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Vote For Your Top Ten Iconic Marvel Panels Of All-Time!

Okay, time to vote!

Here is the list of all the Top 70 Marvel Panels of All-Time. You pick your top ten. Then, in the comments below, you tell me what you think are the top ten iconic panels in your opinion of the choices provided (just the number is fine, but if you want to describe them, go ahead). They don’t have to be in order of most iconic to least iconic – with just 70 panels to choose from I think a straight 1 point per vote is enough, so just listing your ten favorites is fine (note – you have to list ten choices and they have to be from the 70 choices given). Then, and this is the important bit that folks always forget…INCLUDE THE WORD ACBC IN YOUR COMMENT!!!

ACBC, people! Remember to include ACBC in your comment! And make your answers in the comment section here.

On August 31st, I’ll reveal the order of the panels – as voted on by YOU!!!

EDITED TO ADD: The countdown has begun! Click here to see the results!

The list of choices follows – HAVE FUN!


Panel 1


Panel 2


Panel 3


Panel 4


Panel 5


Panel 6


Panel 7


Panel 8


Panel 9


Panel 10


Panel 11


Panel 12


Panel 13


Panel 14


Panel 15


Panel 16


Panel 17


Panel 18


Panel 19


Panel 20


Panel 21


Panel 22


Panel 23


Panel 24


Panel 25


Panel 26


Panel 27


Panel 28


Panel 29


Panel 30


Panel 31


Panel 32


Panel 33


Panel 34


Panel 35


Panel 36


Panel 37


Panel 38


Panel 39


Panel 40


Panel 41


Panel 42


Panel 43


Panel 44


Panel 45


Panel 46


Panel 47


Panel 48


Panel 49


Panel 50


Panel 51


Panel 52


Panel 53


Panel 54


Panel 55


Panel 56


Panel 57


Panel 58


Panel 59


Panel 60


Panel 61


Panel 62


Panel 63


Panel 64


Panel 65


Panel 66


Panel 67


Panel 68


Panel 69


Panel 70


OK seriously now, right at the top in all capitals Brian has written a 4-letter code for all voters to write in their posts!

Daniel O' Dreams

August 24, 2009 at 9:45 pm

So hard to pick just 10….

Haha, I think it’s great that not a single person has been able to follow directions so far…

This might be asking much, but does anyone have a list, or know, what comic each of these panels come from?

Well when you follow directions, your list won’t show up here, so who knows how many people have been able to actually read so far.

Oh, I was wondering why my comment was awaiting moderation for so long! Cronin likes his secrets.


1: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
2: It’s a Long Way to the Top
3: T.N.T.
… wait a minute, I’m doing something wrong here, aren’t I?

Definitely you’re doing it wrong, Ted.
You should absolutely be leading off with Thunderstruck.

1: Quest crew
2: Beat Freaks
2: Jabbawockeez


Haha, I think it’s great that not a single person has been able to follow directions so far…

You don’t know that. If people do follow the directions you won’t see it!

Not really a vote, but if we’re defining “iconic” as “often reprinted”, all the Spider-Man panels are almost automatically winners here.

The Crazed Spruce

August 25, 2009 at 3:28 am


1: Terry Fator
2: Nuttin’ but Stringz
3: That stripp…*ahem* burlesque dancer from Season 1

Very difficult choices! I could’ve easily chosen 20 from this set.

The last is the worst.

Cheap character deaths that don’t last as cheap sales and publicity stunts =/= iconic

I don’t care what the image is…the factors behind it render it a moot point at best.

No, I take that back…the Ultimate Cap panel with the horrible and inappropriate France comment is by far the worst..the dead Cap but not really dead is second worst.

Gavin, I think all character deaths are stunts. Even back in the day, you’d see “In this issue, someone dies!”

This was a pretty iconic image, and infiltrated pop culture unlike most other comics in the past few years. I mean, it’s not like “Norman Osborn takes over Avengers” made the news, but this panel did.

A lot of good choices (although there are some I’d disagree with; in particular the aforementioned Cap France-bashing). But I’m disappointed (not surprised, just disappointed) that “Where’s my money, honey?” didn’t make the list. Ah, well.

What’s the next to last panel? I have no idea what that is? It’s Gene Colon. Maybe Black Widow? How is that “iconic”?


There’s some redundancy here. You don’t need the first panel of Wolverine and the Byrne shoot of him in the sewer. You don’t need Doom stealing the Surfers powers and Doom flying on the board.

I agree about the Ultimat Cap panel. Coming from another character that’s funny. I can’t stand “Ultimate” Cap. Who wants a Cap that’s an a-hole?

This turned out to be a pretty good list, all things considered. I still think it’s a bit Cap heavy but it’s not as bad as it could have been – he was getting a panel every post for a while. It will be interesting to see the top 10. I think it will definitely give a bit of insight to the demographics of this site. Alot of the older panels still resonate with me even though the events happened well before I was born, but others kind of seem meh. For example, panels 2, 44, and 18 all took place before I was born, but I can’t deny for a second that they should without a doubt be on this list, panel 26 on the other hand doesn’t really seem like it should be on here — it doesn’t stand on it’s own in the sense that some of the others do, it needs too much context and back story in order to understand why it’s relevant.

