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My Top Ten (Marvel October) Covers

Here are the Marvel solicits for October, and here are my Top Ten covers for the month!

Honestly, I totally forgot that I didn’t do this one yet. I got caught up in SDCC that week and never thought about it until now.


Jason Pearson has been doing a lot of fun cover designs for Deadpool.

I especially love the fist bump for the card design. Very cute.


I think I would dig this Dave Johnson cover for the last issue of this volume of Punisher Max a bit better if I considered Punisher synonymous with New York City.

Still, it’s a lovely cover.

I want to critique the cover for misleading us about tall the Punisher is in the comic! “There better be some Jimmy Olson-esque growth serum involved in this comic book!!” That’s what I’d say if I were being foolish.


I think Alex Garner hits just the right note of over-the-top evocation of Sci-Fi serials with this Guardians of the Galaxy cover.


Really clever cover idea by Rafael Albuquerque, who has been absolutely amazing on these Hercules covers lately.

There’s an even better one ahead!


Skottie Young’s sense of design and style is just beautiful.

Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man is lucky to have him doing covers for the book.

Cloak and Dagger never looked so good (Of course, that’s based on nothing, really – they might have had some amazing covers in the past by other great artists – what’s the best Cloak and Dagger cover that you can think of?).


“WHAT?!? Dark Reign ISN’T going to last forever?!?!?!?”

I don’t even think this cover really works that well for a Deadpool cover, but I just love how intentionally over the top it is.



This Travis Charest Astonishing X-Men cover is actually comparably weak to some of the amazing covers he’s had in the past, but it’s still a very nice cover.

A very good “hey, check this book out! It’s going to be on time now!” attention-getter.


I love the mood Francesco Mattina gives this Thunderbolts cover.

And it even ties in with the STORY (the Widow’s face being obscured)! How awesome is that?


Albuequerque strikes again with a very nifty Hercules cover!

The contrast between Cho thinking and Hercules getting into a ridiculous jam is awesome.


Great to see Peter Bagge’s Hulk cover finally get published.

It’s great.

The Red Hulk variant is even more awesome.


Skottie Young comes up with a good design, then decides, I guess for the heck of it, to also come up with striking and well-drawn characterization work!

I am glad that Young is getting the mainstream attention now – he deserves it. He’s amazing.

Okay, that’s my top ten! What’s yours?

NOTE: This will be the last My Top Ten Covers for now. A commenter made a pretty decent suggestion for how to do a workable version of Judging Books By Their Covers, so I think I’ll go with that starting later this month.


Great list, and agreed on both Young and Albuquerque – they’re both really good at bringing the fun back.

But regarding that Astonishing X-Men cover, I don’t think that’s whatever Charest is going to do – that cover looks a whole lot like interior artist Phil Jimenez to me, so I imagine it’s some kind of placeholder is Charest is credited with the regular cover.

I saw that suggestion and think it’s a good idea, too, Brian.

I like the Thor versus Herc cover better than the one you ranked higher, but both are good. Actually, those Hercules covers are awesome enough to make me want to give the book a second chance… especially if Thor really shows up and dresses like Hercules.

Why is Deadpool shooting that woman in the ass?

It’s OK. For a 900th issue, it might have been funnier for Deadpool to be sitting atop a giant 900, with Spidey, Hulk, Cap, Daredevil, and Thor being crushed underneath. Or even funnier, Superman and Batman.

Time to find a word to use other than ‘amazing’. I do like the Strange Tales cover(s).

That’s not the Charest cover, that’s Phil Jimenez. Come on Cronin, you should know better.

I love the x-babies. Having been an x-fan for over 20 years ago, I loved the original Mojo-created X-babies. And that cover brings back all sorts of warm memories
Thunderbolts cover is cool, and all Frank Castle: Punisher cover are cool

Wait wait wait — is that Bug from The Micronauts on that Guardians of the Galaxy cover?!? Is he in that comic now?

“What’s the best Cloak and Dagger cover that you can think of?. ”

New Mutants # 25

The only good cover in the lot is the Peter Bagge cover. The Red Hulk variant is just stupid. Hulk is red because he spends too much time rubbing himself.

X-Baby Cyclops is awsome. I would rather he lead the X-Men than adult Cyclops

That Astonishing X-Men cover is by the new artist Phil Jimenez. No offense to Phil, but that’s a rather generic X-men composition. I mean come on, it basically follows a formula.
1.) Wolverine in front popping his claws (preferably John Byrne style).
2.) Cyclops shooting something out-of-frame.
3.) Beast acting all…beastly.
4.) And finally, Storm flying towards the viewer. By the way, seeing as she rides thermo up drafts shouldn’t she be further away from the others?
I mean you can basically insert any new character of the moment and bam! You got a X-Men cover.

Tom Fitzpatrick

August 16, 2009 at 5:16 pm

That Deadpool # 900 cover makes the woman looks likes she either having an orgasm, or just farting. ;-)

Me, everybody & their mother: it’s Phil Jimenez, not Travis Charest.

