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Sunday Brunch: 7/26/09

Crushed to death by the San Diego Comicon coverage? No worries. Shuffle your zombified remains below the fold and enjoy some links to the really important bits in the comics internet.

THE USUAL SUSPECTS: AV Club reveals the evolution of comic art in their “Reinventing the Pencil: 21 Artists Who Changed Mainstream Comics (for Better or Worse)” inventory. I bet you can guess who’s #1.

In fact, in honor of that little San Dimas Comicon no one really went to, The AV Club hosted a bit of a comics-themed week. They some space to Seth, in a semi-interview where the Canadian cartoonist goes over come classic cartoonists. The article should probably be retitled “Seth is blasé about most cartoonists.” The Clubbers also interviewed comics’ sexiest humorist, Michael Kupperman, about his sexy humor, and comics’ sexiest Hindu love god, Grant Morrison, about the nuts and bolts of visionary comics writing– but they ask some questions most comics interviewers wouldn’t. Like all G-Mo interviews, it’s a fun, fascinating read, loaded with great pull quotes. Here’s one:

AVC: What is it about the comics medium in particular that appeals to you as a storyteller?

GM: The essentially magical qualities of inert words and ink pictures working together with reader consciousness to create a holographic Sensurround emotional experience. What else?

Further features on the AV Club include an in-depth interview with Steve Bissette, a Gateway to Geekery on Love & Rockets, and a Q&A on recommended first comics.

KER-SPLUTCH! Chris Sims takes us down the bloody brick road with his list of the 40 Most Violent Comics Ever for Complex Magazine.

WHALE’S VAGINA COMICON, as Burgas would call it, or Nerd Prom, as nerds who didn’t go to prom call it, was in full effect this weekend, and the drunken zombies that used to call themselves “comics professionals” still have to scrape their way through the remains of the day before they can be loaded into boxes and mailed home. Of course, the CBR mothership has their server stuffed with news, but I’m going to break it down to the illest bits for you:

  • So. Marvel bought Marvelman. Uh… holy crap, dude!
  • I’m very much looking forward to Choker, even if it sounds almost exactly like Fell. Like, exactly. Right down to the Templesmith. Let’s see if this McCool fellow can out-Ellis Ellis!
  • The Beat reveals the Eisner winners. Hurray, I sort of write for an Eisner winning site thingie, tangentially! And hurray, the Herbie Archives walked away with an award!
  • Is it just me, or does James Robinson’s new JLA line-up sound spectacularly awful?
  • I, Zombie sounds like a really, really cool series. You should buy it.
  • Willingham taking over Angel? That’s unexpected.
  • I never thought I’d say this, but that guy from that goth rock band or whatever writes some damn fine comics. I’m looking forward to both Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion and The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys.
  • Let’s hope Dark Horse’s acquisition of the Gold Key heroes leads to some awesome Magnus, Robot Fighter comics.
  • Finally, the B’Wana Beast action figure we’ve all been waiting for!
  • Okay, I’m just going to admit that I’m phoning this one in. Did anything interesting happen at Comicon?

WHO’S ON ELEVENTH: This week marked the first foray into filming for the fifth season (God bless alliteration) of Doctor Who, featuring the first public outing of Doc #11, Matt Smith. Can’t say I’m thrilled with the “Patrick Troughton had a horrible tweed accident” outfit, but I’m sure I just need to shut up and deal with it. Sunday Brunch favorite Neill Cameron already has an illustration of the new Doctor up. IDW, if you’re listening, I will totally write a Doctor Who one-shot (or six-shot) on the cheap, for Neill to draw.

REMAKE/REMODEL is Lady Fairplay. I’ma gonna give it to Paul Sizer this week:


The comics internet actually seemed to shrivel up and die like a desiccated zombie this week. Everyone clear out for Comicon? Probably. But what actually happened at Comicon? One or two intriguing bits of news, but is that it? Bah.

This column may take next week off, depending on how much reality I’ll be swamped with, and what shenanigans I’ll be getting up to over the weekend.


I for one am excited about Robinson’s JLA line up because I have always enjoyed the generational aspect of the DCU and I would like to see Dick, Donna, and Lar step into the spotlight, even if I know it is only temporary and that the powers that be at DC have undone most of the changes to major characters over the years that highlighted that generational aspect in favor of resetting the DCU to a 1960’s status quo.

I, Zombie does sound great as do the Gerard Way comics. Bill Willingham on Angel…I’m there!

I didn’t really care for the Onion AV Club feature on influential artists (and I’m generally a big fan of the AV Club), mostly because of how fast and loose they played with the facts, both explicit and implied. (Mignola’s developed his unique style after starting Hellboy? Greg Land is one of the “widescreen” artists?) Also, even though I know this isn’t supposed to be a comprehensive list, they left out some obvious biggies like Frank Miller. And while they say these artists “changed mainstream comics” they’re explicit that Chris Ware’s influence has not been felt in mainstream comics. Go figure. It reads like they’re a bunch of n00bs who are looking for cool points trying to name drop to an audience who isn’t informed enough to dispute them.

What’s wrong with the JLA Line-up?

Anyway, MarvelMan being bought by Marvel was easily the biggest disappointment of the Con, once you learn that they haven’t obtained the rights to the Moore/Gaiman stuff, only the shitty Captain Marvel rip-off stories that predated it.

My favorite SDCC announcement was the Seagle/Allred non-announcement.

I, Zombie sounds like Chew mixed with Pushing Daisies with a dash of Rogue. I will be getting that.

Man, Allred is all over the comics scene.

Seriously, this was the least interesting SDCC ever.

That being said, I’m super pumped for I, Zombie and the Animal Man/B’wana Beast two-pack. So cool.

“Anyway, MarvelMan being bought by Marvel was easily the biggest disappointment of the Con, once you learn that they haven’t obtained the rights to the Moore/Gaiman stuff, only the shitty Captain Marvel rip-off stories that predated it.”

That’s not entirely accurate.

I wish ANYTHING on the internet was entirely accurate.


I’m a beautiful human being, inside an out.

There, wish granted.

Doctor Who hasn’t started filming the fifth series, they’ve started filming the special ‘one-off’ episodes due later this year (some of it round the corner from my house, as it goes).
Also word on the street is they’re going to adopt Marvel’s tradition of renumbering when a new creative team gets on board – next year will apparently be called series 1.

Doctor Who hasn’t started filming the fifth series, they’ve started filming the special ‘one-off’ episodes due later this year (some of it round the corner from my house, as it goes).

You might want to peek around the corner more often– they’ve wrapped filming on the specials (the last of the David Tennant/Russell T. Davies era), and Matt Smith set reports are all over the internet.

Marvel characters added to LittleBigPlanet…makes me really want a PS3 even more for that game, but the system just isn’t worth the price yet. Still, that Captain America is just plain adorable with a capital A!!!


I wonder what others they might add?

#14 from Complex’s Most Violent list says: “Robin’s death was determined by a phone-in poll, with over 10,000 votes cast. Stories about the margin of victory have varied from over 50 percent to a matter of two.” (regarding Death In The Family.)

I smell a comic legend!

Stupid the Onion.

Love and Rockets is an ANNUAL, not a monthly. (And the last issue wasn’t my favorite of the run by a long shot, but it was mostly self-contained stories. It’s a decent jumping-on point.)

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