Did I do something wrong with the code? Or is the “awaiting moderation” thing visible only for me?

I disagree about the redundant Wolverines. One established his iconic jump with claws extended (although in a less dynamic style than what is done now) and the other panel basically launched Wolverine into super-stardom.

I agree with a lot of you. This list was a great idea and some of the panels live up to it. However, there are too many that reference the same moment. Such as the Doom/Silver Surfer one. A lot of wasted panels on redundancy and images that frankly… aren’t close to being iconic. As someone said, the Black Widow one didn’t make sense? I wasn’t even sure it was the Black Widow. When you look at the whole list, it becomes pretty obvious that only about half of these live up to the “iconic” title and the list could have been much better and more balanced. Perhaps it was a bit rushed.

This is an excellent list; the only single panel that I might have included is the one from Journey Into Mystery 83, the shot of Mjolnir when the inscription is first seen — “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.”

Or there are comic fans from different eras.

Tell anyone who was reading comics in the ’70s “The Black Widow Panel” and they’ll know EXACTLY what you mean.

Generation gap…. I knew the Black Widow panel right off too :-)

I can see why some people would think there was some redundancy in the list but sometimes it can’t be help when a story has a lot of of great moments.

according to ike: “You don’t need the first panel of Wolverine and the Byrne shoot of him in the sewer.”

while i agree that these panels are duplicative, that is why you vote. What is more iconic, wolverine’s actual first appearance or the “now it’s my turn” panel.

i picked the latter because, well, it is the debut of the wolverine we know today (for better or worse) as opposed to the first shot of a weird, throw-away hulk antagonist.

Yeah, that Wolverine in the sewer shot was one of the first panels I thought of when I saw the topic of “iconic panels”. Hell, I wasn’t even born when that was published and I was thinking about it.

I started reading comics in the 90s, but most of my picks are from the 60s. That’s how I roll.

Okay, I voted like a good citizen.

Now if I was voting based purely on my FAVORITE panels on the list without adhering to the pesky “iconic” criterion, it’d look something like:

11. Vision crying
35. Surfer rising
7. Wolvie in sewer
59. The New X-men assemble
66. Dead Guardian
56. Odin’s gone
41. Ant-Man set to save Vision
39. Alex Ross Giant-Man
13. Wolverine dies
24. Kick-ass Mazzuchelli Daredevil splash

Some overlap with my icon pics, but not too much.

Marvel sure went out on some great cliffhanger images, didn’t they?

Thanks again for this Top 70 list, Brian, it’s been very fun reading.

As this feature went on I found myself realizing that it was less a study in iconography and more a collection of cool moments from a favorite company’s long career, but since (arguably) all but the four panels mentioned are doubtlessly pretty unfamiliar to anyone outside of older or hardcore comics fans one can hardly call them ‘iconic’.

To me, an iconic image is one that is familiar to a large portion of the general populace and has been the subject of homage either within the comics field or any other arts/entertainment discipline.

I really think this feature would have been more successful if it were the “Top 70 Iconic Marvel Covers Of All-Time!”. Marvel is steeped in well-known and iconic covers. Panels? Not so much.

If you’re not going to pick 10, don’t vote, as I’m not counting ballots with less than 10 panels picked on them.

i defined iconic panel as one i could describe to a comic fan in 10 words or less and he or she would probably know what i am talking about. the “general populace” aint gonna know from panels.

i say to my wife, “you know that panel where bullseye stabs electra with her own sai and it makes a tent with the back of her costume” and my wife makes her, “i married a moron” face. i say that to my buddy mark who also knows comics and he sez, “yeah, that electra one is cool, but that one where daredevil is standing in front of the fire looking all hard is better.” and i also know what he is talking about.

Picking 10 was actually kind of hard. Top 5 was easy, top 7 easy enough, narrowing my next favourite 5 down to 3 was tricky.

Panel 69 – Is that mary jane ?? And which issue is that from? I’m amazed that pic is old…

Wow, most shocking omission is the “with great power comes great responsibility!” final panel of AMAZING FANTASY #15. An iconic panel that defined the character and even gets homaged for the splash page of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #50. Peter Sanderson called it “justly famous”.

I picked 10 no prob, but had to narrow it down from a whopping 12 likely contenders.

I’m very much a ’70s-era fan and didn’t know the Black Widow panel, but I’m glad I do now.

Also, I was a faithful Alpha Flight reader but didn’t recognize the Heather panel at all. I remember the plot development, but the image clearly didn’t stick with me. But I guess that’s the point of the exercise, that your mileage may vary.

You totally forgot the opening splash page of Uncanny X-men #113! That would have got my vote for sure!

