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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 225

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Today we look at a memorable moment from the Avengers storyline Ultron Unlimited…

In the storyline, Ultron Unlimited, by Kurt Busiek and George Perez (with Al Vey), the Avengers go to the country Slorenia where they believe the evil Ultron-16 (meaning the 16th model of Ultron) has killed the entire population (and kidnapped a number of their fellow teammates, like Goliath and the Wasp).

The Avengers take on Ultron-16 head on, as he is powerful enough to fight all of them at once – but there’s a secret up Ultron’s metallic sleeves, and when he reveals it, the Avengers will not be too pleased…

“The” moment for me is when the really high number Ultron comes out from the shadows. Scary stuff.


Yes indeed. I don’t mind saying I nearly filled my underpants when I first read those last few panels.

But the next issue has an even better moment. You know the one. ;)

George Perez rocks.

Great stuff. The last classic Avengers era that I truly enjoyed.

Great ish. I also like the Kang Dynasty one where Cap takes out Kang by himself.

I agree with Lt. Clutch. The Busiek/Perez run doesn’t get enough love. It was the first, and basically the only, Avengers love that I was really into.

When Busiek is on his game, he is the best in the game.

Story is awesome, Perez is truly in a league of his own for one simple reason…his remarkable attention to detail the smallest characters in a panel … no other artist has that talent….what a touch!


Is this stuff in trade? I never really cared about the classic Avengers before, but I’d like to read this one.

Busiek’s Avengers was so cheesy and overwritten. Painful to read, especially that horrible faux-Roy Thomas retro dialogue he tried to do. The best thing that helped this series besides Perez’s art was that the previous eras were so awful and tryong to hard to be 90s and edgy, this run couldn’t help but look good in comparison just for being more traditional.

i would pick when ultrons galore start poping up and the look on the avengers faces wondering how many of ultron are they going to actully face and also that ultron seems to be able to multiply like a deranged coackroach

Nice. Though I have to say my favorite Ultron moment is Daredevil beating a heavily damaged Ultron to death with a stick during Nocenti’s run. That’s one of my favorite moments period, actually.

This story is from one of the periods where I was on hiatus from comic book collecting, and even though I ragged on the artwork from this series that Brian posted as an iconic panel (which has got to be the inker and colorists fault, not Perez’s, if I had to take a guess), I think one of these days I will have to track these issues down.

BTW, I am loving this thread. I’ve already started to track down a bunch of stuff because of it, like Morrison’s JLA issues.

What other storylines from 1996 to 2000 or 2003 to 2007 (my two periods away from comics) should I definitely try to track down? Any suggestions?

I have to say I couldn’t possibly disagree with T. more. Busiek’s Avengers run is the best Avengers era of the past 20 years. Yes, it’s true there aren’t many other contenders, but Busiek had some all-time great Avengers storylines, including this Ultron story, his epic Kang storyline, the JLA/Avengers crossover mini and the great Avengers Forever mini-series. Yeah, his run wasn’t perfect, but it maintained a high level of quality throughout and was certainly not “painful to read”. The only things bordering on cheesy were his new members Triathlon and Silverclaw, but otherwise, his Avengers ranged from very good at worst to classic at his best.

Seriously, the Ultron Unlimited arc is truly one of the best Avengers stories ever. While I wasn’t crazy about the implication that Jan should take some responsibility for Hank smacking her in one of the issues, the rest of the arc is brilliant.

Busiek’s Avengers run was seriously excellent stuff all the way around.

@Scott Harris

Even though Triathalon and Silverclaw were weaker parts of his run, they actually weren’t terrible. They were decent enough characters, and the mystery of the Triune Undrstanding was a decent attempt at developing new villains.

It was also a clever subplot with the Triune due to the fact that Busiek had created an organization that the Avengers simply couldn’t hit. They were annyoning, manipulative, but legitimate, and they beat the Avengers i the press and engineered a devastating rift within the group prompting Thor to quit the team.

Honestly, the whole Busiek/Perez run is nothing but strong moment to strong moment- beautiful to look at, fun to read, brimming with great character moments. I know a few of these are in trade- the Morgana saga, where the team first started I own in trade, I’m sure Ultron Unlimited is available in TPB. The Squadron Supreme storyline is also great.

I’m going to start calling all of my coworkers ‘flesh bags’. Help me format this spreadsheet, flesh bag!
In the last panel on the 2nd page it looks like Cap is throwing up (and holding) powerful pink vomit into Ultron’s mouth.. well, to me anyways.

..How exactly do they get out of this? Is that future moment? Great cliffhanger.

Like JoeMac, I missed about a decade (1995 to 2006 in my case), although I have bought a handfull of books from that time period since I came back. I’ve never even heard of this storyline. The stuff you show here looks all right (but what’s this ‘photonic shield’-thing? I don’t like the sound of that.), but…. Did you say he killed the ENTIRE POPULATION of a country??? I’m sorry, but that’s just too much. It’s ridiculous overkill. When you put in that much death and destruction, it shatters any sense of realism. The story no longer fits with the other parts of the Marvel Universe, the parts which look more like the real world. And I’ve noticed that death loses most of its impact when you start overdoing it. That’s what’s ruined a lot of comics over the last couple of decades.
I also have a visceral hatred of fictitious countries. I don’t know why, since there’s so much other stuff in comic books that is even less realistic. But fictitious countries really annoy me. I think I just know Geography too well, and I know that there isn’t any place on any maps to fit these places, especially when their locations seem so fluid. (Is Wakanda is Western, Eastern, Southern, or Central Africa? Over the years, it’s seemed to be in all of those at different times.)

I have a bunch of comics from the late 90s and this series is one of the few I actually remember today. I just went through the old long boxes recently and stared at all sorts of forgettable comics. I came around to the Avengers and immediately was sad I didn’t finish out this run before I quit comics for a while. Real good stuff.

cool story and twist…man but sum of that dialog gets on my nerves..guess its just my age…

Thank you for including this one!

It had been years since any panel had me yell “holy s**t” out loud, but that Ultron 458 panel did the trick! Seriously one of my favorite moments of pure excitement during my “adult year” of comic book reading.

cool story and twist…man but sum of that dialog gets on my nerves..guess its just my age…

Nah, I’m old school and I can read old Stan Lee and Roy Thomas dialogue for days on end, and it got on my nerves too. It just never lets up and clutters the page and just lacks any of the charm of the writers it’s trying to emulate. Picture 22 pages of that clunky, stilted dialogue. It makes Chris Claremont look concise. Busiek on this run seemed to be following the rule “Never use 5 words when 50 will do.”

Strangely enough, I’ve read plenty of stuff from Busiek like Astro City and Arrowsmith where the dialogue was absolutely wonderful, so he can do good dialogue when he wants to. I think this was just a misguided attempt to do a retro style that didn’t work.

I like fictitious countries and cities because it keeps it timeless and in its own place (which is why I hate when ‘real’ presidents appear like Reagan, Bush, and Obama).
But like seemingly every other person posting I also stopped reading comics from around 1995 to 2006. Spider-man clone saga with crossovers killed my interest and getting out of school and having extra spending money from work brought me, slowly, back in.

I kinda skimmed over the dialogue here.

This is so full of awesome moments.

But the BEST Ultron moment EVER, and I really hope Brian includes it is…”Circuits disrupted. Damn you!”

Best avengers story ever. Ultron is my favorite villain.

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