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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 227

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Today we finish our look at Ultron Unlimited…

When last we saw the Avengers, a small group of the more powerful Avengers (mixed with Black Panther and Captain America, two of their most capable fighters) had infilitrated the country where Ultron was holed up with a number of captured Avengers – basically everyone with SOME connection to Ultron, namely Hank Pym (his “father”), the Wasp (his “mother”), the Vision (his “son”?), Scarlet Witch (Vision’s ex-wife), Wonder Man (who Vision’s thought patterns were based on) and Grim Reaper (Wonder Man’s brother – the only non-Avenger present).

Well, here’s what happened next…

I think we all know what “the” moment is, right?


What’s the moment?

For me, Thor’s line was always the moment.

“ULTRON. We would have WORDS with thee.” – A classic line. One of the coolest Thor moments in Avengers history.

I love the Vision, by the way. The Marvel Universe’s answer to Mr. Spock. Busiek did a wonderful job of bringing him to the forefront with his Victor Shade alter ego and Perez brought back the classic John Buscema costume – Vish’s best look EVER.

The moment is clearly Ultron revealing he was going to kill the captured Avengers if they hadn’t escaped…
Ah, ”We would have words with thee”. I’ve never actually read this moment, but I heard about it so many times I added it to my ‘things to say when angry’. Haha.

There was a story-line in the Avengers (I think) where Ultron made harassing phone calls to Henry Pym. That stuff made me crack up. This moment was much more worthy of he type of villain Ultron is supposed to be. He’s crazy batshit insane because there isn’t anything remotely human about him.

Anyways, Busiek + Perez = pure awesome

I love how the other Avengers are standing (or floating) there exhausted, costumed ripped, armor dirty, maybe slightly dented–and then there’s T’Challa, calmly perching behind Thor, not a thread of his costume out of place, looking like he’s about to pounce, ready to give Ultron some SHIT. Awesome touch.

Omar Karindu, with the power of SUPER-hypocrisy!

August 16, 2009 at 6:45 am

Well, the WCA story was about an Ultron that was developing maturity and humanity. And then an earlier, evil model turned up and ripped the newer one’s head off, intentionally destroying any chance of Ultron’s AI advancing any further.

While THE moment is Thor and his classic line of dialogue, this is also a great sequence for Vision. The whole love triangle thing was maybe a little played out by this point, but Busiek nailed this scene. And I also want to back up what Omar said; while the harassing phone calls may have seemed goofy, they led into one of my favorite stories (and probably the only really classic issue of West Coast Avengers) in WCA #7, where the newest Ultron (Ultron Mark 12) evolves to the point where he wants to reconcile with Hank Pym and ends up sacrificing himself to save Pym from the deranged Ultron-11. That was a great issue that you could argue was being indirectly referenced by Busiek in this sequence.

I like the missing wing from Thors Helmut

“Then…What can I say, but…FRAMM!”

I don’t know why, but I love Ultron’s little goading line at the end there. “Come on, come on!” Spoken by a genocidal death machine, it’s kind of funny.

So, does that last panel indicate that they promptly dismembered Ultron off-screen?

The Grim Reaper wisely freeing the Avengers rather than trying to take on Ultron himself is also a pretty cool moment.

I did not know the Grim Reaper had such a bad ass moment. I think thats the best bit of his in the history of the guy. Really thats bad ass he did not even have any of his gadgets.

Should show the next scene when Justice arrives at the 11th hour with the unstable vibranium, followed by Giant Man using it to pound the absolute crap out of Ultron. Guess thats one way to exorsise your demons.

i have to go with the classic Ultron we would have words with thee. though also liked the visions speech as a way to keep ultron busy.

I must admit, those pages were awesome.

it wouls have been nice to see the final scene best pym scene for ever

Please print the final resolution to this story line. This is a wonderful series you are doing and I honestly wonder what you will do next year when this runs it’s course.

JBW, the Panther seems to have lost his collar and mini-cloak…

But yeah, we all know the moment. Brian, you should a Top Thos Badass moments or something.

And Ultrons reply to Thor is also awesome.

Morrison’s JLA would have been so much more awesome had he had an artist of Perez’s caliber.

Er, that should be Top Thor Badass Moments lol

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