So are all the votes posted without the special code clearly requested at the top of the page (which renders them invisible during the ballot) technically spoiled ballots, ineligible votes and hence justly doomed not to be counted?

Just wondering :D

My preliminary list has 21 panels on it. I’ve got me some narrowing down to do! :)

And no “They said my mother was insane” from Kraven’s Last Hunt? Really?!?

Whoops–that last one is panel 62, not panel 3

So are all the votes posted without the special code clearly requested at the top of the page (which renders them invisible during the ballot) technically spoiled ballots, ineligible votes and hence justly doomed not to be counted?

Just wondering :D


That’d be funny, but no, we are nice here and all ballots are counted (except those with less than 10 panels chosen).

Where’s “my god carries a hammer” from secret invasion ?

just looking at some of these panels is bone chilling. epic stuff.

You know what I’m glad is NOT on this list? The TERRIBLE Byrne picture of naked robotic white vision — vision has man parts and Byrne castrated him! That was just angering — and humiliating for poor Vizh.

Man, so many people don’t understand what “iconic” means.

I voted for a couple of panels I do not like one bit (one of them happens to be the Ultimate Cap panel), but you know why, I voted because it has become an ICONIC panel.

Same with “no more mutants”, those three words made a big difference and were used in advertising for quite a while, not my favourite moment by any means, but I consider that quite an iconic panel.

THe problem with ‘No More Mutants’ is that there were still mutants and why would there just be a few of them left. OVerall it’s not a great idea to begin with. You could kill all those mutants with a disease or something and the survivors couldn’t pass on their Mutant genes to their children, but it never had an comic logic to it.

There’s nothing in the last five years I’d consider Iconic at Marvel, it seems like a different Universe now.

@ Oz:

The dictionary defines Iconic as a piece of art that is “executed according to a convention or tradition”. I took that to mean something that is executed within the Marvel tradition. I picked the moments that I thought were the most unique to Marvel. Neither of the moments that you mentioned made my list.

I don’t think you are wrong for voting for them, but I do think that I know the definition of iconic.

Oh, wow, the Mutie one gets my vote for sure.

The first couple pages of God Loves, Man Kills are the most effective distillation of the Mutant concept I’ve ever read. I remember reading it back in the 80s and being completely blown away by the brutality of that sequence.

It’s also why I’ve always leaned towards Magneto’s militant stance, his reaction to what he found, and his attempt to make some sort of dignified memorial out of what was meant to be an insulting, terrorist murder really won me over. His words, as well. Love that book, one of Marvel’s best Graphic Novels and something every X-Men hater should read. It’s chock full of good scenes and ideas. I love the bit near the end with Nightcrawler and Striker’s verbal attack on him and..Kitty, I think it was Kitty who defended him as one of the most decent humans she’s ever known.

Brent Anderson art and one of Claremont’s best scripts. Good stuff.

I just saw someone complain about two covers that were “missing” from the list.

First of all, huh?

Second of all, if you thought covers WERE available for this list, then wouldn’t you come up with more than TWO?

So, person who only gave 8 answers along with the 2 “missing” covers, feel free to re-submit a ballot with just 10 panels from the 70 choices given, because otherwise your ballot will not be counted.


August 25, 2009 at 11:02 pm

I remember reading it back in the 80s and being completely blown away by the brutality of that sequence.

I remember reading it on the floor at a Christmas eve party – my mum had given it to me as a nearly present – when I was eleven… raised on a diet of Fabian Nicieza’s X-Men, and being freaked out.
Not only were the characters different, and acting different, it was such a different story!

This list of 70 choices is pretty darn thorough, I will say, but I’m disappointed they didn’t include the panel from the Byrne FF run where Mr. Fantastic has the news broken to him that his and Sue’s second child didn’t make it to term. Awesome image on the last page of the book and very powerful.

Didn’t appreciate the panel with Ultimate Cap…


I go with this meaning:

A cultural icon can be an image, a symbol, a logo, picture, name, face, person, or building or other image that is readily recognized, and generally represents an object or concept with great cultural significance to a wide cultural group. ..

In recent times, these two panels have become iconic. I understand what you mean about tradition, but these two example were used so much that they BECAME the tradition.

And my comment was pointed toward people complaining about panels because they don’t like them, rather than talking about whether they are iconic. People are looking for “cool moments” rather than easily recognised and represetative panels.

@ Oz:

Fair enough. After I posted, I realized that I sounded more confrontational than I intended. Sorry about that.

Nah, all good, I am aware I can come off as a grumpy old jerk.

Thanks, I am in a high confrontation business, so it is hard to hit the “off” switch sometimes.

Panel 5 is probably one of the most important in my very biased opinion. However, I also feel it kind of loses it’s impact without the other panles preceding it and the page following it. I think the page following in this issue is actually more iconic also but I’m still glad the “Spidey Shrugged” scene is getting credit. It will make the top ten.

