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A Fortnight’s Worth Of Reviews

Two weeks worth of comics that are better than what Megan Fox reads. I think I’ll go to San Diego and shove them in her face whilst laughing at her inferior taste, making her cry in a pile of money and rich guys as a result.

Oh yeah, I should probably tease the reviews. I’m sticking with grouping everything in categories, and I’m starting with some Batman comics you may not have heard of. If you are new to comic book blogs, at least.

Reborn, Reschmorn; I’m Just Here For The Creative Teams- Batman and Robin #2 and Detective Comics #854

These are both worth it for the art. I like Morrison’s story better (I hope no one died of shock over that one), but Rucka’s was solid. Nice to see Batwoman get some character development, although that’s really faint praise, given all we knew about her before now was that she is Renee Montoya’s socialite ex-girlfriend. Also nice to see Rucka and Cully Hamner doing the Question, even if that was one hell of an abrupt ending.

Obligatory praise of Morrison and Quitely. In the spirit of reader participation, I’ll let you all fill in the blanks. What else do you need to say besides “this was a comic by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely. It is drawn well and is interesting.” Well, okay, I did really like Alfred’s pep talk and the way he gave Dick his motivation to be Batman. That’s an underutilized part of Dick’s character (says the guy who was read a total of zero issues of Nightwing). That’s worth mentioning.

But really, I’m with these creative teams, I’m very happy to plunk down cash on these, even if they lack honest titles. I guess The Temporary Replacement Duo and Masked Lesbian Vigilante Two In One Don’t roll off the tongue.

Also, an interesting debate broke out in the comments of Douglas Wolk’s post about ‘Tec in regards to following creators vs. following characters (well, sort of). Oh, and some guys says JH Williams III’s art sucks. Don’t see that every day.

Grant Morrison Wrote This One, Too- Seaguy: Slaves of Mickey Eye #3

So, yeah, that sure was the end of that story. Unlike a lot of Morrison written comics that I enjoy on a superficial level, I’m really not sure if there is much beyond the surface here (which is why people calling the first one unintelligible always bugged me; this is practically the most straightforward thing he has ever written!). I don’t know why that bugs me, but it does. Although I’m not a decoder of his work, I do like knowing there’s more below the surface. Of course, if there is, I’m probably ignorant of it here. Too bad other bloggers don’t excessively delve in to his

That said, this was a very good comic book that I am glad I purchased, and I’m down for more adventures whenever Morrison, Cameron Stewart, and DC want to put them together. Where else am I going to see a tiny mad scientist riding a skeletal T-Rex? And, as always, Chubby Da Choona breaks my heart. I could also live with this as the ending, though. Maybe that’s why it played out the way it did.

Marvel Team Books I Enjoy: Agents Of Atlas #7, Uncanny X-Men #512, Exiles #4, Secret Warriors #5

I’m going lightning round on these:

Agents- The recap pages alone makes this better than 99% of everything Marvel publishes. Nice that we got a back up without being taxed, and that Derek Khanata’s back.

Uncanny- This is a jumping off point for me, at least until the crossover with Dark Avengers is over. It may be a good place for the rest of Fraction’s run entirely, because I’m not sure he’ll ever be able to top this, unless he gives us more stories with Steampunk Sentinels, thinly veiled Nikola Telsa, and the 19th Century’s Hellfire Club. Or just throws Mark Twain in there and makes it a blatant sequel to the Five Fists of Science. I’d buy 8 copies of that every month.

Story continues below

Exiles- More pop culture references and a new artist, but otherwise, this is the same fun team book it was in Jeff Parker’s* opening arc. I liked the swerve with the android coalition. I miss Salva Espin, but Kelley Jones and Karl Kesel are good replacements.

Secret Warriors- This reminded me a lot of GI Joe: The Movie. The original one. Unless someone announces that Sitwell’s okay in a hastily thrown in caption next issue, I’m guessing that wasn’t intentional.

And The Two Solo Marvel Hero Comics I Buy In Singles: Immortal Iron Fist #27 and Incredible Hercules #130

Iron Fist- This is a good way to end this volume. It’s a pretty good jumping off point, really. I like the idea of an Immortal Weapons comic, especially with Jason Aaron involved, but I’ll probably wait for the trade on it.

Incredible Herc- I hope Aegis winds up being resurrected. I like he and Cho as a duo. Zeus’s trial has its moments, but it’s probably my least favorite single issue of this run. That said, that’s no bad thing. It’s like being my least favorite hot actress who has terrible taste in comics. You’re still a hot actress who is better than me at everything (I should really drop this now, shouldn’t I?). Also, this is probably the best use of Uncle Ben since he died.

Licensed Comics: Buffy Season 8 #26 and Ender’s Game: Recruiting Valentine One Shot

Buffy- It’s probably a bad sign that I enjoyed this issue because the plot is finally moving, which means I’m closer to being able to finish the run. I hate being That Guy, but I am on board with this until they finish Season 8. That said, this was a legitimately good issue, with some laugh out loud moments (including a call back to Buffy’s bi-curious moment) and a Seth Green variant cover. We need more of those.

Ender’s Game- I got this for free. I came in not knowing much about the property (or its creator, beyond his views on homosexuality). So, I didn’t know what to expect.

What I got was a perfectly okay if dull story about a little girl manipulating her teacher in to being less of a hard ass with his grading. In the future! This isn’t representative of the stuff people swear by from Card, is it? At any rate, nice to see Timothy Green II, who really impressed me when he was drawing that Annihilation: Dirty Dozen With Rocket Raccoon mini. His work here is less impressive, but really, he doesn’t get a lot to work with.

