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7/27 – Curious Cat Asks…

What news announcement out of San Diego Comic-Con are you most excited about?



Scott Pilgrim video game. With any luck, it will help out the indy comics, and of course, with any luck, it’ll be an awesome game.

Andrew Collins

July 27, 2009 at 6:22 am

I’ll admit, I’m excited about the possibility of Moore and Gaiman’s Miracleman stories finally getting reprinted, but my excitement is tempered by the fact that it is still just that- a possibility. I’ll be much less restrained in my enthusiasm when Marvel announces that all rights are settled and reprinting plans are definitely happening.

Not a thing, really. *sigh* It must be that time of year where the comics industry seems like a futile circling of the drain… usually this doesn’t happen until AFTER Comicon and the mega crossovers are over for the year.

I’m excited that Mon-El has a really ugly and stupid costume and JLA is being written by the talentless alternate-universe James Robinson who did JLA: Cry For Boredom rather than the talented James Robinson who did Starman. I’m excited by these things because they save me collecting those comics (Superman and JLA), which I might otherwise have done. Thus I’m ten dollars a month richer (in Australian money). Woohoo!

The possibility of seeing the Moore/Gaiman Marvelman stories reprinted in a quality hardcover omnibus. Although like other commenters, I’d withholding some of my enthusiam until I actually see a solicitation and know for certain that all of the legal hurdles have been cleared. Quesada’s announcement was a really interesting development and may be the light at the end of the tunnel, but the whole thing is vague enough that I’ll temper my excitement.

Beyond that, I’m looking forward to seeing Mignola and Golden return to the Baltimore-universe in comic book form. And I’ll also be looking forward to Killjoy and Daytrippers.

The thought of an oversized HC collecting Miracleman 1-16, though in a perfect world not with Quesada’s cover. Perhaps Alan Davis.

Also WIldstorm giving it the old college try one more time, again.

Oh and Joe the Barbarian sounds amazing.

Darkier Avengers starring Miracleman by Bendis and Land


Actually, I’m pretty excited about Gerard Way and Becky Cloonan’s “Killjoys”. I’ve really enjoyed the Umbrella Academy, and the fact that Way went out of his way (pun intended) to point out that Killjoys is inspired by, and intends to hearken back to, some of the classic ’90s Vertigo stuff like Preacher and Transmet, leads me to believe it will be a really awesome series.

I’m probably most excited for X-Nation and Necrosha. Kyle, Yost, and Fraction have awesome track records in the X-Department, so i’m really looking forward to where things go from here.

Excited about Marvelman, again, tempered by the lack of reprinting announcements. Really hoping he doesn’t get brought into the Marvel U proper, don’t know if thats been brought up.

Aside from Blackest Night and Green Lantern, not much about DC is really impressing me. I think Didio’s ridiculous, and the fact that the JLA is without the companies most prominent characters is just bizzare. I still don’t get how you pick up an issue of Superman and have Mon-El in it….anyways, I’m happy to buy Blackest Night and keep the rest of my money for more X books!


The new Bone projects from Jeff Smith and Brian Froud working on Archaia’s Dark Crystal and Labyrinth books. Apart from those nothing really ecxited me this year.

Probably the new Bone project too, but I’m actually really looking forward to Necrosha over in X-Force. X-Force is a comic that should be terrible but is really quite good for what it is.

Not much, honestly. I guess, maybe, Marvel’s acquisition of MM, whatever it means. I’d like to see the Moore/Gaiman stuff reprinted since I’ve still got holes in that run, but that’s about it.

I’m curious to see what they do. A MM Max series, maybe? Incorporate him into 616 and kill off Sentry?

Well, Vertigo announced a new Morrison mini, “Joe the Barbarian, and that’s always good news. (Was it new news?) Also, as a fan of the Flash’s rogues gallery (third in comicdom’s best rogues galleries, behind only Spidey’s and Batman’s), I’ll actually buy the “Blackest Night: Flash” spinoff.

the ones that most exicited me that Marvel has mircleman and that the legendary mircleman 25 could finaly see the stands . also DC now adding the T.H.U.N.D..E.R. agents to the universe. plus the annoucement that Magnetoe is going to be coming back in xmen which means hades is going to hit the xuniverse

MarvelMan under the ICON imprint?