What are panels 61 and 62 from?
And I never realized how sexily they drew Janet when Hank Pym hit her. That moment is iconic (since it’s pretty much the closest thing to a distinct personality anybody ever gave him), but I don’t think the panel is.

What, no Nick Fury “I’ve been working for the bad guys the whole time!”??? Fail.

61 is from Amazing #248, “The Kid Who Collected Spider-Man” – it made my list.
62 is from MTIO Annual #2, the conclusion of Jim Starlin’s Warlock saga.


August 26, 2009 at 8:17 am

Yeah a bunch of panels that I’m not that terribly fond of made it onto my list.

I stuck with “Iconic” over what I prefer. I’m not all that happy about it, but more X-Men and Spider-Man panels made it onto my list than FF or Cap panels. Them’s the breaks I guess.

Still panel 61 is just such a wonderful moment….
I’m surprised nobody in the 90’s did the “that kid didn’t die, experimental treatments gave him super powers and a thirst for vengeance against his former hero” type thing… nobody did that… did they?


Thanks! Both those panels looked amazing but I knew nothing about them. I’ll see if I can those issues collected or on sale.

I’m surprised the kid in panel 61 stayed dead too. Or at the very least didn’t have an angry relative vow to take their revenge on Spidey.


Just wondering why the panel with Captain Marvel dying in bed surrounded by heroes wasn’t one? Other than that, I’m working on narrowing it down to 10 now. That particular scene would have made my top 10 easily.

Thanks for some great content on here Brian!

I’d never seen that Black Widow one before. I might have gone with something from the Spider-Man issue where John Romita puts her in the slick black catsuit for the first time, but I can definitely see where an iconic interest might originate if you were reading it back in the day. Daredevil had grown up sexuality before a kid like Peter or a married man like Reed.

Wow, some great panels here and a lot of good memories!

Filip Sablik
Publisher, Top Cow Productions
It will change the world.

I also think the Ultimate Cap w/the France comment-panel isn’t iconic…but it sure is one of the funniest one’s!!! lol

The Crazed Spruce

August 26, 2009 at 8:07 pm

Well, I made my picks based on which ones were more memorable, and which had more of an impact on the audience. And 66 ’cause I’m Canadian. :)

And quite frankly, the newest one I picked was 30, and that’s the only one of my picks that was published after the mid-80’s

i think the “no more mutans” is the best and shocking panel

Only one Hulk panel and the Hulk’s not even in it?

Some truly amazing stuff! Almost all the panels that came to my mind were there. This was a really cool idea/topic!

Wow there are many great shots on here, hard to narrow down to 10. But my favorite Iconic panel of all time is not on here. Hulk holding up the mountain in Secret Wars #4 (okay of course the cover is the coolest pic here, but covers don’t count in this poll), Reed is taunting him to make him angrier. I’m pretty sure this issue is what sold me on comics as a kid, I had looked at them but never LOVED them until this moment. A friggen MOUNTAIN, and not just any mountain some weird alien planet mountain where they weigh 150 Billion Tons ( not sure how much mountains really weigh, but I don’t think it’s 150 Billion Tons, I could easily be wrong here though ).

okay of course the cover is the coolest pic here, but covers don’t count in this poll)

That’s really the answer right there, Sean.

It WAS a really awesome cover, though!

Where is panel 46 from?


The villain Skurge the Executioner sacrificing himself singlehandedly holding back the hordes of Hel in Thor 362, saving Thor and his crew. One of Marvel’s finest issues.

[…] 70 Most Iconic Panels in Marvel Comics History. And they want votes to decide who wins. Head over here for rules and how to […]

These are not the Marvel iconic moments. These are the popular moments for non-fans.

Think I am wrong, look at the span of these images, and there are some massive X-men images alone missing. Where is Angel harpooned to a wall in the Morloch tunnels?

Ask any Daredevil fan which ones of these you would pick? Apart from the Bullseye moment, the rest would not make the list. The death of Karen Page.

Even the Cap stuff would result in massive issues. These are iconic but when he killed someone was not?

Bet anyone we could come up with another 100, that most would agree on better than this list.

PS Would have included SpiderMan in this but post Brand New Day, cannot discuss him without foaming at the mouth, and required sedation. That said, as someone already said, “Iconic? No Kraven?”

70 Panels and not ONE Iron Man panel? I call BS.


August 27, 2009 at 9:36 pm


Sure man, You come up with the blog, post the pictures over several days, tally the votes and moderate the discussion and votes. We’ll show up and vote!

Otherwise it just sounds like idle bitching…

Even aftert that or after we voted on 1,000 panels someone will STILL complain about the choice of panels.

Brian has gone through a lot of work over this and it seems (to me at least) that we should be thankful that it was done as well as it was.

Were there panels that I would have liked to be in here over some of the ones included, yeah of course. But at the end of the day this is what we have to choose from, so unless you have a better idea…

After looking at most of these moments I’m mystified that you would say that these were for the non-fan.
Other than the images that were appropriated for their respective movies I see very few images that someone who didn’t really like Marvel would recognize.

