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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 212

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

We’re going to spend the next few days looking at moments from Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s 1999 graphic novel, JLA Earth 2.

Today, we look at a great scene between “father” and “son”…

On Earth 2, Thomas Wayne is the Gotham City Police Commissioner – one of the few honest men in Gotham fighting against his evil son, Owlman. The Justice League has shown up and have tried to change things in Earth 2, and here, Thomas Wayne has decided to change things in Gotham.

Here, Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely, show Thomas and Bruce in action…

“The” moment is likely the whole “people should be more careful with guns” bit.


Another moment is the “of course” at the end as Batman realizes that his father’s methods are going to be, in some way, no better than Gordon’s. Of course, that is all subtext.

I never thought this part of the book worked. Why did Owlman’s father survive? I realize it’s just Grant playing in the sandbox but it’s all just a rehash of “Mirror, Mirror”.

Know what I’d like to see? Their Universe’s versions of J’onn J’onnz, Green Arrow, Black Canary and Firestorm.

Tom Fitzpatrick

August 1, 2009 at 6:26 am

Is that bird shit on top of Batman’s cowl on the last panel?


yes it is.

No, it’s bat guano. see the mass of bats coming out of the building at the top of that page?

That last panel with bat guano raining down on everybody is what makes it work for me.

Batman manages to actually fulfill his life’s mission. He saves his father’s life, ends corruption in Gotham and somehow everything still goes to shit, emphasised by the bat droppings falling on him.

It’s the subversive point of Earth-2 summed in a sequence with a really dark sense of humour.

For those who haven’t read the story, the point is pretty much that on Earth 2, evil will ALWAYS win.

Batman’s realisation that his father is therefore evil at the end is the moment for me. Great story all around.

A lot of good subtle background work by Quitely here, like the assassin being placed in the same panel where Gordon says “You won’t even see it coming,” or the cops beating on random citizens.

“Joe” “chill went right up my spine…” Heh heh.

My ‘moment’ [of several actually] is the moment where, after Batman disarms the gunman, we see three policemen putting themselves at risk of death just to protect the elder Wayne. This always inspires me that even on such a world as this, there are good men [and presumably women] willing to risk everything to see that justice and right are done.
Of course, the bat guano and Bats realization that things on this planet his father’s methods will be more brutal that Bats had ideally wanted is a great moment as well.
great stuff all around!

I wish I could do a mid-air split kick.

You know. For when I go crime-fighting.

Not for my all-male touring dance group, the “Rockette Men.” Thrill to the music of Elton John! I’ll shut up now.

” I never thought this part of the book worked. Why did Owlman’s father survive? I realize it’s just Grant playing in the sandbox but it’s all just a rehash of “Mirror, Mirror”. ”

Wasn’t the Morrison backstory that the mugger killed his mother and brother Bruce, but Thomas Wayne survived for the future Owlman to blame, so he trained himself towards a life of crime? It fits the larger theme of evil always winning in Earth-2’s cosmology.

Wow. I never thought about it as bat guano. I understood the “Batman realizing Commissioner Wayne is as bad as the criminals” thing, but with shit falling on his head it adds much more to the scene.

I guess this scene will be featured in the upcoming days (or not), but I love Owlman finding the grave of Thomas and Martha Wayne on Earth-1 and probably realizing who Batman is and what motivates him, then telling his teammates they need to leave.

@sgt. rawk: It’s been awhile since I read this story, but IIRC J’onn J’onnz was mentioned as an alien the CSA faced years ago and killed. Probably I’m mistaking it with another story or just made this all up.

The moment for me is “bullet in the face” and Batman’s realization.


Ultraman mentions something about how he killed a White Martian who was his “first rival.” I took it as a nod to Morrison’s first JLA arc with the White Martians, as well as an implied counterpart for J’onn.

the moment for me is seeing crime boss gordon screaming and snarling when he is caught and also the relization that batman figures out on that world his father methods will wind up as bad as gordons in the end.

The rain of bat guano is a nice touch.

I was hoping you’d use this scene. “People should be more careful with guns” was my favorite part.

Yeah, it’s the whole “evil inversion” theme of this version of the CSA: Ultraman’s an Earthman altered by aliens where Superman’s an alien raised by Earthlings, and Owlman is a son who blames his father for the mugging and murders where Batman blames himself and spends his life serving a memory of his own parents.

“I never thought this part of the book worked. Why did Owlman’s father survive? I realize it’s just Grant playing in the sandbox but it’s all just a rehash of “Mirror, Mirror”.”

Some stories are worth being retold. Call it a trope.

Awesome! Bats really took a vacation on this one =)

It’s always bothered me, not knowing who the gunman is.

Wow i totally missed this one, the dark knight looks like he carnt be arsed any more.

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