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Sometimes, the English Language Is Simply Inadequate

Although, really, I’m not sure if there is a language that could adequately describe how awesome this is. Maybe whatever it is that Dusty Rhodes speaks could come close, if he threw in some Esperanto and Klingon. That could possibly express the magnitude of what’s going on there, maybe.


Context? Broken links? Pics? Um…

This is OMAC riding Devil Dinosaur by Tom Scioli.

Further explanation is unnecessary.

I don’t see anything but an ad.

OK, I got it now. However, putting a link in the word “this” isn’t exactly obvious.


Tom from West Chester

June 22, 2009 at 1:18 pm

I went to Wizard World Philly over the weekend and thought there were too many wrestling related guests for what is supposed to be primarily a comics-centric convention. A couple wrestling guests are OK. But I really don’t need every panel to mention them. I’m just saying.

I don’t get it.

Shockingly (shockingly!), and despite my love for Godland and Kirby, I don’t think this looks that good.

Dustyspeak can only be used for the following subejcts, or a combination thereof:

1. Paywinduhs, or the going to therewith.
2. Plunder, and the usage thereof
3. Clubberin, in the true form of four fists on one head.

Anything else is merely a variation on the above themes. I don’t know if the image qualifies.

Not directly related, but Omac (presumably the Kirby one) will appear in a coming episode of The Brave and The Bold (the cartoon.)

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