Try this, just type a few numbers at random and then go look at the matching panel. How many of those are non-fan moments?

Besides we all know it’s a bogus set up when the panel of Willie Lumpkin wiggling his ears for the first time is not even included…

No final panel from FF Annual 6, the birth of Franklin Richards?

I came here with panel 10 in mind and its the only one that gets my vote ;)

I came here with panel 10 in mind and its the only one that gets my vote ;)

Only ballots with ten choices count. ;)


Sure man, You come up with the blog, post the pictures over several days, tally the votes and moderate the discussion and votes. We’ll show up and vote!

Otherwise it just sounds like idle bitching…

No thanks, posting once a week is hard enough work.

Not idle bitching, I have been reading comics for nearly 30 years, and cannot pick ten moments out of this list.

I am not a big Spiderman fan, but even I know that if this is a Comic Fan list Kraven should be in there.

Do not tell me that those are the ‘Iconic’ DareDevil moments.

As I said, it is not that there are images missing, but that these are the non fan choices. I give you that there are moments in there that would stump non comic fans, but not many. Also lots of double images, the image is so iconic that the panel a few pages over or in the next issue is further down the list.

Is there any truth to the rumor that Obama will be apologizing for panel 52?

@ Paul:

Brian took email suggestions for a good week before he started compiling this list. He was probably adding to and deleting from his list as this thing rolled along. You had a good five weeks to try convince him that there absolutely HAD to be an image from “Kraven’s Last Hunt” or whatever. Either you did not bother, or you did not make your case.


Write down a list of the top 12 moments that your committee of one thinks Brian missed. Get a scanner (pretty sure they have ‘em at Kinko’s) and your old comics. I’ll even write the text for you:
“Comics Should Be Good recently ran a list of the Top 70 most iconic Marvel Comics panels. I think that they missed some big ones. I will be counting them down three per week for next month. Here are 10-12.”

Post a link at the bottom of the thread to each update. I promise to read it. Otherwise, it is just idyll bitching.


August 28, 2009 at 9:39 am

As far as Cap goes, I don’t recall the panel of him shooting the terrorist nearly as well as I remember the awesome Mike Zeck cover, same for the Angel panel (though it has been a looong time since I read the Fall of the Mutants storyline), I remember the Walt Simonson cover but not the interior panels.

But that may just be me.

Paul, pardon my ignorance, but where do you post? I’d be interested in reading your stuff.


I need somebody to explain Panel 52 to me. It gets quoted all the time as a great Captain America line and moment. I just don’t see it.

Oops. Forgot to attach my name to the question about the Captain America panel.

I have with great difficulty narrowed my list down to 15 panels and am working hard.

I made a quick list of 8 panels in my head before looking at yours and the only one I thought of you didn’t was the panel of the kid kicking Ultron’s head around. I’d have voted for that.

“Do not tell me that those are the ‘Iconic’ DareDevil moments. ”

Ha ha! No, Daredevil´s run is not iconic at all.

All right, I’ve voted and now I’m hitting the discussion. Being primarily an X-fan I tried hard to include other stuff:

1. No question. This is the defining moment of the defining character of the Marvel Universe.
4. “You hit the jackpot”. This is the defining moment of the defining best friend/girlfriend/wife of the defining character of the Marvel Universe. And I wanted to keep a few ladies in the list. Seriously, one of the salient traits of the Spider-Man series is the prevalence of non-powered supporting characters.
6. Four hands. The FF were historic in their time, and to me this panel represents them better than the others. (To me, that’s what “iconic” is about.)
21. Phoenix dies. There weren’t all that many self-sacrifice stuff, and in Marvel stories that was made a whole part of the super-hero ethos.
23. He’s a jerk. All right, I’ll admit I kept this one purely because I luuuuhv Kitty Pryde and that was one of her many best moments. And see my comment on panel 4 too.
24. Armageddon. This is for the redefinition of Daredevil by Miller, and also the descent of Marvel comics into stories (stories?) that mistook violence for action and harsh words for emotion. (Not that the “Born Again” storyline has that flaw, of course, but it kind of help start the trend.)
27. Mutie. It defines one of the major conflicts in the Marvel Universe, and it isn’t attached to a particular character.
31. Cap. Defined. I won’t say more.
39. Ross. But mainly, it’s the spirit of the comics that was recaptured in this.
68. There should be a Thor and a Simonson panel. So why not this one.

Those few made my short-list but didn’t stay on after a lot of teeth-gritting:
7. Now it’s Wolvie’s turn. Superb art, great concept, but Wolverine was already a kick-ass guy long before (the panel where Colossus tosses him towards Sauron in the Savage Land in UXM 114 – I think – is more kinetic and truly carries the character). Or in the issue following panel 7, Wolvie talking the guard into turning and fleeing instead of huming him outright. That was the start of a new era for the character.
10. Of course it shows the fundamental dialectic of Spider-Man, but I did not read that story and I already two defining moments related to the web-slinger.
35. I’ve never been a big fan of the Surfer, so objectivity took a glance out the window while I was chucking it.
53. A great moment (and one to which Marvels gave much resonance), but ultimately un-symbolic of Marvel stuff.
59. Founding panel too, but well, I already included too many X-men stuff.

