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Years ago, that could have been a great publication. Sadly, the death of the newsstand means the best I’ll get is ReubenGirl.com, which involves women feeding each other corned beef while wearing chef’s outfits.

Doesn’t work, Nitz. DAMN YOU!

I’m more of a “Sandwich Aficionado” man. “Enthusiast” sold out to big Mayo back in the ’80s and hasn’t been the same since.

It’s meat between bread with condiments! Of COURSE a hot dog is a sandwich!

And while Sandwich Enthusiast always had better articles and classier pictorials, I preferred Hot Sammich, because they always showed you the full Arby.

I’ve actually had hours-long arguments over the sandwichtude of a hot dog. I maintain it is not a sandwich, due to its non-vertical nature. But then that just leads to screaming about hoagies, and tears. Tears on my hot dog.

Is a hamburger not a sammich?

Meat between bread. Grab bread. Eat meat.


Mmmmmm…. sammich.


Neither fully diagonal (45º) or straight (90º) is the correct sandwich cutting angle. About 60º is preferable.

“Non-vertical”? You eat your sandwiches that don’t lay on a horizontal plane? What non-Newtonian-geometrical sandwiches are YOU eating?

One of the things my bros on another site love to post about. We all possess the ability to rant about sandwiches. A hot dog is not a sandwich. Neither is a hamburger. They are food classes of their own. :D

Tom from West Chester

August 28, 2009 at 7:21 am

A hot dog is a sandwich. A hot dog is virtually identical to a sausage sandwich, except that the hot dog substitutes a hot dog for a link of sausage. Otherwise identical, and the sausage retains the sandwich nomenclature.

With a bun being only once piece of bread, wouldn’t it be an openfaced sandwich?

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