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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 183

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Today is the mid-point of the calendar year, so to celebrate the occasion, I’ve chosen a particularly classic scene from Batman: The Dark Knight that I’m surprised that I have not featured yet! It’s a chilling example of how twisted the Joker is.


One of the themes of Batman: The Dark Knight is that as soon as Batman returns, so do his villains, with Two-Face and Joker, in particular, coming out of almost hibernation upon the return of the Bat.

Batman: The Dark Knight #3 (which was written and drawn, of course, by Frank Miller, with inks by Klaus Janson and colors by Lynn Varley) shows us the Joker’s rampage, and Batman’s desperation to bring the Joker down, once and for all.

How it happens, though, is quite chilling.

“The” moment is tough, because while, yeah, it’s pretty much the bit when Joker chooses to kill himself to frame Batman, but the final panel, where we see Batman basically REACTING to the situation is almost a stronger “moment” to me than the actual death of the Joker.

What say you all?

Here’s to the second half of the year!!



Wow, you really like that one page, don’t you? :)

Hehe, totally! :)

This moment (not just the one page shown, but the entire sequence :P) is what brought me back into comics. I always liked to flip through the TPBs at Barnes and Noble every once in a while, but once I borrowed and devoured the Dark Knight Returns from my suitemate, I knew I had to find the nearest comic book store and read everything in sight.

If I had a couple hundred million lying around, I’d finance a movie version of DKR starring Keaton, Nicholson, and Tommy Lee Jones, probably…

Frickin brilliant. Better than Watchmen. LOVE Dark Knight.

Such a good story. Some of the best splash pages ever come from DKR. I didn’t get around to reading this until nearly ten years after it was published and it still blew me away.

“Watch…watch your language, son…” is the moment.

I always get chills from finding out the bad guy’s breath smells like milk.

And I can’t believe I’m correctly brian on something, but it’s Dark Knight Returns. Dark Knight’s the movie.

The COLLECTED edition is Dark Knight Returns, Jeff.

The individual issues were all Batman: The Dark Knight, with each issue having a different tagline (#1 being The Dark Knight Returns, #2 being The Dark Knight Triumphant, #3 being Hunt The Dark Knight and #4 being The Dark Knight Falls).

Actually, I see Micheal Ironside as TDKR Batman.

Can’t pick a “moment” out of this scene…it’s ALL good!

“Actually, I see Micheal Ironside as TDKR Batman.”


Have a good day.
John Cage

Thans for the link, John Cage. Micheal Ironside would rock as a live-action over-the-hill Dark Knight, too!

Man, that episode of Batman TAS was great…Michael Ironside was an awesome pick for the voice.

I think I’ve probably gotten tired of the way Frank Miller writes, but I doubt I’ll ever get tired of the way he draws. (Any of the ways, I suppose.)

Only in a future separated by decades from his original career could the Joker be certain that the citizens of Gotham would turn on Bats for killing him.

Wow, that didn’t age well for me at all. The art looks clunky, like something out of Garbage Pail Kids cards, and the exposition feels kind of lame out of context.

For me from Joker’s death to the last panel with Whatever’s in him rustles as it leaves is the moment.

And I have to say from when I first read Batman Dark Knight all those years ago I could only ever see one actor playing him, and I’m surprised no ones mentioned him. One Word EASTWOOD!

PS and that’s one more crime on the Jokers rap sheet ‘Rustling!’ Sorry I couldn’t help myself :)

I’d rather see Eastwood as Sgt. Rock or Jonah Hex. I just can’t see him in a superhero costume.

You kids might not know this but … in early appearances, Robin (Dick Grayson, natch!) used a sling-shot. Often. Bucky, on the other hand, used brass knuckles and a machine-gun.

I can actually picture Mr Bruce Campbell beefing up for the role… He’s getting old enough!

Bruce Campbell would make an outstanding TDKR Harvey Dent.

You could argue that Eastwood’s already done Jonah Hex via The Outlaw Josey Wales which I suspect was an inspration for Hex to begin with. But there is also another ageing actor who has worn the tights already and has the gravitas for the role, Adam West you know it makes sense

West’s Batman was the polar opposite of “The Dark Knight Returns.” But he would rock as Commissioner Gordon in any take on Batman.

Brian, I never knew the series was simply called Dark Knight! Tipping the hat!

… I’d finance a movie version of DKR starring Keaton, Nicholson and Tommy Lee Jones…

I’d certainly watch a Keaton-Nicholson version of DKR, provided you kept Tommy Lee Jones as far away as possible.

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