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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 185

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Today, to celebrate the birth of the United States, I figured a cool Captain America moment would be appropos, and here’s one of the cooler one from Infinity Gauntlet #4.


The gist of the scene is that Thanos, who was omnipotent up until this point, was convinced to shed a LITTLE bit of his omnipotence so that a battle with all the remaining superheroes (Thanos has already killed half the universe) would actually be a little fun and not a foregone conclusion.

Still, he ends up slaughtering them all – all save Captain America (well, and a couple of heroes like Adam Warlock and Silver Surfer, who remained in reserve).

It’s a great scene for Cap by Jim Starlin and Ron Lim, showing how tough Cap is – the guy stares down the guy who just slaughtered tons of heroes right in front of Cap’s eyes! And after he destroys Cap’s shield, Cap STILL takes a swing at him, just to see if that would work!

I say the swing is “the” moment – what do you folks think?

Happy Fourth of July!


The look on Quasar’s face is priceless.

I was always freaked out as a kid by how casually Thanos kills Cap.

Anyways This was on of my favorite Marvel issues of all time. It is the perfect example of what a great character Thanos. Arrogant, powerful, cunning Thanos always ranks as one of the top villains.

Another part of this issues would be when Mephisto advises (or manipulates) Thanos into fighting the Heroes to finally win Death’s favor. He was like a jovial little kid when he came at the prospect of finally winning Death’s favor.

No, no. THE moment is when Thanos realizes what’s the hero’s plans and asks himself “What have I been doing?” It is such a rapturous moment, it’s like he just become self-aware he was doing all things one is NOT supposed to do “When I am evil overlord.”

Thanks for posting this. In my memory this panel looms so large, it’s hard to believe that when published it is just the lower ninths. Also, yes, I missed that Cap threw a punch. It’s a cute going down swinging momemt.

For me, it’s Cap staring down Thanos as he winds up the death blow. The combination of defiance and resignation on his face more than makes up for the fact that Starlin apparently doesn’t know how to spell “delusions.”

Small point: Quasar says “not again” because of a storyline earlier that year in which his hands had been chopped off. Too bad he went down like a chump in this story–Quasar could easily be Marvel’s Green Lantern here.

Hey, did we already do the Frank Miller story where Cap saves an American Flag from a burning building? THAT would make a great July 4 moment.

Ethan Shuster

July 4, 2009 at 12:18 pm

Always nice to see a cool moment featuring Darkse– I mean, Thanos.

Man, seeing Thanos cutting a swath through the Marvel heroes left an indelible impression on a young me. I always found the way he took out Nova just so casually chilling.

to me the moment of the story was caps speech telling thanos as long as one man stands he can never get his full victory that and adam warlock telling silver surfer to wait a little

I always loved the fact that the heroes big plan, what appeared to be their last chance to stop Thanos from destroying the universe, fails simply because the Surfer misses. It was rare to see heroes fail, and for them to fail in such a simple yet devastating way – I love it.

Tornado Ninja Fan

July 5, 2009 at 1:04 am

“Surely you jest?”
“Never been good at stand-up routines – and don’t call me Shirley.”

Thank you, I’d been waiting for this moment.

For me, this mini was the last Marvel “event” that was worth reading (before the 15-year wasteland of Wars, Invasions, Reigns and Houses of Disassembled Illuminati).

One thing I liked about this series is seeing what characters were chosen to survive the “random” mass murder of half the universe. Of course, it’s mostly the cool, popular characters, but I found it curious that the entire FF get wiped out (one would have expected some Reed Richards or Ben Grimm input in the story). And yet Doom survives. I always loved that he fights alongside the surviving heroes.

I must dig these issues out.

Hey, did we already do the Frank Miller story where Cap saves an American Flag from a burning building? THAT would make a great July 4 moment.

Yeah, you’re right, that probably would have been better if I had waited until the Fourth of July for that moment!

But I featured that one months ago.

This moment really stood out to me; I felt the immediate impact of it. Starlin wrote Cap like I was hoping he would be written in his regular book at the time. No offense to Gruenwald, whom I loved, but Starlin was able to put him in a dire situation that allowed the true greatness of Cap to come out. We all know why Cap is Cap, but this scene gave us another example.

I remember taking this book and showing it anybody who would listen “see how badass Cap is?”

That scene was so good, I bought the next two mini series as well. Infinity War was fun; it, to this day, produced one of the best comic book posters ever, with everyone fighting their doppleganger….but neither series had a big moment like this

I love the swing at Thanos after the miss by Surfer. For me, that encapsulates the never-say-die attitude of Captain America; he knows that it’s almost certainly a lost cause, but he takes that shot anyway.

Honestly, my favourite thing about Infinity Gauntlet is that it gave us What If #104 – “What if the Impossible Man possessed the Infinity Gauntlet?” It starts under the assumption that Surfer succeeded at this moment and grabbed the Gauntlet. Thanos then blasted him in the back, he dropped the glove, and… “Five finger discount AWAY!!”, and Impy grabbed the glove.

Impossible Man: The Impossible Man now possesses the Infinity Gauntlet!

Thanos: This is not happening.

Silver Surfer: This is not happening.

Eternity: Is this the outcome you sought, Warlock?

Adam Warlock: …not exactly.

Quasar death #14 of 25 — collect them all!

I say the staredown is the moment for me. I remember my friends and I loving this issue. Years later I realized that all that love had turned into undying infatuation with the beautiful She-Thanos. My heart beats for thee!

Caps got balls made of the same stuff as his shield.

The thing that always got me about this issue was the scene of Thor (Eric Masterson at this point do to the hammer being out of his hand for more than a minute and suffocating) regains his hammer and Starfox’s narrative is ” Some people never know when to give up …. such ignorance can be truly awe inspiring.” as Masterson turns into Thor and gets set to get his @$$ handed to him.

Good issue. Liked it better though when Cap was Batman and Thanos was Darkseid.

For me, it’s the moment where Thanos and She-Thanos are standing among the fallen superheroes. Damn, Iron Man was decapitated!

This scene with Cap could’ve been done with Spiderman or Wolverine.


December 7, 2011 at 4:15 pm

A little late to the party…

The “the” moment for me was the Silver Surfer missing. Blew my mind as a kid. What do you mean everyone died for nothing???

The last great Marvel crossover? Probably…

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