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Comic Creators Talk About Writing, Drawing Megan Fox Comic

Atomic Comics has interviews with Rick Spears, Tim Seeley, and Jim Mahfood about their work on the Jennifer’s Body GN being published by our friends at Boom! Studios. Spears, the book’s writer, makes it sound interesting, as it’s not a straight adaptation. It takes scenes from the film and plays them from different angles. Always like that sort of thing.

In related news, I’m really going to have to get around to reading the PDF review copy our friends at Boom sent out of the GN. And yes, I am counting this as part of my series about Megan Fox in comics, even though it’s just link blogging.


They should have just gotten Greg Land to trace screenshots. =P

Here’s page two of Jim Mahfood’s report on San Diego, as portrayed in his awesome auto-bio webcomic L. A. Ink Stains: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_NElExf4MO20/SnovOTgM4JI/AAAAAAAAC4I/J6UqI6rinFE/s1600-h/LA28pg2grey.jpg

I’m glad it got him some free stuff.

Go to his foodone blog and read them all!

I really liked Juno, so I hope this movie is a success, but…

The movie opens in September, and the dvd has already been solicited in the Previews that came out this week. That makes me think the movie won’t sell many tickets.

Anyway, good luck with the comic.

After spending most of TF2 trying to convince myself that I’m not actually in Hell while that movie was playing I came to a realization:

If Megan Fox isn’t naked, then I’m no longer interested.

Funny, after spending most of Juno trying to convince myself that I wasn’t actually in hell, I came to a realization:

If Diablo Cody’s involved in any way, I’m never gonna watch it.

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