And a few others I reasoned weren’t in:
12. Okay, so that’s an extremely strong storyline (Gavin and Scott MacIver, Gwen’s death was indeed announced on the cover – well, one strong supporting character was to die – but at least she had the sense to stay dead), and a turning point, but it needs its context.
13. If only because I’m an X-fan and that was Days of future Past, but for all its quality it was only a story arc, so off it goes.
16. Once again, it needs lots of context.
17. Like panel 2, it’s more a defining moment, but it’s only a part of the whole story and doesn’t really show much in itself. (I’ll readily agree the same point could be made for panel 21.)
51. I almost included it. For the ability that Marvel sometime has to laugh at itself.
69. I scratched my head about about this one too before the comments explained it. I wondered if maybe that was Bethany Cabe – it would have been interesting that the only Iron Man panel did not even feature him. But then in the few Iron Man stories that I read in my youth (70s-80s) I felt she was more interesting than him.

I’d like to discuss panels I would have liked to see in the list but didn’t know about it in time to interfere (just for discussion, LouReedRichards, I’m not bitching). One would be when Jameson stands with a group of the Bugle staff, contemplating – if memory serves – a citywide blackout; someone, probably Robbie Robertson thinks “Come on, J.J., say it” and right on cue, ol’ Jonah vows, “It’s Spider-man’s fault – and I’ll prove it!”. The numerous, normal people, J.J.’s obsessive enmity – it’s all in there.

I’m also surprised there was the deaths of Bucky, Phoenix, Gwen Stacy, Elektra, but not Captain Marvel. Wasn’t it somewhat pivotal at the time? But then maybe there wasn’t one panel that could be singled out.

Then there’d be Stryfe taking out his helmet on the last panel of New Mutants #100 – not that I liked it any, but it did represent the time – “symptomatic” might be the best word. But I guess there’s a reason why most of the panels come from 60s, 70s and 80s stuff.

Oh, and about panel 52. While I think I understand the spirit in which it was done – in short, Ultimate Cap’s a jerk – I’ve seen too much French-bashing, including in comic books (Thunderbolts if nothing else) to find this funny any more. Especially as it soon turned out we were right. So no, I won’t ask president Obama to make apologies, especially as it seems he’s rather cold to our own president right now and he’s welcome to it (since the guy is admittedly a bigger jerk than Ultimate Cap at that).

I can’t see a situation where anyone would exclude 22 – Professor X is jerk or 4 – Face it Tiger. In my mind these are THE 2 defining Marvel moments. The other 8 I took from from about 20 contenders.

Uma única do Hulk? Discordo completamente.

eu acho que deve ser o numero 11 pq ver um androide chorar nos faz refletir sobre a essencia humana

Ver o Visão chorando é a maior de todas, pois nos mostra como nós humanos devemos refletir sobre nossa existencia e acima de td, devemos honra-la, imagem numero 11….São José dos Campos-sp- Brasil

[…] Marvel Comics está celebrando 70 anos. Para comemorar, o blog Comics Should Be Good resolveu escolher os 70 quadros mais memoráveis publicados nas revistas da editora. A idéia é […]

I miss two pictures…

1) Silver Surfer among wild, with a lion in his side, by John Buscema

2) The death of Captain Marvel, last page “He’s gone”, by Jim Starlin

Fuck you Captain America.

Voto no painel 10.
Peter jogando fora o uniforme no lixo é uma das cenas mais classicas das HQ´s, usada inclusive no 2° Filme.

61 e 5 muito bom

olha, sem duvida nenhuma o 61, é comovente e marcante, deveria ter uma da mary jane ai … essa sim.

The Elektra and Bulseye is beutiful. (Panel 03)
Capitan America (panel 52)

I miss the panel where May Parker finds out that Peter Parker is Spider-Man.

If I am not wrong, John Romita Jr. is the author, and was (I think also) published in “Amazing Spider-Man Volume 2: Revelations TPB”, as shown in http://www.amazon.ca/product-reviews/0785108777.

I vote 70.

Brian: This is awesome, and you should be proud. I love how the poll has gone bilingual! Just a reminder that great comics transcend cultural boundaries. A good excuse to brush up on my Spanish.

Ok, man.

It´s just impossible choose 10.

great selection!


oi sou do Brasil, faz 25 anos que aprecio o fantástico mundo marvel, e o quadro que mais marcou foi a da morte da fênix, quando vi este quadro a minha mente voltou rapidamente aos oito anos de idade quando li esta história pela primeira vez. Longa vida aos x-men. Mas tem muitos quadros históricos que marcaram e muito a minha infãncia. painel 22

Where is the 1st appearance of the black costume, the last panel of the secret wars no. 8???

