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Manga Before Flowers — July Previews

Okay, MarkAndrew, this month’s previews reveal that your wish has finally been granted!

My pick of the Month has to be the Yen Press release of the long awaited sixth volume of Yotsuba&!


During the year or so I worked at my LCBS it would be quite rare if someone didn’t come in and ask about when the next volume of Yotsuba&! would be released.  How nice it is to finally be able to give definite answers concerning the next installment of a green-haired girl’s everyday adventures.  In addition to the sixth volume, Yen Press plans to release its own translation of volumes 1-5, which is also good news since I believe some of those volumes may be out of print.

Because I’m a little under the weather right now I’m only going to spotlight one new title per manga company this time around.

CMX — Okay, I’m not big on body-sharing type stories but I really enjoyed Ken Saito’s gentle romance The Name of the Flower, so I may have to give his / her Oh! My Brother a chance (even though the idea of doing a body time-share with a sibling of the opposite sex kind of grosses me out).

June Manga Doki Doki — Now the biggest boys’ love publisher in the U.S. is putting out a book called….Boy’s Love.  The boldness of the creator and / or publisher naming a book after an entire genre of stories tickles me so I must have it.

Del Rey — Moyasimon volume 1 is a must have!  All I know about this title is it features an agricultural student who can communicate with bacteria and that apparently they appear as “super-cute little creatures” to him.  Sounds awesome, right?

Viz — Both volumes of What a Wonderful World — by the creator of Solanin — will be released and while I have not a clue what the story is about (the description is incredibly vague) I do know that any work by Inio Asano should be bought without question.

And, as always, what looks good to you this month?


Moyashimon is really great, though you will find the “kawaii bacteria” part is actually bait… The real hook are all the people surrounding Tadayasu, and how complicated their relationships become.

All in all a pretty funny story, glad to see someone licensed it because most fan translators had lost interest due to all the technical agriculture terms that still appear in masse.

Hi, Danielle!

I picked up Yotsuba&! based on your recommendation, and I love it!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more endearing protagonist than Yotsuba. It’s good to see that more of the series will be published here. It must be popular–all the volumes at my library system were both checked out and on reserve.

Danielle Leigh

July 16, 2009 at 10:58 am

Denmad — sounds really great! I love relationship-oriented stories (with added quirkiness!) so I think this will be right up my alley.

Dan — yup, Yotsuba&! is pure awesome. I’m so glad you enjoyed it and obviously the readers in your town must have very good taste! :-)

Thanks for pointing out the Asano books from Viz. I completely glossed over those when ordering and didn’t realize they were by Asano. I really enjoyed Solanin and will give his other work a blind buy.

Yay! Finally!

Sweet! I’ve got a friend that’s been waiting on the new Yotsuba forever! He’ll be ecstatic, I’m sure.

[…] Leigh thumbs through the July Previews and notes the happy news that the next volume of Yotsuba&! is on the […]

[…] Leigh thumbs through the July Previews and notes the happy news that the next volume of Yotsuba&! is on the […]

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