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Judging (DC’s June 1965) Books by Their Covers

Golly gee whiz, guys! I’m sure out of breath from pedaling all the way back to the Secret Headquarters of the Comic Society of Book Grabbers, or CSBG for short! Old man Burgas just put out all the new books for June! Boy, wait till I tell you about some of these– they sure look neato! I only managed to save up a dollar from my paper route this month, but then I found two whole dimes on the sidewalk outside Mean Mrs. Curran’s house, so I bought ten whole comics! Which ones did I pick? I bet you can’t wait to find out my top ten at the end of this message! I borrowed my dad’s typewriter and everything! I think I’ll call it BLOG! For Billy’s List Of Goodness! Yeah!

Batman #172


How can the knights be invisible? They’re right there, Batman! It’s probably the gold one. He looks the meanest.

Justice League of America #36

Justice League of America

I like the drawing, but Ma taught me not to make fun of disabled people.

Adventures of Jerry Lewis #88

Adventures of Jerry Lewis

Bob Hope’s comic is way better, especially since Super-Hip is in it. That’s what my buddy Dave says, anyway. My Dad told me Jerry Lewis has too many loose screws, whatever that means. This issue looks really scary, though.

Green Lantern #37

Green Lantern

Old man Burgas told me he saw something just like this when he took that trip to Mexico. I don’t know what he’s talking about. Evil Star doesn’t look as tough as Starro, though. I bet Green Lantern can get out of this one.

Sea Devils #23

Sea Devils

This is a pretty boring cover. I like it better when they fight weird monsters.

Blackhawk #209


The creepy mummy ants from last year are a lot cooler than King Condor. Why doesn’t this cover have a background?

Strange Adventures #177

Strange Adventures

Millard’s probably an alien! The monster’s giant, veiny eye and bright red skin really jumps off the stands, but nothing here made me have to get this comic.

Secret Hearts #104

Secret Hearts

Ick! Kissing! This comic’s for girls. And my Ma would say this one’s a hussy!

House of Mystery #151

House of Mystery

This comic never makes any sense to me. That Scipio kid at school likes it, but I think he eats paste.

Aquaman #21


I buy Aquaman sometimes, but that ugly face doesn’t do this comic any favors!

Our Army at War #155

Our Army at War

My brother Scott”s in high school, and he told me “fokker” is a really dirty word. How can they put it on a comic?

Showcase #56


He doesn’t look like a pirate. Who wants to read a comic about these old superheroes anyway? I want them to bring back Tommy Tommorrow!

All-American Men of War #109

All-American Men of War

That flamethrower is really keen, but wouldn’t the fuel tank explode from the bullets? I think it would work better if they colored Johnny Cloud something other than blue.

House of Secrets #72

House of Secrets

The Morloo looks like he’s made of broccoli. I always knew broccoli was evil.

Tomahawk #98


Why did they get inside a giant picnic basket? That was just asking for trouble. But I only buy this comic when they put a giant purple gorilla on the cover.

Honorable mentions! If only I had another quarter, I would’ve bought these!

Detective Comics #340


I heard the Cronin bully at school say that the Outsider is really Alfred, but that doesn’t make any sense! Alfred died! They wouldn’t bring a dead guy back to life. Anyway, I wanted to get this because of the Elongated Man story, mostly, but look how cool that Batmobile is!

Mystery in Space #100

Mystery in Space

It’s really neat how the human guy is disguised as an alien and the alien guy is disguised as a human! But they gave away the secret on the cover, so I didn’t feel like buying it. I bet this comic isn’t half as “jolly good” as that Doctor Who show my British cousin Graeme keeps writing me about. But at least comics are in color!

Top Ten time! Holy cow!

10. Action Comics #325


I don’t usually like Superbaby stories, but it says it’s the best Superman story of the year! Why would they lie?

Story continues below

9. Captain Storm #7

Captain Storm

I love bazookas.

8. Superboy #121


They sure use time travel a lot. This one looks like an interesting story, though! Will Superboy tell him? And why would Jor-El break his ship by flying out of it like that? Won’t he need it to get back? I still have to know what’s going to happen, though!

