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Month of Art Stars: Artist’s Choice – Steve Yeowell

Every day in June I featured the work of a great artist, only instead of me picking the artist to feature, they were picked by their peers, fellow professional comic book artists who are picking out artists (from the past and present) who they think deserve special attention. Do note that most artists I asked about this gave me multiple answers and I picked out one choice out of a number of suggestions, so these are not definitive answers, like “Artist X likes Artist Y and he thinks all other Artists are terrible!” Here is an archive of the artists featured so far!

I ended up with more suggestions than there were days in the month, so enjoy a few BONUS installments!

The fifth bonus installment is the pick of Mike Perkins, the great Crossgen and Marvel artist who I featured previously in a Month of Art Stars installment (check it out here)! Check out his website here!

Mike’s pick is Steve Yeowell!

I’ll let Mike explain it…

Here’s a guy who has been illustrating professionally longer than I have and yet he’s only known, by the American comic reading public, for a handful of projects. But what a diverse handful! There’s Starman, 67 Seconds, The Foot Men, The Invisibles. The Skrull Kill Krew and, my personal favourite, Sebastian O. He’s more widely known throughout England for his constantly gorgeous work on 2000ad stories such as Zenith, Red Razors, Maniac 5, Devlin Waugh and recently the Red Seas.He has a beautiful economy of line but doesn’t slouch on the detail and is equally at home in B&W or colour. Admittedly, it may be of his own choice to work within the diverse British field of comics and respect must go to him for this decision but don’t let that deter you, the reader and purveyor of fine comic book storytelling, from tracking down his wonderful work as most of it can be found in collected form.

Just for a lark, I figured for sample Yeowell work, I’ll only show projects that he worked on with writer Grant Morrison!

First, Zenith….

Next, Sebastion O!

Finally, Invisibles!

Yeowell is a fine artist, indeed.

Thanks to Mike for the pick!


Tom Fitzpatrick

July 6, 2009 at 9:24 pm

When in the soddin’ ‘ell are we North Americans going to see some ZENITH tpbs?

Would somebody please give Morrison a boot up his butt to kick-start him!!! ;-)

My favorite Morrison/Yeowell team-up is still New Adventures of Hitler.

But this reminds me: I have to buy Sebastian O.

I believe the Zenith rights are tied up, Tom; apparently there’s a warehouse out there with a bunch of copies of Zenith trades that can’t be moved.


July 6, 2009 at 10:25 pm

They should just sell them, and then everyone can argue in court over who gets the actual profits, as opposed to who gets the rights to try and make some profit.
That way at least everyone would know if it’s worth lawyering up for, and we get to read the books.

I should totally become a renegade activist judge.

At his best I love Steve Yeowell, though personally I thought Sebastian O was his weakest work. Still a great artist though.

As an aside, I never noticed before how much his early Zenith work looks like Alan Davis’s art.

His recent stuff on Red Seas is brilliant! Well worth looking out for the trades if you can get them in the States..

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