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Wow, we’ve sure had some fiery debates spring up in the comments threads recently! From how much gay should be allowed in comics, to the cost/benefit analysis of dead celebrities’ contributions to mankind versus their more nefarious proclivities,  to the apparent mob mentality that springs up whenever certain comic creators’ names are mentioned in conversation– well, it’s been an incendiary few days. We’ve all said some things we shouldn’t have– bad jokes, in my case, but that’s a habit that’s unlikely to fade.

Finally, though, there’s a place for our fine commenters (commentators?) to go when they can’t agree to disagree in polite, civilized tones. I present to you The Almighty Bitching Thread, at our very own forum, where one may continue exercising their free speech well after the originating entry has fallen off the first page and all order and sanity has left the building. And that way, everyone’s in one place when the building eventually burns down.

Well, that, or we can all calm down and make nice. I enjoy seeing massive amounts of comments, but I prefer said comments to be jovial in nature. Comics should be good, and so should their readers. After all, we don’t want Overlord Cronin to nuke us all from orbit.


Politely, and in the spirit of the week, I think the term “bitching” is not very respectful of women. Can you make it the Almighty Complaining Thread?

Or Kvetching…. there’s a word that doesn’t get used enough.

The week? Is there some sort of Canadian Chanukah going on?

The term “Complaining” is not terribly respectful to people who complain. Can we make it the “Happy Funtimes Alwaysgood” thread?

Dario Delfino

June 27, 2009 at 6:50 pm

The correct P.C. term is “Satisfaction Impaired,” Chris.

As in, “many readers were satisfaction-impaired upon reading Final Crisis #7.”

Also, Hawkman rules.

Ironically, the thread was invented the day after a cartoon (on this very blog!) about someone wanting to stab Jeph Loeb in righteous anger.

Okay, I’ll finally join the forum…you convinced me.


June 27, 2009 at 8:08 pm

Slow down, calling it bitching may in fact be an up front post-feminist reverse empowerment, perfectly acceptable in today’s post-modern/pre-societal collapse context.

let’s all find a real bitch and ask her.

And also Hawkgirl rules better.

Ah, none of those threads really got all that bad. A little spirited, but no real frothing.

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