1st, same days as Batman and Robin #2 comes out. Clive Barker will chant with Grant before the signing, which will only be of the FC hardcover and Batman and Robin #1 and 2. While you can’t rub Morrison’s face in his Zoids run, sounds like fun anyway.


I will get over my dislike of Meltdown and probably go to this.

Zoids was really going somewhere awesome when they canned it. Seriously. Read it for yourself and prove me wrong.

Goddammit, a rare screwing over of Canada by a holiday – July 1st is Canada Day, so no shops’ll be open.

I first read this as “singing” and I thought I was going to have to get on a plane. Might still be worth it to see Morrison and Barker “chant”, though…

It would be nice to ask Chantin’ Grant whether he’s giving Morrissey a cut of his royalties. I’m thinking of putting together a list of his references for my own amusement.

There will be a signing component to the night. Right after The conversation with Clive, GM2K will hold a 2 hr. Signing in the front part of the store.

Apodaca, Sorry we have failed you in the past. Please, if you do come in ask for me, Gaston and LMK what we can change for the better.

Thank you,


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