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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 233

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Today we look at a fun scene from Nextwave #10…

The basic concept is that Forbush Man has captured the Nextwave crew using his mental powers – he has trapped them in their own minds (in cute parodies of various comic books, as writer Warren Ellis trusts his brilliant artist Stuart Immonen to depict various different art styles).

That’s all fine and good, but he overlooked one member of the team…

Hilarious stuff from Ellis and Immonen.

Nextwave ruled!


I think my faith in comics has been restored. Wow.

Nextwave was too beautiful to live.

it goes without saying that Immonen – in his capacity as one of the greatest comic book artists how ever lived – completely aces the various styles in these scenes. Special props should also go to letterer Joe Caramagna though, for a great job on his part of the getting the looks right.

Tom Fitzpatrick

August 22, 2009 at 4:40 pm

What the heck wuz Marvel thinking cancelling this fine book?!? They should’ve dumped half of the X-titles if they wanted to CUT costs!!!

You left out the part where Machine Man bashes his own head into oblivious, and yet still has to answer the phone. :D Many cool moments to be gleaned from that series… Everything got skewered.

“…you do not appear to have one” [snicker]

Why does Tabby look like a dude?


lol loved the moment where forbush man is getting mad some one is not under his power only to figure out she has no mind for his power to work on and she gives him a royal butt kicking and the last line i gave him the explodo because i am clever priceless

I’m still laughing at Bill Reed’s “Nextwave was too beautiful to live” line. I haven’t laughed that hard since… well, since “Nextwave,” to be honest.

Damn all of you people who didn’t read it while you had the chance.

I would totally buy that Captain Marvel comic.

I didn’t buy Nextwave in singles (sorry!) but I purchased the two collections when they came out, and I fucking love it to bits. As a matter of fact, we should have a “Nextwave” week of Cool Comic Book Moments.

What is the Machine Man strip a reference to? Newspaper comics such as Dilbert?

Machine Man is a Dan Clowes riff.

Nextwave could easily take up a whole week of cool comic book moments.

When a comic carries the tag-line “Like Shakespeare . . . But MORE PUNCHING!” in ads for itself you know you’ve got something fantastic.

I <3 this book.

I bought the recent Hellcat trade, mostly because it collected the Immonen-drawn Hellcat story from Marvel Comics Presents. And yes, Nextwave was far, far too god for this world.

I just love that she actually says “Zomg.”

I could never figure out what artist was being referenced in the Captain Universe section.

I loved the coulour it in special. I really need to colour it in.

I seem to remember an actual comic with Machine Man in it that looked like that. I think it was a Marvel Two-in-One.

Tabby also says “Ohnoes!” (ONOZ) out loud and, at one point, misspelled her own name scrawling it on a street.

Nextwave drinks all your beer, sleeps with your girlfriend and deletes all the unwatched programs from your DVR. And it’s not a bit sorry.

Nextwave will borrow your favorite CD and return it a year later with a big scratch in it and no booklet or jewelbox. Nextwave has decided your favorite band sucks.

Nextwave demands that The Captain join the New Avengers and that Tabby make the Hood’s head ‘splode.

Didn’t Tabby get killed in one of the more godawful satellite X-books recently?


The cliffhanger made it look like she had, but it was later revealed she was okay.

Oh, good. I wrinkled my nose a little when I read about that.

I love the Stan Lee and Jack Kirby Easter Island head.s

Probably the funniest comic ever written. Thank you Warren Ellis and Stuart Immonen!

Comic book characters should not say “Zomg.”

What is Stuart Immonen doing now?

He’s the regular artist on New Avengers (and he’s doing an amazing job, as always).

*sniff* Thank you, Brian, thank you!

One of the best series Marvel has produced..EVER.
Give us Nextwave again, Marvel!!!…Now, dammit!!..Now!!

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