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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 213

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

We’re going to spend the next few days looking at moments from Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s 1999 graphic novel, JLA Earth 2.

Today, we look at what happens when the Crime Syndicate of America comes to the Justice League’s Earth…

I’ll be honest, this is a bit of a cheat, because “the” moment is the ending, but I’m using the preceeding sequence so I can work in another moment that people were clamoring for – J’onn’s awesome attack on Ultraman.

In any event, the Crime Syndicate have left their Earth (where the Justice League can’t seem to win) and come to the Justice League’s Earth, and Owlman figures out that they’re doomed to failure – he discovers this in a very dramatic scene, courtesy of Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely…

Damn, this is a fine sequence.


Everything Morrison did with J’onn and Arthur was great across the board during his run, because you saw that the two of them really were the heartbeat of the league. Morrison is one of the few writers who’ve made Aquaman undeniably awesome, and the “how dare you threaten the people of this planet on my planet” line and the ones following it from J’onn just epitomize everything the Martian Manhunter stands for. Morrison’s JLA might be the perfect comic book, when you think about it.

People need to show Aquaman be badass more often in his appearances. That was really nice to see.

Aw, I was hoping you’d show the page of J’onn going Mach 10 at Ultraman. Either way, great stuff here.

-Love that part with Aquaman(never thought I say that) where its like “Oh, you have a power ring? Yeah, I got a hook. *CHUF!* *WHUD*

-J’onn turned that ho down like a pimp. “Silly bitch, you got STDs that don’t even exist on this world. Fuck out my face.”

-And of course, Owlman realzing what Batman realizes; “We can’t do anything in this world, can we?” He looks so sad and pathetic in that last frame.

Ya know, having read both Morrison’s JLA and New X-men runs recently, I had a hard time saying which is better. JLA has the crazy pop moments, although the stories tend to be the same(Big enemy has the ultimate plan and defeats part/all of JLA, JLA and/or Batman come back to win, rinse and repeat), Porter artwork being kinda workmanlike. New X-men takes all the old Claremont stories everyone has been rifting on for so many years, updates them for the 21st century, giving out real characterzation(instead of the iconic style he does with JLA), artwork ranging from great to God awful, etc.

But when you add JLA Classified #1-3 AND JLA: Earth-2(with two of the best artists in the business IMO), well the choice for better superhero team book becomes clear.

JLA: Earth-2 is ten years old?!

Holy crap. That…that can’t be right. Can it? The book feels so recent, so modern. But, I guess most instant classics do.

Hurray! You put in my favorite bit: Aquaman kicking ass.

Yeah, the moments chosen were definietly great, although two others that weren’t mentioned always stand out to me: One is the part where “Earth-1″ Luthor imprisons his counterpart then takes over Lexcorp and starts donating massive amounts of money to charity. The other is the last few pages with the turnaround of the iconic trope, when Ultraman incinerates a kitten stuck in a tree.

“I’m a comic book writer, and I don’t know what to do with J’Onn or Aquaman! Waaaaaaah!”

Really, it’s so simple: have them kick ass. Repeatedly.

to me the moment is owl man visiting the graves of thomas and martha and telling johny that he needs to tell the others that they can not win on that world they lost . and also loved jonn rejecting super woman telling her no way lady a two bit slut like you is not worth my time. priceless

Vincent Paul Bartilucci

August 2, 2009 at 3:15 pm

The moment for me is Aquaman’s line as he hands the teddy bear back to the little girl:

“The JLA is here. Look after your daughter. Find the nearest bomb shelter. Everything’s going to be all right.”

No hyperbole. No overly dramatic shout that ‘Mike’ will be avenged. Nope, just, “(e)verything’s going to be all right.”

‘Cause it’s the @#$%ing JLA. And even though there’s just two of ‘em they can take out any trash Earth-2 cares to send.

The “guless moron” line’s sweet, too.

“the gutless moron.” Ha! Aquaman kicked Power Ring’s ass!

“gutless moron” what a great line!
i don’t like ‘angry all the time’ Aquaman, but i can totally get behind the ‘i’m the king of 3/4ths of this planet, and if i feel like kicking your ass, you cannot & will not stop me, cause i rule baby!’ Aquaman.
i really enjoy Arthur being a kind, wise monach who looks after the interest of his people, as well as caring for the rest of us, because that’s what a good ruler does. Of course, if you anger him, he’ll take you down ’cause, ya know, he can totally kick you ass and anyone else’s that you brought with him.
As for J’Onn, he is more powerful than Superman [he can shapeshift AND read your mind; really who should win against this guy?], but he’d rather enter into dialogue with you, explain and convince you that you are misguided in your actions and that you should surrender and he’ll take you into custody; then visit you every other Tuesday and even bring you Oreos, in the hopes of rehabilitating you.
Of course, if that all fails he will totally kick you ass to Saturn, ’cause he’s even scarier than Aquaman.
That’s one of the reasons that Morrison is such a great writer [not everything he writes is excellent tho’]. He can see the potential of each charecter and when they are brought together, how they create synergy with each other.
Can you tell that i really love ‘JLA: Earth-2′ ?

Quitely is the knees bees, and make no mistake.

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