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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 211

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

We’re going to spend the next few days looking at moments from Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s 1999 graphic novel, JLA Earth 2.

Today, we begin at the introduction…

What a sweet intro!

I love how Morrison nails the personality of a Luthor who is heroic but, well, you know, is still LUTHOR!

I have one definitive moment from this issue ready to go either Friday or Saturday. I figure I can do Earth 2 moments through Sunday.

So how’s this – for the OTHER two moments, I’ll let you folks send in suggestions! E-mail them to me (don’t post them in the comments section) at cronb01@aol.com.


Thank you!!! I’ve been waiting for JLA Earth2 stuff here, and more! =)

Please please please the fight between J’onn and the various CSAers. I can’t remember exactly what was so amazing about it, but his dialogue and characterization were amazing. Same with Aquaman.

I bet you get some votes for some of the batman/thomas wayne stuff too.

Must re-read this, very good.

I’m emailing you right after this- there was one panel from this series that always struck me as the coolest damn thing- won’t say it here per your instructions, but yeah, definitely want to play in this sandbox…

Great moment. The codpiece does direct the eye to Lex’s dong though, ala Watchmen movie. At least Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah isn’t playing in that panel.

Great choice!

Raskal, I thought the same thing, but Luthor probably designed it that way.


July 31, 2009 at 7:56 am

Earth-2 was one of my favorite reads and helped get me back into comics. Thank you for not only posting one, but apparently every awesome part from it!

Ohhhhh man. This book is loaded with great moments.

Lots of great Easter Eggs in this story, too. (Do we get much in the way of Easter Eggs anymore? Books like Top Ten and Kingdom Come were full of them in the late 90s.) We had the Benedict Arnold dollars, the statute of Hitler in London, the “Three Racketeers” playing at a movie theater, the CSA’s trophy room with relics from their evil JSA equivalents…I loved reading through that book and looking for the little things.

Even on a parallel Earth where his evil genius is directed towards good, Luthor can’t design a good-looking power suit to save his life. Quitely’s interpretation is better than most ( see: the infamous Ed McGuinness refrigerator armor in Superman/Batman ), but I still think Lex should be able to miniaturize the components into something less clunky.

Still an utterly excellent story, though.

loved that moment of the thing. for the look of shock on the couple when they investigate the crash and luthro saying now where are the super people around here cool and shows no matter what version of luthor there is he is still has his arrogance

I like how he named the couple Ethan (and presumably Sarah) — which were the original names of Superman’s parents back in the day…

Also, when the man says that the ship may give them ‘weird powers’ is a reference to Animal Man. i seem to remember a great UK writer taking that title on in a revamp. Hmmm…. can’t quite remember his name….

I agree with the Martin Manhunter/Ultraman fight being a moment. I also think that the shot of Owlman kneeling in despair in front of the grave of Thomas and Martha Wayne is definitley a moment. Morrison does a fantastic job of summing up all of making Owlman the most complete member of the CSA in that one scene.

i kinda was disappointed in this comic…people were always saying good things about it so i checked it out…and eehhh it didn’t do it for me..it was more like ok than great..

I’ll go with Batman meeting Commissioner Wayne.

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