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Week of NBM Reviews – First Time

Every weekday this week, I’ll review a book from NBM Publishing (I actually have six review copies, but Greg Burgas already reviewed one, Miss Don’t Touch Me, so I figure I’ll stick with the other five).

We begin with First Time, a book written by a French writer Sibylline and drawn by a variety of artists, including superstar artist Dave McKean. The book, as you can tell by the name, is about initial sexual experiences, whether they be the first time that they had sex or the first time they tried various types of sex.

It’s a strong “adult anthology” with stunning artwork on practically every story!

The book opens with perhaps my favorite story of the bunch, drawn by Alfred (Alfred drew the great graphic novel Why I Killed Peter, also from NBM, which I reviewed here).

It is a pretty straightforward “first time having sex” story, only Sibylline does such a nice job creating the characters (aided, of course, in great measure by Alfred) that the story has some real oomph to it. And it has a nice sort of almost twist ending.

Capucine is the artist on the next story, about the first trip to a sex shop. Capucine does a very nice job with the sex shop itself (expressions of the shopper and the workers, in particular), but as a whole, this story tended to being a bit more on the “just what you would expect” side of the fence.

Jerome d’Aviau drew the next story, about a couple living out a fantasy for the first time. d’Aviau drew it quite well, and that’s important, as this story is almost all about the artwork.

Virginie Augustin handles the art on perhaps my second favorite story, about the first time between two female friends and the hurt feelings that come from one of them obviously having views about what the night meant that the other one doesn’t necessarily follow. Augustin delivers beautifully on the emotional spectrum Sibylline requires from her on the story.

Vince is the artist on the next story, about a married couple bringing in a woman to have sex with the wife. Sibylline shines here as she takes what could be a straightforward story and adds enough zigs and zags via the woman’s thoughts that it really works well.

Olivier Vatine draws the following story, about a couple going to a sex club. Sibylline, again, does a great job working with a character’s innermost thoughts.

Cyril Pedrosa stars in the next tale about the first time a woman has S&D sex.

As you can see, his work is as powerful as the story needs it to be, which is awesome for Sybilline, to have so many great artists drawing these stories.

Dominique Bertail draws the tale of a couple where the wife first tries sodomy (or, in this instance, I believe the term is “pegging”).

Bertail gives the story a nice almost “cuteness.”

Dave McKean finishes the book off with a story about pornography, and here, Sibylline basically steps back a bit and just lets McKean go nuts, as only he can – it’s a twisted arrangement of panels all leading to an almost transcendent experience, which I suppose is the point, no?

Beautiful work from a comic book master artist.

So all in all, this was definitely a good adult anthology.



That was a great book. I was really impressed, as I am with much of the NBM catalog. From Why I Killed Peter to Dungeon, I have yet to find a bad book in the bunch!

How the heck do I get on their review list???

No warning for the kids about this link’s content? Hmm… a bit irresponsible.

Because normally, reviews of books about sex are for all-ages!

Are kids reading the blog? I was thinking more that you’d put a NSFW line somewhere above, because it’s one thing to discuss a sex book and another to show graphic images from it.

Either way, I’ve read a few of these stories and wasn’t that impressed. But you’re right – the artistic talent is amazing.

What part of the title: “Week of NBM Reviews – First Time” lets people know that this is reviews of books about sex? You assume that a kid or even a parent would know your abbreviations. I have no clue what “NBM” stands for. I honestly thought it was a publisher like this one – http://www.nbmpub.com/. Brian be more responsible and don’t assume.

NBM is the name of the publisher.

I think the review was fine. While a note about the pictures might have been nice, I think his opening statement about the book being about sexual encounters should have been a tip-off to anyone that this was going to contain adult material.

I have to wonder, just how many impressionable youth troll the message boards of a comic news website on the off chance that they will find nudity? Lord knows there are more reliable places on line to find boobs.

That’s the same NBM, Rob.

They publish lots of different books.

Don’t get me wrong, if I didn’t say anything and then suddenly had sex pictures pop up, then sure, you’d have a point. Since I open the piece saying it’s a book about sex WELL before you see any nudity, it’s not an issue.

You know, this blog has images of violence and foul language quite often, so I don’t see what’s wrong with a little bit of sex, too.

I will only say that I was shocked to see graphic depictions of sex on this blog. I wouldn’t necessarily say that posting such things is irresponsible. But it was certainly unexpected given the usual content of the blog ( seriously, can you point me to ONE other post in this blog that’s as sexually explicit as this one? Actually, I can think of one but I still don’t think it was as explicit as this one). I think while Brian certainly seems to have pretty European (normal? liberal? natural?) views on sex, that a slight rewording of the sentence before the cover might have satisfied those with more American (puritan?) views on the subject. Maybe “adult anthology” means more to people who read such things, but I wasn’t entirely aware that the book contained graphic depictions of sexual situations (maybe that’s what Brian meant by the word “strong”?) until the page after the cover came up. And the reviews of the stories before that page don’t really suggest that the book has more than drawings of boobies and sex toys and people talking in it.

I think that’s pretty much my point. Y’all can post whatever you want though.

I don’t see the problem either… but then I work at home. People who log on from their workplace might benefit from a NSFW warning.

Erotica isn’t my thing, but even if you’re subscribed to the RSS and your feedreader only provides the title, none of the graphics are visible when you click through and the introduction makes it pretty clear that there will be sexual content (“… sexual… sex… sex… adult anthology…”).

Now, let’s leave this distasteful situation behind us, and enjoy wholesome depictions of Wolverine gutting someone or Wonder Woman twisting a dude’s head around like a bottle cap!

While I don’t mind it as I don’t read this site at work, am an adult, and have no children, there was nipple on the screen before I had a chance to read anything. A warning/spoiler space would be nice for people who read at work.

You’d have to skip the intro for that to be true, Dan, and if you skip the intro and are shocked, then, well, I can’t say that I feel too sorry about that.

It was in my RSS and it showed the image because the top half of the page didn’t consist of headers. Granted, it being in an RSS feed means you know there’s a good chance of semi-graphic violence at least, but violence tends to be more acceptable than sex (in America at least!).

That’s weird, the RSS feed shows you the image before the intro? How odd.

In that case, then even had I made an explicit warning, it would not have made a difference then, right?

[…] see, Brian actually had the, um, balls to post a number of explicit pages from the book. Go see the amusing string of comments that ensued (but we will warn you you do need to be over […]

Actualy layne there are rss readers that will bring over part of if not the complete article including the pictures. And that it is about sex doesn’t mean that there will be images depicting it.

My rss reader gave me the title and the first paragraphs and the top half of the first image. Not realizing that “adult anthology” meant NSFW (perhaps that was my mistake) I too was surprised to see the images without a NSFW warning that usually accompanies similar imaged postings.

What constitutes NSFW as layne points out is a grey area but usually companies have pretty clear guidelines about some types of content that can generally be considered NSFW.

Not complaining just suggesting that Brian put NSFW in the first line or two of the blog to a little more explicitly point out when there will be images that may be NSFW.

I totally agree with you about the variations on RSS settings, andy; Rob’s complaint that the title of the post alone didn’t provide enough context or indicate the mature content lead me to assume that he was using some sort of subscription service that provided post titles only.

Dear Isabella, Congratulations on your new set up for your blog. It’s great.

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