As for Cloak & Dagger, I wasn’t around yet to actually collect the series when it came out but I do remember the covers being done by Rick Leonardi, and hence the very definition of sheer awesome. Great angles, poses, etc.

Here’s a neat one with Spider-Man:

…and this one, which is probably my favorite (I remember seeing it in Les Daniels’ 70 Years of Marvel Comics and really digging it):

Finally, an off-beat cover by Mike Mignola:

(just to show that this month’s fine Skottie Young cover is actually a symptom of Cloak & Dagger’s winning streak in general, cover-wise)

In Brian’s defence, the solicits usually have the cover credit on another line, so he misread that it lists Travis Charest as doing the variant cover after the actual cover credit was on the same line as the art credit. A simple and understandable mistake to make — and after one person pointed it out, there really wasn’t a need for anyone else to do so.

That X-Babies cover is great., and I hate the X-babies. I love the little cat ears on Kitty’s cowl. I can’t believe nobody ever thought to give her those before.

The problem with Skottie Young’s X-Babies cover is that it shows a fundamental misunderstanding of how Nightcrawler teleports.

But it’s very recognizably Jimenez, Chad. They do faces very differently – Jimenez is in the Perez tradition, Charest has had more of a Jodorowsky style for the last couple of years. But no offense was meant.


August 16, 2009 at 6:29 pm

DC let Rafael Albuquerque go to other companies???

Stupid, Stupid DC!

I believe he still draws interiors just for DC.

He just does covers for Marvel.

For now…

I remember being disturbed by this Cloak and Dagger cover when I was a kid. It’s some pretty good work by Kevin Nowlan: http://www.milehighcomics.com/cgi-bin/backissue.cgi?action=fullsize&issue=82856587166%208

Cloak and Dagger have very strong designs, they are just really sharp looking characters, especially together (as they always are). So they lend themselves to really nice covers, even if the actual stories always end up being a disappointment (well, for me anyway).

The Deadpool cover sure looks cool! Plus I love the cinematic feel of Thunderbolts. But in the long run, yeah.. Nothing beats the cuteness of the X Babies :D


August 16, 2009 at 9:42 pm

For now…


You gotta lock that down DC, or someone else will win his heart!


Was that my suggestion you’re going with? A top 5 and bottom 5 (with your comments) and all other covers posted inviting comments from others?

I love the way Nightcrawler and Cyclops are drawn on that ‘X-Babies’ cover. Love it.

One thing though, is it just me or does Wolverine only have two claws on his left hand?

Are these X-Babies from ‘X-Men Forever’ continuity?…

One thing though, is it just me or does Wolverine only have two claws on his left hand?

There are two claws shown, but the distance between them makes it look like he’s intentionally only putting up the two end ones and leaving out the middle one.


August 17, 2009 at 8:42 am

Scottie Young does some truly great stuff. I will definitely be picking up his collected Wizard of Oz work for my young son to enjoy when he gets a little older.

There are two claws shown, but the distance between them makes it look like he’s intentionally only putting up the two end ones and leaving out the middle one.

It looks to me like he’s doing bunny ears on Cyke, for the “group photo” feel of the cover

That’s probably what it was, Kevin.

In any event, it’s definitely intentional on Young’s part.

Yes richard that is bug from the micronauts! DnA have been doing a nice job with bug in the GoftheG series. I freakin love that book.

U guys should see the last few thunderbolts covers..they been a couple sick ones in the past few months. The Xbabies is def fun one..I would wear the strange tales cover on a tshirt(red N green) and the incredible hercules series is bananas(cop that!)
BooHoo on the Dark Avengers cover(I wonder who they lookin @?)

I never heard anything about a new Strange Tales. Is it a limited series or an ongoing one? Is it silly stories, or is that just for the cover? Will it have anything besides the Hulk?

I see that Mantis is still in the Guardians of the Galaxy. Is she being done right yet? I’ve only flipped through one issue of this series (it was one of the earliest ones), and I was greatly disturbed by what I saw of Mantis. She spoke in first person and bore no resemblance that I could see to the classic Englehart character, who may very well rank as the greatest comics character ever created by anybody at anytime. I was really hoping this ‘Mantis’ would turn out to be one of those Skrulls. (I’m still upset the new Captain America wasn’t a Skrull, and we didn’t get to find out Bucky had died back in 1945 like he was supposed to.)

the posted astonishing xmen cover was not drawn by travis charest, he did the variant cover of the book which is much better than phil’s version. (no offense)

So… is this feature being resurrected any time soon?

Hey Brian, when I clicked on this category, I figured it would be about your top ten covers ever. I see it isn’t, but have you ever thought about an all-time list? I’d certainly be interested.

My top ten favorite covers of all-time? Yikes, that’d be tough. It’d be fun to see the reactions to THAT. :)

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