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Come to Rocketship on Friday!

You get to meet the awesome people on this flier AND you get to hang out with me – what more could you ask for?


Thanks for the heads up. I’ll see if I can make it.

Anybody want to carpool from Missouri to Brooklyn tonight?

I would totally carpool from Missouri to Brooklyn…but I got work in the morning. Shucks!

Going to be zooted up fancy styles, damn the weather! Ladies watch out!

Your store rocks, love the placing of the tights on shelf, with the cooler stuff above.
Much as I love reading the tights … it’s never cool in the ‘indie’ circles in which I swim … I’m the vegetarian shark, sotospeak

[…] | Mike Dawson, Ryan Dunlavey, Sarah Glidden and CBR’s own Brian Cronin will be at Rocketship starting at 8 […]

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