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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 216

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Today we look at an interesting moment involving Iron Man and, of all people, Doctor Doom…

Iron Man #150, by the stellar creative team of David Michelinie (plot and script), Bob Layton (plot and finished art) and John Romita Jr. (layouts) tells the story of Iron Man and Doctor Doom transported into the past, more specifically, the time of King Arthur.

Doom, being Doom, makes a deal with Morganne La Fey to help him save his mother in exchange for him leading an army of the dead to kill King Arthur. It’s a cool battle scene – maybe that could be a cool moment in the future?

Anyhow, Iron Man runs from the battle to go take care of her, and he does.

Well, when her army of the dead collapses, Doom realizes that his chance at saving his mother is done, and he is not pleased, but we get to see an impressive scene between him and Iron Man…

There are a lot of great little moments in that sequence, but if I have to pick one, I guess I go with the bit at the end when they sort of size each other up and then part ways silently.

Great scene between two great Marvel characters.


The following story featuring Ant-Man (#151) was my very first issue ever of Iron Man. I went back and read this one a decade or so ago. One of the best Doom characterizations I’ve seen to this day. No wonder it received a sequel 100 issues later.

Doom doesn’t come off as his brightest here. “If Stark’s underlings are this clever, he himself must be a genius.”

We’ll chalk it up to his emotional distress.

We’ll chalk it up to his emotional distress

I’ll chalk it up to David Michilinie.

Although I must admit, for him this is some pretty good writing overall.

The art of course is great.

Yay! Possibly one of my favourite Iron Man/Dr. Doom stories EVER!!

I really loved the look of both of them as they cannibalised their respective armours.

It was also a nice touch that neither looked that much out of place in a realm of Swords and Sorcery…

Do I remember you saying this was collected somewhere?

The whole sequence was great. Hell, the whole issue could have had a week’s worth of cool moments: Tony’s hatred of magic; using his repulsors to “magically” levitate Arthur’s throne; Doom’s undead army; King Arthur providing Tony a woman for “companionship”…

The great moment for me, I think, is Doom’s line: “Because, Avenger…you have my word.” I mean, wow. Doom’s either really, really, noble, or he’s about to kick your ass.

Clarity here please: There was a recent reprint where Doom sent IM to another time zone wasn’t there?

Yeah, for issue #250 they went to the future, instead of the past.

Clarity here please: There was a recent reprint where Doom sent IM to another time zone wasn’t there?

Doom sent Iron Man to another time zone?! Wow, are you trying to tell me that in the Marvel Universe, science has advanced to the point where it can harness some kind of fast transport, aero-plane technology? God, I know its just comics, but can’t they keep up even a semblance of realism?! ;)

Awesome. I miss cool Doom.

To his credit, Doom wasn’t behind the events of #250. Merlin summoned Tony and Doom to the year 2093 to deal with a threat to the world, and also to help a resurrected King Arthur get back on the throne. Actually not a bad follow-up to the original story, with a great running gag of “I hate magic” involving Tony.

” Doom doesn’t come off as his brightest here. “If Stark’s underlings are this clever, he himself must be a genius.”

We’ll chalk it up to his emotional distress. ”

I find it hard to believe that Doom couldn’t figure out that Tony was under the iron mask, so I assume it’s not just the distress you mentioned, but also his monstrous arrogance ( i.e. that the guy helping him build a time machine IN A CAVE WITH A BOX OF SCRAPS is just a clever underling, not Tony himself ).

I never realized that Doom was taller then Tony/Iron Man by a good 5 inches or so.

Cool moment.

I’m just hoping for some G.I. Joe moment this week, in honor of the movie’s release.

Doom can always be counted on for a great line:

“It takes a wise man to know when he has failed and a noble man to admit it. I am both.”

All good Doom stories have at least one line that no one but Doom could utter. One of my favorites is from a What If, where demons or something are taking over the world, and Doom sacrifices himself Thermoplae style to give everyone else more time. He just screams “I am DOOM!”, never giving an inch, arrogance and honor and determination all unified in opposition to Set.

Tony and Victor do not face off against one another enough. Now, more than ever, they really are different sides of the same coin.

Ironman 149 and 150 were neither “important” to continuity, nor part of an extended arc (if I recall), but was great anyways with some chunky compressed storytelling. Now if anyone wonders how to save floppies, your looking at it.

Plus you can’t beat the knights and armor motif.

i would go with doom telling iron man that he admits his mission has failed and that they need to work together even giving his word to iron man that nothing sneaky will happen for now

It’s odd that it had taken so long for someone to pit them against each other solo, odder still that it remains rare. Such a great story. I remember there was a “What If…” as well, that all hinged on the line “Because, Avenger, I give you my word.” being “Because Avenger, you have no choice.”