Beautiful Looking Viking comics With Stories I’m Not Entirely Sold On, But I will Buy Anyway Because Of The Novel Format And $2.99 Price Tag- Viking #2

Viking- That was the whole review up there.

Every Comic Book Blogger Is Required By Law To Review This- Captain America Reborn #1

When the recap ends and the plot begins, this gets good. And hey, I appreciate the sop to accessibility, even if it seems optimistic that a ton of people who don’t know The Death of Cap storyline inside and out are going to be picking this up. This towed the line between being an event comic and a $4 issue of Brubaker’s Cap well, and that’s all you can ask. That, and my not feeling any cognitive dissonance when Hitch drew Captain America and he wasn’t an a-hole make me glad I picked this one up.

*Full disclosure: Jeff Parker is my friend.*
**On Facebook. So are Jay Garrick and Chris Sims.


Just speaking personally, I haven’t been following the adventures of BuckyCap all that closely, so I enjoyed the recap.

oo, I meant re-CAP.


I found Cap Reborn to be a jarring departure from Bru’s prior 51 (50+600) issues on the title.

I heard through the grapevine that “he brought back Bucky!” I didn’t believe it could be done, but I looked anyway. Whadaya know, cybernetics and suspended animation! Fits perfectly with Cap’s story (as Rogers had been in suspended animation himself).

Then he killed Cap. There were haters and doubters, but 17 excellent issues followed and led to Bucky becoming Cap. A little brainwashing, a little body-hopping, but again it’s all fantastic elements that are rooted deeply in Cap’s history.

Now, Steve Rogers is Desmond Hume on LOST, and Sharon’s “The Constant”. Blargh. Too science-fictiony for my tastes. I’m sure it’ll be a heartwarming tale when they end up in a lover’s embrace in the exact moment he’s rescued from being “un-stuck in time”, but I’ve already seen that on Wednesday nights on ABC. It only hurts worse because we’ve all gone on this beautiful journey to get to a point where Steve Rogers is dead, Bucky’s alive, and Marvel had established another legacy hero (something they desperately needed, in my opinion). If it was a bad, but necessary, plot twist, I’d forgive it. If it was unnecessary, but good, I’d forgive it as well. But it’s both bad and unnecessary, and that’s why I don’t like it.

B&R #2 wasn’t quite as awesome as #1, but it was still money. Nothing new to say about ‘Tec, other than I liked it. Oh, and “Masked Lesbian Vigilante Two In One” does to roll off the tounge, and should appear as a pull quote on an upcoming issue.

I’ve said it before, but I think I mean it this time. I think I’m done with Agents of Atlas. It’s well done, but I just don’t care. About any of the characters (I mean, they’re likeable, but not that original). About the organization and who runs it. About pretty much anything related to Norman Osborne, Super Genius. Of course, the return of Derek Khanata means the POV character from the mini is back. Maybe that’s what it was missing. Aargh, what to do, what to do?

I was kind of thinking that Immortal Iron Fist #27 makes a good jumping off point for the character of Danny Rand. I could always cherish these stories and imagine he & Misty running the School of Thunder and raising their kid. Aaron’s Fat Cobra is probably too much to pass up, though.

Buffy was good because the characters sounded right and it was the first issue that hasn’t sucked in a long while. But season 8 is turning into a rehash of the show: Willow might turn because of her magic(k) addiction, Buffy isn’t sure about her role as leader, Giles is a rebel who always returns home, etc, etc. I did geek out and hear Seth Green in my head on the last page, though. And is just me, or are they killing a shitload of little girls in this book. Non-named slayers are the new red shirts.

I need to go re-read #1, but what is Viking about again exactly?

Is the regular Cap series on hiatus during Reborn? Because I don’t see any reason why this isn’t issue 601 (or 52, or whatever)…guy at my LCS pointed out the Lost swipe. I missed it having given up on that show somewhere in season 2, but it is…unfortunate, I guess. I liked the issue okay – Bru gets a lot of leeway, and I didn’t mind Hitch here inked by Guice in the Cap house style (I usually find him to be a pretty boring artist).

Sorry for the long@$$ post. Can I just get a column?

It’s issue one rather then 601 so that Marvel can charge $3.99 for it.

just to clarify, having a constant for your time-traveling escapades may be a lost swipe, but billy pilgrim had become unstuck in time in slaughterhouse 5 long before desmond hume.

Excellent clarification, james. That was my introduction to Vonnegut, but I haven’t read it in ages.

Being a gay hater is the same as being a racist, therefore I don’t read any Orson Scott Card.

Do you read Atomic Robo? I mean, you should, because it’s right up your alley. Well, it’s right up Chris Sims’ alley, but I hear you rent an apartment right above that, so…

I didn’t catch the Lost swipe in Cap because I stopped following it a couple years back. I didn’t catch Lost swiping from Vonnegut because I’m functionally illiterate. Also, given how long what was meant to be a a bunch of capsule reviews wound up being, I’m not giving anyone shit for wordiness, S1. You’ll have to talk to Cronin about a column.

Bill: I have one AR trade and the FBCD issues. I loved it (and reviewed it, but can’t be bothered to find the link), and will get the rest at some point. And while I used to rent an apartment right above Chris SIms alley, the restraining order forced me to relocate. It’s too bad, too; I was this close to getting Megan Fox free parking on this metaphorical street.

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