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Snark Blocker – Nextwave Double-Page Spreads

In the penultimate issue of Nextwave (#11), the team finds itself forced to fight through various hordes of bizarre villains to get to where they need to go.

Writer Warren Ellis and artist Stuart Immonen chose to depict these various battles as a series of SIX double-page spreads in a row!

It looks amazing – Immonen just goes nuts here with awesomeness.

So click on read more to enjoy the SIX double-page spreads of greatness (click on each spread to enlarge)!!


What no poll to see which one of those is iconic? (I would have voted for the Elvii-MODOKs.)

love the Modoks looking like elvis of all the pannels . showing MoDock might have some music taste

Derek J. Goodman

August 23, 2009 at 1:30 pm

I’ve stared at these pages so many times before, and this is the first time I’ve noticed the Elvi-MODOKs are shooting out hamburgers.

Whenever I hear people say they didn’t like Nextwave, it makes me sad.

“Nextwave are in your room and touching your stuff.”

To me, that one sentence sums up Nextwave nicely.

And, as usual when someone reminds of the existence of Nextwave, I must go and immediately re-read the entire series.


Who must I sleep with and/or kill to get new Nextwave comics?

Fuck yes, more Immonen and more Nextwave! As a matter of fact, I vote we rename this website to “Comics Should Be Nextwave!”

My favorite parts are the Brontho-Cyclops and the Evil Stephen Hawkings. And I hadn’t noticed the Elvis-MODOK’s shooting hamburgers thing either.

Elvis MODOK’s shooting hamburgers are so amazing, peg leg pirate Nightcrawlers are so charming, and snake piloted bi planes are so weird.

These are ridiculously awesome, the complete and absolute randomness is what totally makes it.

Snakes on a Bi-plane!

Need I say more?

Best thing to come out of Marvel in YEARS.

On the one hand, I kind of hope that we don’t get any more Nextwave, for fear of it not recapturing the original awesome feel of the series.

On the other hand, I can always ignore what I don’t like. MORE!

Come on, Titano-Wolverine! How can you not wuv him?

Flying Stephen Hawkings, monkey wolverines, snakes on planes, naked ninja, Elvis MODOKs.. those pages just drip with awesome.

I always wondered if the Elvis MODOK’s where a homage to Bruce Campbell, who played the King in Bubba Ho Tep and voice the MODOK knockoff Magnanimous on the cartoon Megas XLR.

One of the collest details for me is that almost all the aliens seem to be actual MARVEL&#8482 comics aliens from various titles over the years. Someone must’ve let Warren and Stuart get wackygonuts with copies of various editions from the Offical Handbook series.

I always referred to the Elvi as MODOTCBs
Mental Organism Designed Only for Taking Care of Business

Hello new wallpapers! I’m very sad that I didn’t buy these when they came out. I really suck! Another example of associating thing that I don’t know about, with people that I don’t like.

Six words that should tell anyone all they need to know about Nextwave: Devil Dinosaur in a smoking jacket. If you need more than that (and fantastic Immonen artwork) in a comic, there’s something seriously wrong with you.

I wonder how the trades sold… My guess is Nextwave sold a lot better as collected trades than it did as individual comics.

Pity that the reference for a book’s success is the sales of individual comics…

Giant Robot Ape Sentinel is and has always been my favorite.

Well, I bought the singles when they came out, and I literally laughed out loud when I read this issue. Not many comics have made me laugh like that.

I like the giant ape Wolverine and the sabretooth tigers with rocket packs the best.

Even writing that last sentence is fun.

Nextwave was delightfully absurd. But to didn’t sell in high enough numbers to keep publishing with the same creators. Perhaps Marvel can bring it back with Millar writing it and a noob artist.

I thought Ellis said that Marvel would’ve paid him to write more, but not to have Immonen draw it, and he didn’t want to risk trying the project with another artist?

August 24, 2009 at 8:22 am

I thought Ellis said that Marvel would’ve paid him to write more, but not to have Immonen draw it, and he didn’t want to risk trying the project with another artist?

I think that was said in reference to it being an ongoing, which was the original plan. I recall Ellis saying that he didn’t want to do it as a monthly with another artist but that there could be another mini with him and Immonen.

The impression I got from the Marvel comment was that Immonen was paid too much for a book at that sales level. All-Star artists need to be on All-Star books to justify the expense of naming them All-Star artists.

Is it sad that I immediately recognize (now and when first reading the issues) the aliens in the bottom right of the last panel as appearing in the last few (crappy) issues of Power Pack?

I think the six two-page spreads were actually meant to be a single twelve-page spread of utter insanity, a parody of the four-page spread in ASBAR and the eight-page spread in Ultimates 2, albeit one that you’d have to cut your comic to bits to piece together in order to ‘see’. I can only presume that Immonen, with half a dozen other projects on the go, put his foot down at that point. That issue also had a perfectly inappropriate cover (the “not a Civil War tie-in” cover).

(I wonder if sampling over 50% of the comic like this would be considered excessive by the publisher?)

The 50% rule has no bearing on actual copyright law, it was just the old rule of thumb at Scans Daily. I think they’ve reduced it to 1/3rd these days.

Who even thinks of doing something like this? Who could pull it off? Ellis and Immonen, that’s who.

@discord: No, you’d only be a megageek loser if you knew that they came from Fantastic Four 24.

I hope one day they collect Nextwave in an Omnibus or similar, but this time INCLUDE THE THE OPENING DIALOGUE FROM EACH ISSUE’S INTRO!!!!


I haven’t bought the trades, as I’d rather re-read my singles, with the sarky comments at the beginning…

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