I have to agree with Adam-‘Because, Avenger, you have my Word.” is the moment. It says it all-Doom may be one of the most feared villians the Marvel Universe knows, but he still has an iron-clad sense of honor underneath it all, and his word really IS his bond.

That, I might add, is why I merely thought it was odd rather than totally out of character for Doom to shed a tear in the 9-11 issue of ASM. Remember that Doom doesn’t think himself evil, just born to rule. I’d love to see a REALLY GOOD writer take up the task of an ongoing Doom book, someone who could do justice to such an extremely complex charachter.

Try Doom 2099 badspok- I loved that title until Marvel decided to up and walk away from it. Set apart from his regular timeline, Doom had a little more going for him since he could be allowed to actually win a battle or two.

As for the 911 bit, I’ve mentioned this before- its really the writer’s and artist’s ways of dealing with the attacks, not a character piece about Doom, however one might disagree with how he is portrayed. Blending the real world and the comic word- that gets a little dicey, especially tackling a horrific event like that- if you really wanted to apply that logic, there would be a helluva lot more September 11th style dates in the MU- New York routinely gets the shit kicked out of it. Strazynski (I’m too tired to check if I spelled that correctly) and Romita Jr. used the book to deal with their feelings on the attack. I think judging them on how Doom was used… well, its a bit hard to do that considering they’re New Yorkers using their talents to express grief and horror.

I’m far more offended when Doom’s personality is abused by writers writing fiction- Millar’s current take on him in FF for example- kowtowing to the Marquis of Death as a sycophant, fantasies about killing Reed and knocking up Sue… bleh.

“How can I trust you?”

“Because, Avenger…. you have my word”


@badspock: ” It says it all-Doom may be one of the most feared villians the Marvel Universe knows, but he still has an iron-clad sense of honor underneath it all, and his word really IS his bond.”

While i agree with just about everyone here what a great character Doom is, and just how dangerous a man is who does evil things but does not consider himself evil, I never could accept heroes fearing him.

I would think that battling a man who has an iron-clad sense of honor to be easier than facing a man like, say the Joker, who’s chaotic unstableness to be truly dangerous.

I mean, with Doom, you know where you stand, but with a character like the Joker— forget it.

Good choice–this is my favorite issue of Iron Man.
He was never one of my favorites, but he had some memorable stories–and this one was the best.

This was the first Iron Man story I ever read. Sure brings lots of memories…

I agree with Adam and the other about “the moment.”

Given Doom’s arrogance, I don’t find it hard to believe that he wouldn’t recognize Iron Man as Stark. He was having his own Lex Luthor moment. You know, Superman wouldn’t disguise himself as a human and Tony Stark wouldn’t disguise himself as a servant.

I agree, the moment is when Doom gives his word. Crikey, seeing this reminds me how much I hate what Millar has with Doom in the FF.

BTW, 149-150 and 249-250 has been collected twice. I have the older one that has a painted cover by Julie Bell. A new edition was released last year when the did the last of the trilogy, Legacy of Doom came out. IMO it was the weakest of the three. Micheline and Layton had always wanted to do a one more team up story in the present to since the previous two took place in the past and the future.

I haven’t read all that many Iron Man issues. The only time I ever bought it regularly was during the original Armor War. There have been some times in my life when I bought a bunch of comic-books together at garage sales and such, and by a weird coincidence, I happen to have #149 and #151. But I’ve never seen this one, and it’s nice to know how the story from #149 worked out.

And I agree with everyone here about how awful Mark Millar’s garbage in Fantastic Four has been. I am shocked that the editors even let his stories get past the plot stage. From the very beginning of his run, with a bunch of gazillionaires building a brand-new Earth in secret, to Valeria suddenly inventing all sorts of magical technology without ever taking enough time to be educated in all the prerequisite science, and all the aforementioned slanders of Doom– it’s been a disgrace all the way. Maybe Millar has written good stuff in the past, but he should never have been permitted to screw up the whole series like this. If they can find a way to retroactively revoke his entire salary for this work, they should do it.

I don’t know how the next writers are going to be able to fix all his damage.

“I’ll be waiting” is also pretty cool.

Cool Moment for me, is JR’s artwork…..Especially the scene with Doom whipping off his cloak….that’s cool

And surely, Doom would have changed the placement of his power switch after this…..All you had to do was punch him in the right gauntlet……And poof….No power. But I guess in the What If story, he didn’t really turn it off…..

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