Nothing particularly exciting, because except for a few new books and some changes of directions, there was nothing on the front of breakthrough items.

The announcement of a Kilowog action figure.

And how sad is that? Outside of the Marvelman announcement (which I don’t really care about because it’s NOT the Moore/Gaiman stories), everything this year was just a swing and a miss.

And, although I don’t think it was officially announced at SDCC, that new Mon-El uniform is truly abomidable. Do we know who designed it? Please tell me it wasn’t Bagley. But I think that if they changed the S-shield to traditional colors it would improve the design 100%.

A friend of mine who works at Marvel has confirmed for me that they own *everything*, including the Moore/Gaiman stories, and are planning to reprint everything (specifically going back to the very beginning of Anglo’s stuff). Now, he didn’t tell me the order, but I think it’s logical that, since this is apparently being done so that Anglo can make some quick money for medical bills, they would start with the stuff that will sell best.

At any rate, Moore & Gaiman are definitely being reprinted.

Marvelman is the most interesting, but I won’t be excited until/unless they solicit Moore/Gaiman collections.

And I already knew about Joe the Barbarian and I, Zombie, so… Hrm…. Choker! I will buy Choker.

Ha! Good one, Mr. Wesley. I would buy a Kilowog action figure … if I bought action figures at all. Am I a poozer if I don’t?

Tom Fitzpatrick

July 27, 2009 at 10:06 am

“LOOK!!! Up in the sky!!! It’s a bird, no — it’s a plane, nope, it’s MARVELMAN!!!!!!:”

The possibility of seeing Moore’s stuff in reprints, and Gaiman back to finish what he started, is one of the most exciting news of the DECADE!

People have been waiting for at least 2 decades for this.

well, my main comics are x-men, so excited about the upcoming x-over, but we already knew magneto would be back during fraction’s tenure

i was also excited by the thundercat movie concept art

” Scott Pilgrim video game. With any luck, it will help out the indy comics, and of course, with any luck, it’ll be an awesome game. ”

Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B Button AWESOME!

pretty boring news-wise. the scott pilgrim game may actually make me purchase a console though…

lost’s panel was entertaining as ever.

Fraction mentioning that he, Moon, and Ba were going to powwow about Casanova on Sunday was the highlight for me.

Can’t wait for #15.

- Marvelman: it’s just too steeped in history for it to go by the wayside, even if it never quite lives up to its initial buzz (I’m looking at you, “JMS tackles the Squadron Supreme”…).

– Jeff Smith’s new Bone material: because I can’t re-read my One Volume collection enough.

– Scott Pilgrim video game: a no-brainer with the movie on the way, but nice to know it’s coming nonetheless; looking forward to fourth-wall breaking on my PS2!

Jim Shooter reunited with the Gold Key characters (Magnus, Solar, Turok, etc.) for a relaunch of the line at Dark Horse comics is the big announcement for me. I’ve been hoping for this sort of thing for years (though I would have preferred Gold Key to license to the new Valiant and for Shooter to reboot the whole line…)!


Was the Dan Clowes Drawn and Quarterly book a San Diego announcement?

If so, s’between that and Bone.

My big fear with Scott Pilgrim is that they base it on the movie and not the comic. Because Michael Cera is incredibly miscast as Scott.

New Bone stories.

Krypto vs. Dex-Star!

And I’m looking forward to Sterling Gates on a Kid Flash series.

Personally, I have no interest in Marvelman though it’s great that Marvelman fans are getting something cool.

Miracle Man being re-printed. Oh, fuck yes.

Ha ha, no one is excited about Miracleman at all, only that it might mean that the Miracleman they’ve already read will be reprinted, which might still never happen

I’m as excited as anyone could possibly be about Marvel purchasing Miracleman….On the other hand I’m also paralyzed with fear.

While this could present a great character to thousands of new readers and finally see the completion of Gaiman’s Silver Age and Dark Age stories (super awesome), it could also present the possibility of the horror of Jeph Loeb/Greg Land Miracleman story in the future (horrifically depressing).

