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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 234

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Today we look at a major sequence from Peter David’s Hulk run (with another chance to vote on a possible iconic panel!)….

Incredible Hulk #377 features Bruce Banner and his two major Hulk personalities (“Puny humans never leave Hulk alone” and Joe Fixit) matched against a “monster” leading to the major plot point of Peter David’s run on Hulk.

What’s interesting to me is that I was considering one of these panels for the Top 70 Most Iconic Panels, but really, the only one you could legitimately choose is not as good as most of us remember – Hulk is not even saying anything – plus it has the other panel sort of draped over it. I don’t know if it is that great of a panel on its own.

I suppose I could just let you folks vote on it.

Here’s the panel – iconic or no?


If you could include the second panel, I would vote iconic, but with the leg chopped off and the lack of dialogue to provide context, I’m opting for “No” on this one. The way it is now is sort of like if you blanked out the word balloon in the “Face it, tiger” panel and also mysteriously obscured Mary Jane’s right breast.

Well, you know I think it is iconic. I think maybe even just the “I’m Home” tiny corner panel may be iconic.

Peter David’s “Hulk” was almost too good.

Best use of the Ringmaster ever, IMO. At least until Kirkman wrote him in Marvel Team-Up.

Yup, iconic…but yep, needs the second panel. Hell, I’d go with the second panel alone.

And wasn’t this whole issue great? PAD didn’t spend the preceding 50 issues harping about how Bruce’s dad messed him up. There were hints, yes, but we weren’t bludgeoned with it. This was a very, very deep issue that was wrapped up in ONE issue. How often do we get that these days?

I like the “Honey” panel more than any of them. But I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily iconic. I wonder how many “Honey, I’m home,” panels/sequences there are in comics since we just had the Venom one.

Not top-70 material. Maybe top 200 or 300.

On the subject of whether the panel is most iconic, I am afraid not. The moment is huge, but it is a case where the meaning is in the gutter between the panels. The implied zoom into an extreme close-up is what makes the page so thrilling.

I prefer the cool comic book moment from the previous issue, where Banner, Green Hulk, and Grey Hulk all fight inside his mind. Banner controls them both with “Banner is mightiest one of all!” It was great.

I vote “yes.” I don’t care much for Peter David’s work, but this issue was excellent, and that’s a very memorable panel. It’s probably the most notable of his run, which was long and popular enough to warrant inclusion on the list. The Bill Mantlo issue that he lifted liberally from for this story was also excellent (better, I think) – I don’t think it’s got an iconic panel, but it’s definitely worth a cool moment somewhere down the line.

hate to say it but showing the panel like that is not really iconic for it just looks like a normal hulk pannel for there are other worthy panels in peter davids run. to choose from have to vote it down

I think any of the panels involving both Hulks combining into the new “smarter” version would be better choices. I would go with them merging into Banner as he kneels before his mother’s grave.

I remember reading this when it first came out and thinking how great it was. I loved how David treated both Samson and the Ringmaster here. Keown’s art was at its peak as well. Kudos to Bill Mantlo for creating the whole concept of Banner’s abusive father being the cause behind his troubles. It made a lot more sense than just being exposed to the Gamma radiation and it gave the Hulk character some much needed depth.

I wouldn’t say this one was iconic, but the one of the Hulk’s possible future–wallowing in blood and laughing– was. Keown did the setup, but had left the book by the time it came around, and I want to say Buckingham did a pretty good homage/swipe for it in #400.

I vote “yes.” The smiling Hulk towering over Betty does not menace (“Hulk smash!”) or mourn (“Betty no like Hulk!”). We readers had no idea what was coming next. The panel represented a whole new take on the character, and was burned into my mind instantly.

I voted no but after reading the comments I would have to say yes. There is another panel a few issues later or maybe the next issue when The Hulk returns home and is towering over Marlo or Rick I cant remember which now that is one that is burned into my head. If anyone has it Id be grateful

I wouldn;t say it was iconic. Certainly not as much as other panels in his run. Heck, I’d’ve chosen the “banner is the strongest one there is” panel before this one.

He looks like he’s going to eat her! A shocking and memorable panel, but not so visually iconic.

I like it when Doc Samson gets to practice psychology.

P.S. The two Hulks in panel two of the first scan look like a green and a gray Rob Liefeld.

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