7. Adventure Comics #333


A superhero Civil War? I never thought anything like that could ever happen! I wonder why they’re fighting.

6. World’s Finest Comics #150

World's Finest Comics

Couldn’t Superman use his super-hearing or super-smell or something to tell Batman’s there? Or maybe Superman’s a dork! I think that’s what that crumbum hood Nevett called old man Burgas that one time, anyway.

5. Girls’ Romances #109

Girls' Romances

I didn’t want to buy this one, but my sister Danielle made me, or else she’d tell on me for taking those dimes from Mrs. Curran’s sidewalk! But maybe it’s not so bad. I like the Beatles. Or are those the Rolling Stones? Actually, that one guy looks like poor President Kennedy, and the other fellow looks like this Donald Trump that my other cousin, Harvey, goes to college with. I don’t think that Trump guy will amount to something as big as a comic cover, though!

4. Young Love #49

Young Love

Sis made me get this one for her, too. I’m not real keen on these stories, but the colors on this cover make it look really groovy, or artistic, or something. It sure looks different from everything else on the newsstand!

3. Flash #153


Wow! He socked him right into the future! What a wallop! I’ve got to read this one!

2. Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen #85


Jimmy sure seems off his rocker on this cover! He built a giant statue of himself and a Kryptonite catapult! Maybe it’s a hoax, a dream, or an imaginary story. I have to find out! It sure looks wild!

1. Doom Patrol #96

Doom Patrol

This is the craziest comic book cover I’ve ever seen! It really beats the pants off those crummy Marvel comics! But where do they get the giant records?

Oh oh! Look at the time! If I don’t hurry home now, Ma will kill me! And I’ll miss The Munsters!

And I’m sure once the internet, or something like that, is invented, some spiffy website called, I don’t know, The Grand Comics Database, will display all these covers. Maybe guys like me will be writing their own BLOGs! I guess it would be a GLOG, though, if it’s somebody like little Greg Hatcher from down the block.



Oh good, I am pleased that you finished this so quickly – it’s really a fun idea!

Good job, Bill!

Is that Young Love cover by John Romita? It looks like it, especially the way the woman’s lips are drawn.

And Billy, get with the cool kids and buy some Marvel comics. One look at Ditko and Kirby and you’ll drop all those square books. (But keep Sgt. Rock)

Good job, Bill!


Funtastic, man. “Billy’s List Of Goodness” was particularly inspired.

And, yeah, that Doom Patrol cover was definitely the best of the month.

Also: The chick on that Girls’ Romances cover looks a lot like Jennifer Morrison from House.

I was going to go with Cathy Lee Crosby by House girl works too.

Wait … Martian Manhunter was in “House of Mystery”?

Ok, so you´ll only buy something like that Tomahawk-Book if there´s a purple gorilla on the cover, eh?

Well, ok:

All the right elements:
– Set during the War of Independence
– Protagonists in a perilous situation over some kind of gorge
– Hostile Iroquois
– And – most importantly – a purple gorilla right there in the upper left corner (“lila” means purple in German).

There you go!

I was waiting for “Why doesn’t this cover have a background?” to show up, and like magic, there it was.

This is great but my god who did that Young Love cover?


Don’t worry about the outcome in WORLD’S FINEST #150, Bill. Even though the dart will pop Batman’s balloon, Superman’s got a plan!

You can read about the outcome here:


Dunc, it looks like John Romita, Sr. to me. Very distinctive inking style, especially how he inks women’s lips.

I googled and found this site:

Yeah, it’s Romita.

Lovingly crafted from pure winium.

Thanks T.

I own a copy of that JLA issue.

Omar Karindu, with the power of SUPER-hypocrisy!

July 15, 2009 at 6:04 pm

That Flash issue was one of the first back issues I ever bought, at the tender age of 10. It cost several weeks’ allowance, was missing three pages, and was worth ever penny in those horrible days before Showcase books and Archive Editions. (And like the other Silver Age Flash comic I bought, Flash #155’s “The Gauntlet of Super-Villains,” I literally read the issue to death; it fell apart after one too many look-throughs.)