I’m not saying it’s gonna happen, i’m just saying we should be careful what we wish for.

Marvelman was definitely the news of the con. Nothing big really happened this year. Oh well.
But I seem to be a bit more optimistic at the chance of Moore and Gaiman reprints seeing as how Gaiman made that Marvels and Miracles company to make this happen with help from Marvel, and I’ve heard somewhere that Moore said he would love for them to be reprinted if profits went to Anglo. So, yes I’m optimistic.

More BONE. I’m pretty much covered for what I’m giving my nephew for his birthday and Christmas for two years!

Not that excited about anything; I don’t really feel anything was announced.DC announced part of Robinson’s JLA line up, and Marvel revealed that may do something vague with a character who has not seen publication in my lifetime. I’ll have to dig deeper in the coming days to see if some smaller announcements that slipped through the cracks gets me excited.


July 27, 2009 at 5:42 pm

Nothing particularly exciting – the Miracle Man thing was a big let down.
They would have announced the Moore and Gaiman issues getting reprinted if that’s what they had – they obviously don’t have it yet, or aren’t sure about it or they would have announced it.
I think they are either reprinting these one’s to dip their toes in the water and see who bites, OR, just to get sales on them based on the latter works done with he character, from people who feel that it’s necessary to have the lot (or assume that the Moore/Gaiman issues are right around the corner).

Scott Pilgrim game could be fun, but that’s not really comics news.

I’d say Bob Schreck going to IDW is the biggest news.
With him and Scott Dunbier on board they are going to get some great projects happening.
(Not that they haven’t slowly but surely built up a massive base already! Mostly by ignoring everything the big two do, and doing their own things).

Weekly World News comic has me interested. Furry Water looks good. Nancy is definitely cool but after MoCCA it’s not that big. Marvel Man will be nice but I don’t have my hopes set too high.

Dan Clowes new book, more Bone from Smith, Image United, the new Gerard Way book from Dark Horse, Scott Pilgrim game (is it an internet game?) not sure what else. It’s all sort of stuff I was interested in already.

Existence 3.0 sounded cool. 2.0 is a major fun read so far.

If the Gaiman and Moore Marvelmen get reprinted, that would be cool too. Not really interested in a new writer taking it at $3.99 though.

Julie was in orbit over the Eisner. It went like this:

“You guys won! Jonah won!”

“Huh? For, what, online journalism?”

“Just journalism! It doesn’t say online!”

“No way. That can’t be right. That’s The Comics Journal.”

“No, it’s you guys! Seriously! Come look!”

So I did. And I admit I was kind of pleased too; although there’s no WAY we do journalism here at CBR better than Spurgeon or the Journal, that’s like Mary Hart beating Edward R. Murrow. But it’s still cool.

Also quite liked the look of the new Black Beauty that was on display, though I still have huge reservations about the Green Hornet movie.

Man, when Quesada officially confirms that they are reprinting the Moore and Gaiman stories, what are you guys going to have to cynically assume is wrong with *that* announcement?

I would love to hear what people think Marvel bought these rights for if not to get the rights to the Moore & Gaiman stories.

Y’all have been on the Internet too long.

Oh I missed the CBR win. Congrats. This is easily the best comic site on the net.

I forgot to mention Monthly Astro City. About time.

If you’re going to Comic-Con for news, I’d say you’re going for the wrong reason. The best reason to go is to immerse yourself in the alternate universe of fandom. To see the world through the eyes of pop-culture geeks and nerds.

P.S. Here are my pix of the Comic-Con experience:


Wow! It took almost to the end to mention that Astro City is going monthly?
The MarvelMan announcement was the biggest news at the Con, but for me, monthly Astro City is the best news and the most exciting. i’ve read all the MM issues, including most of the specials, and it will be nice to be able to see them again [if indeed it works out]. However, my favorite comic book ever is Astro City, and its irregular schedule has been really frustrating.
To know that it is scheduled monthly is by far the best comic news i have heard in many, many months! i am so excited for this to actually happen!

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