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Wednesday Comics Ranked: Week 8 Top 10

After skipping a week, I change the format. So Wonder Woman isn’t the only serial I’m snubbing, pretty much. Also, I dropped the dumb BCS jokes only Burgas and 12 other readers could possibly get, given our demographics. See what new dumb jokes I replace them with!

1. Metamorpho- Which is pretty much my favorite thing Neil Gaiman has ever written, and something I plan on showing to a friend who teaches high school chemistry in hopes he puts it up in his class.

2. Supergirl- I would buy a comic which is just Amanda Conner drawing expressions. I like her work in that field more than even Kevin Maguire.

3. Kamandi- I just love this milieu, so it’s always gonna be in the top 5.

4. Strange Adventures- See Kamandi.

5. Deadman and 6. Hawkman- These two (and Kamandi, SA, Demon/Catwoman, ) are at a place where something cool’s about to happen, so I feel weird ranking/commenting on them. Not weird enough to not do it. I do find it odd that so many strips are at that point this week. Standout moments were there, though; Deadman doing it for the nookie* and Hawkman’s brief conversation with Hawkwoman were both pretty cool.

7. the Flash- I like it more than I did, but less than the people who like it too much. It’s probably never going to be my favorite, but at least I didn’t forget it this time, right? The time travel aspect does drag it down a bit, because seriously, that can be pretty headache inducing. But I love comic book science like all the Flashes creating tiny black holes to cancel Grodd’s force field.

8. Metal Men- Who else would by a Metal Men ongoing from this creative team? Also, this may finally get JLGL that love MarkAndrew pointed out he deserves more of.

9. Sgt. Rock- Because he’s finally out of that damn room already and Joe Kubert’s still drawing it.

10. Green Lantern- Well, he’s finally doing Green Lantern stuff, and that’s fine. All the people who want that can be happy. And hey, I like it well enough to place it over the rest of the pack (I was tempted to put Superman in this spot because it’s less emo, but it’s still not very good). But really, I could read a 12 part series solely on Hal Jordan: Test Pilot. That’s still really the only role I find him tolerable in.

Comments on the other strips:

Wonder Woman- I did like the monster drawing. I plan on reading this in one go when it’s done to give it its fair shake, I promise.

Batman- I’m on a bit of Batman kick now that the Arkham Asylum game is out and is my favorite thing in the world, as anyone who’s my Facebook friend can attest to (and hey, new Batman and Robin this week, too). I’m still not crazy about Azzarello’s story here, though. It’s a perfectly okay noir/crime riff, but it just isn’t what I really want in a Batman story. I’m all for creators doing their own thing with Batman, this just comes too close to being a generic genre script with Batman thrown in for me to get too excited. Lovely art from Risso, though.

Demon/Catwoman- I love Walt Simonso, as I’ve said on here a few times recently, but this feels really close to an inventory Brave and the Bold story chopped up in to 12 one page parts, I think. It’s not bad; as a B&B issue I’m sure I’d have bought and enjoyed it. It just sort of lags behind the better stuff in the package.

Superman- Well, he’s not moping anymore, and Lee Bermejo gets to draw some action, so that’s cool.

Teen Titans- I still kinda hate this one. It combines a property I don’t really care for with art I don’t like and a boring script. And yet I read it and not Wonder Woman. To be fair, I am skimming it at this point.

*Is a Limp Bizkit reference considered classic rock now? Since that song is ten years old, at least? I forget. I just remember it’s what convinced me I shouldn’t like Limp Bizkit in high school.


Supergirl was my top strip of the week. Just a lot of fun with the Superpets and an apperance by one of my favourite JSA members makes it a winner! Not a big fan of the Metamorpho strip this week as I found it almost as confusing as Wonder Woman. Which is strange as I usually love it. Teen Titans is at the bottom of the pile for me; its completely boring at this point.

@Keg, The Metamorpho strip is fun if you go square by square down the “Death Trap” and realise it’s the periodic table of the elements (or part of it, I assume the rest are next week) and all the bolded letters are Element symbols.

Yeah, I started laughing like a maniac once I saw the Metamorpho strip.


August 27, 2009 at 4:53 pm

How weird is it that two of the strips are having Aquaman guest star?

Deadman doing it for the nookie*

The Deadman strips going to come out of this as an out of the left field winner – you knew Strange Adventures would rock, but who saw this one coming?

In your face Chad and Tim who still refuse to see it as the brilliance it is in their weekly discussions about it!

The time travel aspect does drag it down a bit, because seriously, that can be pretty headache inducing.

Time Travel can be headache inducing, but how has this strip not avoided that?
There was one week towards the start where it was a bit ‘fuck the heck just happened???’, but it’s been pretty clear from then on what’s happening?
Man up and enjoy the ride!

9. Sgt. Rock- Because he’s finally out of that damn room already and Joe Kubert’s still drawing it.

Honestly though – what the heck did Rock hesitate in shooting the German for?
His gun was on safety?
This isn’t Steve Rogers, it’s Sgt. Rock – how has he lasted this long if not by killing six Germans everytime he sneezes?

Yeah, I started laughing like a maniac once I saw the Metamorpho strip.

This one’s finally living up to the promise of the first page – I was grinning like a fool the whole time.

I’m like five weeks behind in reading the damn things. The format just doesn’t lend itself well to laying on your bed and casually reading.

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