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Top 70 Most Iconic Marvel Panels of All-Time: #60-51

We asked you to vote and you came out in droves! It was a great turn-out! And now, we begin the Top 70 countdown, with ten panels revealed each installment!

We’re going to be doing this daily now, in the wake of the gigantic news released on Monday that Marvel has been purchased by Disney. But since this one already was posted earlier today, I’ll let there be two postings today!

Here‘s #70-61!

Now here’s 60-51!






55 (Tied).

55 (Tied).





Come back tomorrow for #50-41!

Here‘s #50-41


A couple of favorites here for me (especially Thor Frog), but the only ones I’m kind of surprised are ranked so low are Shaving Namor at 57 and the first appearance of Hedgehog at 54.

Did you know that the voting link got posted to Fark? That had to drive up the number of votes.

Yeah, I saw that, jazzbo.

That was neat.

Aww, I was hoping Throg would make it higher.


August 31, 2009 at 2:44 pm

I too was surprised that Namor didn’t make it higher.

Damn this “democratic process” thing.

Ah, none of these suprise me here. Namor’s shaving thing was more of sequence rather than a single panel thing, anyway. Remember we had to vote on which panel in the sequence would be considered iconic?

Namor would never stand for the democratic process!

54 on down seem pretty iconic to me. I would argue with most of the ones ranked higher. The rest of the list should be interesting.

Though I didn’t vote for it, I’m sad that Frog Thor didn’t go higher. Not so much because the panel was so iconic but more just that Frog Thor is the best. I’m also gratified that none of my choices have yet been knocked out!

Two more of my top 10 down in this reveal (Namor getting a shave and the Reed/Sue kiss).

I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll have any in the top 10…

I had the shaving Subby, If This Be Doomsday, and Reed and Sue panels all in my top ten, as you’d expect.

Very exciting. The first 20 were definitely the ones I had in the 51-70 category. Looking forward to the rest.

As cool as this whole project has been, it made me realize that most of what I think of as iconic moments in Marvel history are either cover images, or a series of images. I don’t disagree with any of the choices Brian came up with, I just realized a lot of the moments that I instantly thought of when this started don’t really have a single, iconic panel to go with them.

That Warlock panel is so awesome. (Like the whole story)

I’m sad I didn’t vote for it, but there were 10 more iconic images there, if not 10 better ones.

Oh yeah, if it were a list of the “most awesome” panels, Frog Thor would have been way near the top for me. But I couldn’t quite make the case for it being more iconic than some of those others.

I did have Forg Thor and that Dardevil panel in my top 10… Still got 8 left :)


August 31, 2009 at 8:40 pm

@FourthWorlder and Fan4Fan

We’ll just have to meet up after all this and get totally drunk and cry in our beer about how those damn Muties and Spidey have done it to us again.

The only one I’m going to be REALLY* upset over is if “This Man, This Monster” doesn’t make it in the top 10 – which I have my doubts about, but I’m holding out hope.

It could be worse, we could be Iron Man fans…

*Upset as in “that sucks”, not real world upset, I do kinda have a life…

Well.. you might end up throwing that beer in my face when you find that “this man this monster” got bumped out of my tenth spot by the spider-man under the machinery panel.


August 31, 2009 at 10:23 pm


Ok I’m better now. :)

Well that Spidey panel made it even higher than 10 on mine, so I guess that’s fair enough.

I’m surprised the wedding one is so low (though I didn’t vote for it)

Wow, Shaving Namor has way too much significance to merit a spot in the 50s. Can it get an honorable mention? Maybe you can get Gillette to sponsor it, pimping their new X-tra Close Acetylene Power Torch system.

While I didn’t have any X-panels (or maybe one), I did end up having a fair number of Spider-panels… which did bump (sorry to say) “This Man, This Monster” (my favorite comic story of all).

… which – I think – gets to my problem with this contest.

What precisely is the definition of iconic?

This is somewhat rhetorical as I think that each of us has our own definition.

Hence, the complete and utter chaos in the rankings…

The first of my votes has shown up – the Reed and Sue wedding panel. Suprised it didn’t rank slightly higher.

I had the Daredevil getting beat by Namor panel as one of my ten. Though I don’t know if its all that iconic I do think it is awesome, and thats one of my favorite stories of all time. It is lacking a bit in compostion though so I see why it didn’t rank higher.

Shaving Namor was my #11. It just got bumped by the Spiderman No More image—though I question that decision and still am not certain which I feel is more iconic.


So far the only one of my top ten pick to have been ‘dropped’ into a lower tier is the Fantastic Four wedding kiss. I suppose I knew it wasn’t really that iconic.

Fuck yeah, Frog Thor!

I wish I were more substantive, but c’mon, Frog Thor!

Okay, I don’t get it. I know that the idea of iconic is that a specific image is identifiable enough to resound down through history (or something like that) but some of the images I simply don’t recognize or know why they are iconic. For instance, other than being a picture of a near-nude (or near-topless, at least), what is so iconic about #59? Is it that the lovely woman whose nudity is carefully concealed is important or in an important moment? Or is it that the scene was the first time since the Comic Code was started that a major comic book publisher came that close to showing bare breasts?

Seriously, a bit of context would have gone a long way.

Brian from Canada

September 2, 2009 at 1:40 pm

Completely agree with you, Matthew C. Love that panel and what it says, but not really iconic in today’s Marvel.

[...] es que es un trabajo digno de tomarse en cuenta, así que los dejamos para que las vean en esta liga, esta y esta [...]

The shaving Namor panel has always been one of the most stricking covers of all time. Great job by The King.

I can’t believe that Wolverine panel is on this list. Nobody cared about Wolvie until he was put in the X-Men, and really not even then until Byrne made him look so cool.

And what’s “iconic” about the Thor-frog panel? It was one goofy story.

I can’t believe that Wolverine panel is on this list. Nobody cared about Wolvie until he was put in the X-Men, and really not even then until Byrne made him look so cool.

That panel does nothing for me either, but I think you’ve answered the question yourself. This panel was the moment that made people like the character.

I don’t mind that Wolverine panel since over time it became important(his first appearance). What made Wolverine special though it’s that “Now it’s my Turn” in the sewers, drawn by John Byrne.

What is # 59?

Do not get it. I seriously do not. Such powerful panels on this page. But all placed so low.

Wolverine and Warlock, Wow.

Probably too many speech bubbles in the FF panel but it is classic Kirby.

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