Where’s the Punisher?

Now that’s some pretty good memories brought back!

it´s very good!!!

[…] pick your top 10 Marvel Comics iconic panels of all time.  I have to say they have a lot of great ones there, but the candidate list seems a bit skewed to […]

Panel 3 and 10

04. Peter & MJ

59. New X-MEN

Come on, folks, at least GLANCE at the instructions, would ya?

Still mad about the lack of IM panels.

Still mad about the lack of IM panels.

It IS a real shame that there were no good examples of iconic panels for Iron Man.

Heck, amusingly enough, even if we extended this deal to COVERS, Iron Man would probably only have two to four options (the debut cover, the “Power of Iron Man” cover from Iron Man #1, the Demon in the Bottle cover and the one where Rhodey becomes Iron Man), and only two of them would be serious contenders (since if we expanded this to count covers there would be a TON of options out there).

I love these:
Panel 1
Panel 10
Panel 13

I always remember then…

I’m kinda surprised Herc smashing in Clor’s face yelling “THOU ART NO THOR!” and/or Spidey unmasking and saying “My name is Peter Parker… and I’ve been Spider-Man since I was fifteen years old.” didn’t make the list, whereas Frog Thor somehow made the cut. Sure, the whole Spidey going public thing didn’t last (damn you Quesada!) but that made the actual news.

13 e o 50….loko

[…] A lista completa você encontra em goodcomics.comicbookresources.com. […]

Write down a list of the top 12 moments that your committee of one thinks Brian missed. Get a scanner (pretty sure they have ‘em at Kinko’s) and your old comics. I’ll even write the text for you:
“Comics Should Be Good recently ran a list of the Top 70 most iconic Marvel Comics panels. I think that they missed some big ones. I will be counting them down three per week for next month. Here are 10-12.”

Post a link at the bottom of the thread to each update. I promise to read it. Otherwise, it is just idyll bitching.

It IS a real shame that there were no good examples of iconic panels for Iron Man.

I am sorry Dean you want me to put a lot of time and effort in again why?

And it is not a committee of one, lots of people are asking the same questions.

I would like to point out one of the Iconic images, I had to look up in Wiki, and still have never heard of it.

Doc Strange gets two panels, and the Punisher, Iron Man, etc do not.

I am actually taking onboard what you said, and think I am going to do it, if I can work out a way, because these are not the Iconic images from my Marvel.

i think is that painél of number 24

I am sorry Dean you want me to put a lot of time and effort in again why?

And it is not a committee of one, lots of people are asking the same questions.


Because what Brian did was hard. Most of the big moments for comic characters are, by there nature, a sequence of panels. Finding single images that still have meaning out of context is not an easy task.

Someone who took the job less seriously would simply have listed the top 25 most popular Marvel characters and found a pin-up image, or two, for each. He would have gotten a lot fewer complaints if he had just dropped some random Romita, Jr.-Layton “Iron Man” pin-up or something. I may not agree with every decision he made, but I admire him for doing the more difficult thing and applying some thought to what Marvel is all about.

If you are going to gripe about something that required a lot of thought, then you really should put some thought in yourself. It is one thing to say “I think Daredevil crouching a rooftop in the rain” is an iconic image. It is quite another to go back and figure when that image was first used, compare it to later usages and then compare them. Finally, you have to look at all your images and think about whether the crouching in the rain business is really all that unique to Daredevil, or if maybe it isn’t more a Batman thing.

It is hard thing to do at all and even harder to do well. Brian did it really well here.

Not bad. Just one question, What do you have against the X-Men. Considering the X franchises make up the majority of Marvel’s sales, I think they under represented. I believe there has been a grave mistake made here, Where is Magneto? Any “best of Marvel” can’t be called a best of without Magneto. Oh by the way too much Captain America.

Maybe it’s just me, but I’d be happier if criticism of the 70 posted were confined to which panels you would or wouldn’t have included, were it up to you. If only have the list be 16% X-Men related isn’t enough X-Men, which would you have also included?

If it can’t be called a “best of” without Magneto, what Magneto panel is more iconic than any of the above? Ditto Iron Man?

Posts like “What about the power and responsibility” panel or “What about the Death of Captain Marvel” seem like more legitimate and constructive observations. I imagine I’d have included both of those. But I also imagine I don’t know comics nearly as well as Brian.

Only Uatu knows for certain what 70 panels comprise the definitive objective “70 most iconic Marvel panels” list. I suspect Brian is the closest to Uatu we’ll get, and I’m also willing to bet his list and Uatu’s have a very respectable percentage in common.

my top 10 are:
4, 10, 13, 29, 30, 39, 42, 44, 47, 63

Yellowjacket engaging in spousal abuse is one of the greatest panels of all time? Stay classy CBR.

I dunno…
No “Hulk Smash”?
No Magneto?
No Juggernaut?
No “It’s Clobberin’ Time” from Ben Grimm?
Gambit? Rogue? Sabertooth?

