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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 180

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Today, somewhat by request, we have another neat Mark Waid Justice League International Quarterly story (Waid has a really good one in his first issue, #4, but I’m a bit unsure how to find a “moment” in it – the “moments” in the issue are a bit too spread out – but maybe I’ll figure that one out in the future)…


Justice League International Quarterly #9 had a lead story written by Waid and drawn by Rod Whigham. The gist of the plot is that six members of the Justice League go to bring in a mad scientist named Ira Quimby. Once there, they discover he’s been messing around with mind-control drugs, more specifically he’s developed a drug where the odds are that 1 in 6 people exposed to the gas will become a homicidal maniac in one hour. He demonstrates this by showing them a loving monkey family where, upon one hour being completed, the father beats the rest of his family to death.

Well, naturally, the Justice Leaguers (Blue Beetle, Guy Gardner, Booster Gold, Fire, Ice and Flash – who were basically Waid’s team during these stories) are exposed to the gas. Naturally, they can’t leave as they are contaminated, so they have to wait the hour out.

We get a lot of paranoia, and then Quimby shows that he has a personal force field – his plan is to watch them kill each other for his amusement! Then it broke down, but that gave Blue Beetle an idea!

However, then this happened…

A chase scene ensues…

And finally, we come to the end of the chase scene…

And the fun conclusion of the story…

As to “the” moment, I’m torn – it’s either when Beetle “reveals” himself to be the crazy one or when he reveals his actual plan.


I like the Beetle Line, Pff, Big Deal, what could I have done to any of you. And Flash’s response probably should have been worded a little cooler but it gives the point “A guy as tricky and clever as you, I don’t want to think about it”

the last scene was superflous, although I think the point was to show the monkey playing with something.

How I lament the loss of Blue Beetle.

The monkey at the end is holding the antidote. Probably lamenting the fact that he killed his family for nothing.

I’m sure there’s a 52-part “Monkey with a Bottle” miniseries in the back of Geoff Johns’ mind somewhere.

Darn, I was all set to point out the silliness of the whole “1 in 6″ business, when Beetle beat me to it.

The Crazed Spruce

June 30, 2009 at 1:41 pm

One of my all-time favourite moments. Just goes to show how cool a character Beetle could’ve been, if they’d only used him properly.

And if I had to pick one specific moment, it’d definitely be “No, I don’t think so” (followed VERY closely by “About time!”). You ask me, though, the whole scene is just one long cool moment.

Never read this story, so that final twist came as a nice surprise. Especially seeing how Beetle had previously gone nuts after being brainwashed by the Queen Bee in the main JLI book. He almost took out Max Lord there, which is really ironic now.

I miss Ted. He was a great character.

Ted still is a great character–since he’s fictional–he didn’t really die.

But this story is just another example of why he’s a great character.

Ted is one of the few great tri-dimentional characters in comics. And his death was shown as he was simply taken as a joke (huh? Did I miss that chapter?) by ALL DCU!!! Way to go, Meltzer!

i would go with a combo of both blue beetle pretending to be the one going pycho from the virus knowing it would wind up tricking the real one to find the antidote if nothing else to save him from a crazed blue beetle . and love his comment of what could someone like him do to the others.

I like “Boo”…


Imagine all six held dice, and whoever rolled a one goes crazy. They all roll at once, and none of them get a one. All had one-in-six odds, all beat it. Guy’s one (if he rolled it) doesn’t affect Blue Beetle’s chances of rolling a one. no guarantee of a loon with six people in a room — or of only one loon. You’d think a scientist would know that.

Just remember…they can bring Blue Beetle back…right?

Yeah, “tragically, statistics is such an inexact science” is a very bad way of expressing “we each had an independent 1 in 6 probability.” The effect could have struck any combination of them, including none of them or (less likely) all of them– it’s possible to roll six 1’s in a row!

Omar Karindu, with the power of SUPER-hypocrisy!

July 2, 2009 at 6:02 am

Ot of curiosity, is the “Quimby” here the sadly-neglected DC villain IQ?

Omar Karindu, with the power of SUPER-hypocrisy!

July 2, 2009 at 6:02 am

Ah, reread the summary, and it is IQ. Wonder when he grew the ‘stache?

Great story! This one really showed what a fantastic character Beetle could be when used properly. I wish more writers had shown as much respect for BB, instead of turning him into a joke.

Meltzer sucks.

The art has a very Dave Gibbons look to it…

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