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The wonderful world of remixed comics!

Chris Sims wins the Internet once again! Or does he?

(I like doing these posts after a post gets everyone’s hackles up. Don’t we need the levity, people?!?!?!?)


Tom Fitzpatrick

August 6, 2009 at 10:10 am

Sounds like someone with way too much time on his/her hands. ;-)

Oh man..Pulp are the best band ever

Sims did the Common People bit ages ago with Archie, which was a lot more fun than the DD/Elektra one.

But yes, a million internets to Mr. Sims.

Wait, I thought it was Brad’s job to post links to The ISB.

Sorry, jazzbo. You’ve discoverd the blog’s secret! It’s just one person with Multiple Personalities!!!!!

Sorry, Bill. I probably read the Archie/Common People thing, because I often read the Invincible Super-Blog, but I plum forgot. Of course, I left that comment under a different personality, so I’m just responding to myself!!!!

I knew it all along. But couldn’t you at least have been creative enough to not use the name “Greg” twice?

This is a thing of beauty.

“Wait, I thought it was Brad’s job to post links to The ISB.”

Yeah, it is. If you ever link to Sims again, I will… does anyone remember that bit from the Clerks animated series, when Charles Barkley tried to do a PSA and J and Silent Bob assaulted him? That will happen. I will be Silent Bob, Reed will be J (he has special dispensation to link to Sims), and Greg will be Barkley. It will totally be like that. Which would, in turn, be like Fight Club if it turns out we are all one guy with MPD. I have to admit, I’ve had my suspicions on that one too.

I get to be John Cusack.

I mean, no, no, Amanda Peet. Yes.

Dang, good reference, Mr. Reed.

Were hackles raised recently? Dang, I missed it :( I always enjoy the raising of the hackles.

And suddenly… I found the hackles :) Man, those are some raised hackles.

Thanks for posting the link, Greg. I don’t recall Chris doing a “Common People” remix, and now I’m afraid to go find it due to the high chance that it’s much, much better than mine.

I love me some Sims, but I have to say, I like the Elektra version better. This round to you, Monsieur Dumais.

Hey Guys, I know you people like remixed comics and all so here’s a blog which publishes something like a mini comic everyday. It’s one of a kind and has something which you all will love. Hope you find out yourself.

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