Haha, awesome. Comics in the 60s were so much cooler.

So is that Flash issue like the old New Year’s “I’m going to knock you into next week” gag, but with a superspeed punch?

I cannot get enough of this. It may be the most perfect blog post ever.

Why does Curt Swan think that crowns have giant round things on the front? Because he draws crowns with them in the Jimmy Olsen cover and this Action Comics cover http://www.comics.org/coverview.lasso?id=18307&zoom=4. I can’t imagine where anyone would get such a bizarre drawing twitch.

Man, that trip to Mexico was pretty wild. I even went to Tijuana and picked up a Bible. Let me tell you, it didn’t look like anything I learned in Sunday School!

I just realized that that isn’t the normal Green Lantern costume on that cover, the green area of the suit is cut a little differently than normal. Was Gil Kane experimenting with tweaking the design?

There are two types of comic book readers in the world: (1) The kind that thinks these comics (as a whole) look far more exciting than anything DC actually puts out in a given month today and (2) The kind that think Judd Winick’s “Batman” is readable.

Doom Patrol!!!


July 15, 2009 at 8:08 pm

Let me tell you, it didn’t look like anything I learned in Sunday School!

You’re obviously not a Catholic then…

I guess back in the 60s it wasn’t necessary to use the word “cover” in every single description. And people say things are better than in the past.

I’d so buy Disabled Justice League

I want to see an all non-pc bruhaha between Disable Justice League, Evil Star midgets and Raging Redskins!!!

That was great!

I have a question about one of the covers. Adventure 333 has “Civil War of the Legion” Was the story by chance recognizing the 100th anniversary of the end of the American Civil War?



Nice work, Bill. I especially like the gags about the other neighborhood children.

And good call about Ringo looking like Kennedy and John looking like Donald Trump on that “Girls’ Romances” cover. Creepy.

Lobstah Johnson

July 16, 2009 at 11:28 am

Before I even read your commentary on Girls’ Romances #109, I thought wow that ‘Lennon’ looks like Donald Trump here. I’m pretty sure that the girl is meant to look “Ann Margaret” a big star at the time.
Here’s my ‘improvement’ on the cover:


Looks like Green Lantern is fighting near the Star Trek/Bill & Ted rock.

IMHO Flash #153 looks like the most interesting one. I have a copy of Our Army at War #155 that I got from my dad, but I’ve never actually read it (since I don’t want to wreck it).

Just FYI for all that are digging the Young Love #49 cover by Romita… I have a copy of it, and it is actually one of those “let’s reproduce the interior story’s splash page as a “cover” job. But man when it looks that good, why come up with something new when you have that sort of secret goodness selling a book from inside.

Great stuff, sign me up for more!

[…] Should Be Good looks at DC’s June 1965 covers, including Flash v.1 #153, featuring Professor Zoom and the Mightiest Punch of All […]

Awesome post, Bill.

I wish I had those Flash and Young Love comics. I’d frame them and hang them on my wall.

Ha! Good stuff.

I had no idea Army at Love was a play on an old title.

>>I had no idea Army at Love was a play on an old title.

*sigh* Kids these days … What the hell are they teaching in the schools?

>>Was the story by chance recognizing the 100th anniversary of the end of the American Civil War?

Not outside the realm of possibility by any means. The Civil War Centennial must’ve been a big deal during that period, judging by all the postage stamps commemorating various battles that came out in the early ’60s (slightly before I was old enough to pay attention, but I did collect stamps as a kid).

Otherwise, these would’ve been in the spinner racks a few months before I started first grade, & a couple of years before I started buying comics with any sort of regularity. The only two I own (except of course in SHOWCASE PRESENTS form, where appropriate — which I wish to god included SEA DEVILS & TOMAHAWK & MYSTERY IN SPACE & the war stuff & … oh, hell: Just reprint ‘em all!) are SUPERBOY & TOMAHAWK, because I’ve put together decentish runs of those starting in this general period.

Those covers by kubert are just more dramatic, gritty and real. He stands far above the rest of those mostly forgetable covers.

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