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Jonathan Hickman Calls Bendis A Girl

I’m cereal! In an interview with the Burgas approved Atomic Comics. He also talks about his upcoming Fantastic Four run, drawing, and his bitter feud with the “other” Jonathan Hickman. But I’m just going to focus on this throw away line at the end of the interview:

AC – One last question… Have you & Bendis had any massive arguments over story content? If it came to blows, who would win the brawl?

JH – No arguments, so no fights. As for who would win if we did throw down – I have no idea. I don’t fight girls.


Well, that’s a diss. Its almost an after comment, like accidental.

I’m chalk!

Wait, what are we referencing?

sounds like jonathan was just trying to be funny and ment that crack of Bendis being a girl as a joke. besides he would proably wind up beating Bendis in a fight

yeah chad’s right i don’t think he was literally calling bendis a girl
probably a joke

Yeah, it was a joke, but Brad, too, is joking.

Who is the “other” Jonathan Hickman? The only Jonathan Hickman I’m aware of the the guy (I’m assuming it’s all one guy) who was in Comic Book Idol and did Nightly News and Transhuman.

I certainly hope he’s joking. Bendis would be one ugly girl.

bald chicks are hawt!!

Girls named Brian are hawt!

I find it sad that Brian must point out that Brad is just joking :(

Wait, so the “I’m a PC” guy thinks Brian Bendis is a girl? That’s weird.

As do I, Busterchops, but it sure did seem headed the other way, didn’t it?

I’m surprised there haven’t been any “well, Bendis sure has the tits for it” comments so far.

I’ve been waiting for someone to mention it in a review, but I can’t wait anymore… Did anyone else notice how amazing FF 570 was? Hickman has me excited about the FF in a way I’ve never really been before.

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