Choosing 70 panels out of Marvel history would be incredibly difficult, though, I admit.

Ten from that lousy list?

ONE: Panel 1: Spidey’s Lesson: This is what prompted “with great power comes, great responsibility.” Personally, I think you should have chosen that exact panel with that quote, but I’ll choose this one in proxy.

TWO: Panel 3: Bullseye kills Elektra: Shocking and gutsy, this was Miller’s Daredevil in its prime.

THREE: Panel 4: Meet Mary Jane: One of the most memorable quotes of comic-dom. Plus, after months of shadowed faces and veiled references, readers finally see MJ in the curvacious flesh – drawn beautifully by John Romita Sr!

FOUR: Panel 5: Spidey Find His Strength: This is quintessential Spidey, the underdog who has doubts, but conquers them.

FIVE: Panel 7: Wolvie Unleashed! Wolvie about to unleash whoopass on the Hellfire club – with ferocity provided ably by John Byrne and Terry Austin.

SIX: Panel 10: Spidey quitting?? This time we believed it!

SEVEN: Panel 21: Jean dies! Not only dies, but sacrifices herself so the universe can live. It doesnt get any more cosmically poignant.

EIGHT: Panel 34: The Thunderbolts revealed as the Masters of Evil! In an age where jaded comic readers thought they could deduce every story swerve, this knocked everyone for a loop! The comic equivalent of “Bobby Ewing in the shower.”

NINE: Panel 44: Spidey swears revenge: There’s a few panels from Gwen’s death, but this one has it all! The death, the emotion, the melodrama…. and when an issue ends like this, how can you NOT come back for more next month?

TEN: Panel 6: The Fantastic Four form! That iconic image of the four identifiable hands, clasped in unison… has become an oft-repeated shorthand to telegraph the team-as-family dynamic that IS the Fantastic Four.

Those are my pick… but there’s some great choices in there. I wanted to include “Even and Android Can Cry” and “Death of Mac Hudson” but I only get 10!

3, 13, 31, 43, 52, 10, 12, 39

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[…] an article about the coolest comic panels of all time. I thought this one was awesome: Captain America! Comments [0]Digg […]

Eu tenho a Maioria!!!! sou foda mesmo!!!!

I don`t have time to rank the rest, but as far as I`m concerned, number 4 is number 1.

Oh boy there’s no way to forget spider man most memorable cenes: panels 10 and 12. Panel 5 is also great. And I can’t forget to mention panel 70.

As cenas 8 e 14

it´s so hard to choice only 10…

[…] to this page to look at the most iconic panels from Marvel over the past 70 years (and while you’re at it, […]

I’ll vote for 30, but a truly iconic panel ought to have the caption “It’s clobberin’ time!”

[…] Top 70 Marvel Panels of All Time (Comicbookresources.com) […]

It´s hard to decide among ditko, kirby, simonson, miller, and so on…. but i decide byrne/claremont, #8 in the (probably) best x-men saga of the history, and this amazing number with this final panel. I was 14 at this time and i decided with this comic to go on collecting them

Wonderful panels


Spider-man stinks

Spider-man stinks


Ok, so the current storyline is in the compertition with the Bobby Ewing shower scene as the worst story idea ever, but he is Iconic Marvel. Possible the most Iconic Marvel of all.

Of course, you do have to remember these are Iconic images, and not just some poster image, because they are not allowed. Image 40, honestly I had the poster.

Panels 03,04,10,17,21,23,44,54,59 and 66!!

Eduardo Marques Rodrigues

September 5, 2009 at 4:47 am

For me… Panels 8 and 22.

It´s a Good Work!

Maybe not 100% “iconic” but my favorites of the options given:

#3 – Elektra vs. Bullseye

#12 – Gwen vs. the webbing

#13 – DOFP

#15 – Spidey getting bitten

#18 – Green Goblin vs his glider

#28 – The “new Avengers” of Cap, Hawkeye, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch

#30 – “Ultron. We would have words with thee.”

#34 – The end of Thunderbolts #1

#54 – Dark Phoenix

#62 – The Boy Who Collected Spider-Man (maybe not “iconic” but from a GOOD story)

Leandro Guimarães

September 7, 2009 at 8:18 pm

For me: panel 44. It’s the most memorable (and sad) scene.

that cheap shot at France is really uncalled for. it’s the ramblings of an extremist right winger – and Captain America has always stood for social justice – ANY true Cap fan knows that. Cap wouldn’t mock France.

Love the Phoenix issues, love the Wolvie in the sewer ready to pounce, sad where Mac Hudson blows up in front of Heather, and the FF issues seem so truly iconic now.

Only gay one is cap america with the France thing lol. I can just picture him hanging black people in the 50’s. He stands for everything wrong, like Superman used to. They updated Superman after the latest movie but cap’n is as bad as ever.

Gee you guys are really fond of panels where nothing actually happens.

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