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Top 70 Most Iconic Marvel Panels of All-Time: #70-61

We asked you to vote and you came out in droves! It was a great turn-out! And now, we begin the Top 70 countdown!!!

Here’s #70-61!







64 (Tied).

64 (Tied).




With the big news from today, it’ll be a bit longer before we see #60-51!

Here‘s #60-51!


I’m surprised that both Spider-Man panels were ranked this low…especially 6-armed Pete.

Yeah, no one’s read that Dr. Strange story. I know this because *I* haven’t read it and past some of the intial Warlock stuff, I’ve read just about everything there is to read when it comes to Marvel.

Yeah, suck it, Genesis panel!

The panel of the FF sneaking past the guard didn’t make my list, but got itself ranked pretty low, lower than I think it deserved. I think the other two choices from that issue stand out more and thus this one got the shaft on lots of people’s lists. It’s a damned recognizable image and may have fared much better if everybody was listing 20 choices.

The Spidey unmasking panel was one of the first 10 I thought of before seeing Brian’s choices, but I felt that there were 10 more iconic images there, and plenty better Spider-Man choices.

The Bucky panel isn’t even the image of the scene I have in my head. I must know it better from later retellings of the story.

I was wondering, can we get a total number of votes for each panel? Just curious.

I feel the unmasking scene was slighted on account of the excess of iconic Spider-Man panels. Looking through the now-defunct #50-#60, I strongly suspect the wide majority of fans would judge these panels to be less iconic than the unmasking panel if simply scoring them against one another. What happened (again, just my speculation) was that people didn’ feel comfortable putting four or five Spider-Man choices on their ten choice ballot, and as Chris Nowlin points out, of all the Spider-Man entries, these two are among the worst (though still awesome on their own, of course).

Didn’t people say the FF panel (#64) wasn’t that iconic? Yes, I believe they did.

I hope Brian will publish the vote totals eventually. Maybe as an epilogue to the series.

Flintheart Glomgold

August 31, 2009 at 12:35 pm

Under the legal terms of the agreement reached between Disney and Marvel, no less than 51% of the CSBG’s Top 70 Marvel panels must now consist of interiors from Carl Barks’ Uncle Scrooge run.

I wish you had put the original #’s in the post, I can’t remember what I voted for.

Good call Flintheart. There’s gonna be some serious changes and why not start here?

One criterion that comes to mind when I think of “iconic” is what panels I was completely familiar with years before I read the comic they first appeared in. The FF sneaking past the guards certainly passes that test. And better than many of the rest.

Yeah, no real shockers here. Cool panels all, but by no means the most memorable.

No respect for sky-surfing Doom?

I chose cosmic Doom standing over the Surfer instead of Surfing Doom.

But wow Ben crushing Doom’s hands went quick. One down already.

So, Strange’s Sise-neg is ironic, not iconic. Or maybe might be Brian brainily toggled the totals, letting a list germinate with genesis??

The panel of the FF sneaking toward the rocket is shockingly low, but then I didn’t vote for it either.

Didn’t people say the FF panel (#64) wasn’t that iconic? Yes, I believe they did.

Yeah, but didn’t you mention Thing crushing Doom’s gauntlets (#68) as one of your initial suggestions? Yes, I believe you did. ;)

Oh well, just rechecked my final voting list and saw that even grimm-lovin’ yours truly hadn’t voted for the crushing doom’s hands panel, so there you go.

Gotta show some love for Walt Simonson’s panel of Thor and Loki screaming “FATHER!” in unison. Here, you have much of the dramatic appeal of Marvel’s Thor mythos all boiled down into one panel. Definitely worthy of inclusion in the Top 70.

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It seems like some paneld were chosen because of their importance rather than because they were good. Bucky discovering Cap and the FF going to the shuttle panels are pretty average.

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Sorry, Matt, I’ve read the Dr Strange book in question. According to that issue, God in the Marvel universe (pictured) is a time traveling wizard. He went back in time absorbing magic, causing Sodom & Gomorrah to be destroyed among other biblical disasters. Never been reconned or disputed, so God=wizard.

Doom on a surf board!! What’s not to like? Not classic Kirby in every way.. But near it.

Always good to see Simonson Thor.

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