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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 222

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Today, for the 222nd moment, let’s look at, naturally enough, a Two-Face moment…

Detective Comics #755, written by Greg Rucka and drawn by Shawn Martinbrough, is about Commissioner Gordon’s retirement celebration, where Bruce Wayne’s new bodyguard, Sasha Bordeaux accompanies him and is disturbed by the peculiarities of her client. When she goes to confront him after he ditches her, well, this happens…

Very nice Two-Face moment by Rucka.

“The” moment for me is when Two-Face’s coin flip results in him giving Gordon a nice speech. Good stuff (the continued development of Sasha was quite nice, as well).


Wow. Two-Face’s goons aren’t just named after Denny O’Neill and Neal Adams, they ARE Denny O’Neill and Neal Adams.

And apparently Nick Fury is in attendance.

That was the first issue I read of Rucka’s run on Detective, and I was suitably impressed. Though Gordon allowing Two-Face to hug him and shake his hand is pretty brave of him, especially considering all the double-dealing that comes with the bat-villains. Remember Barbara Gordon innocently opening the door to her house without checking one day, and what happened to her because of it?

double-dealing that comes with the bat-villains

Two-Face wouldn’t do any double-dealing though, would he? (Pun very much intended). Once the coin’s been flipped that’s that. He’d have no motive to violate his own code of ethics.

What tbp is this in? Also, can someone please, please, please, give me a list of Greg Rucka’s Batman work in trades. I seriously need better Batman books.

That first panel has its charm, just because Sasha’s posture has her looking like a typically frustrated Hopey pose from Los Bros Hernandez’ “Love and Rockets.”

Wonderful story….the suspence is palpable…but if you are Batman…don’t you get exhausted that the same criminals keep escaping over and over again?

Great scene. I love the whole indie comics attitude with the art. It actually heightens the suspense.

also, if this takes place in the same continuity as Gotham Central “Half a Life” where Two Face kidnapps Montoya, thats a nice little nod to their relationship

It does, and yeah, I liked that bit.

i go with the two face speech for after all two face decides his actions by his coin and also sasha starting to figure out there is more to bruce then what he lets on

I like this moment too, though I kinda wish they had shown the speech instead of describing it.

It’s a good moment.

I also like how Martinbrough doesn’t just draw a straight line down Harvey’s face to divide his handsome and disfigured halves.

If you notice, we never actually see the result of the coin flip, we merely interpret what it was from the actions of Two-Face. Did the coin actually come up clean? It’s also telling that Batman didn’t leap out at the coin toss, when everyone is most likely to be distracted…

That’s because Bruce and Harvey were friends. While Batman knows how dangerous Two-Face is, he always gives Harvey a chance to show some sign of his old self.

Besides, Harvey always says something before following through on a bad heads…Bat’s still could have taken him down in time.

Dare we ask if Harvey was going number two in the stall?

‘Dare we ask if Harvey was going number two in the stall?’

Hahaha. Kudos to you for that one, Dave Sikula, kudos.

@Callum: I agree, I’m not a fan of using captions to describe how inspiring a speech was supposed to be. Everything else is top notch though.

It reminded me of the end of Finding Forester when Sean Connery is reading the beautiful piece of literature and all we hear is music. I like using my imagination as much as the next guy but if you’re a comic or script writer…and you can’t write REALLY good stuff,,,then maybe you should start up on another line of work. Or step up to the challenge!

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