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A Month of Iconic Covers!

For the month of September, each day I’m going to feature the top five “most iconic” covers for various Marvel and DC characters with one notable exception – no covers from that character’s first appearance. I think that those covers throw things off too much, as obviously the most iconic Flash cover is going to be Showcase #4, the most iconic Spider-Man cover is going to be Amazing Fantasy #15, etc., so it takes away the mystery of what #1 will be.

I’ll alternate DC and Marvel characters, plus I’ll occasionally give people the chance to vote (via polls) on close calls.

The first one will be up in a couple of minutes! Hope you folks enjoy it!


Well, there was a Nick Fury cover by Steranko that’s been homaged like a million times…

I can’t remember the exact issue, but there is an early appearance (in Silver Age terms) of the Red Skull holding up the Cosmic Cube that I always considered iconic. It might be Tales of Suspense #80.

I beg to differ about the most iconif Flash cover. That would be the “Flash of Two Worlds” one.

I’m still pushing for a few days of “the most iconically bad panels” where you mention a few of the panels so egregiously drawn (or from iconically bad or hated stories) that they become rallying points for fans who scream about “what is wrong with comics”

Does that mean Hulk 181 wouldn’t be eligible? This is going to be a hard list, methinks.



This sounds like fun

Brian – I thoroughly enjoy all of your countdowns, legends and articles that you post. I check this site daily to catch the latest. Bought your book and that was great too.

Just awesome stuff!

I’ve often thought this, by Kirby, was probably the best Thor cover ever done; #158:


Is it just going to be Marvel and DC? I mean I could imagine at least doing a Star Wars one and maybe doing top five Iconic Image covers. Not to mention instead of just doing a single title a theme could be used Top 5 fantasy covers(which would include Conan, Red Sonja, Death Dealer or others) top western etc.

Yes I’m greedy I want to see thousands of covers–go two months etc. :)

Fortunately, all the truly iconic Star Wars covers are Marvel anyway.

There have been some cool Walking Dead covers, I’d like to see that included. Plus there are a # of great EC covers, made even more iconic by the resulting comic code

Yep buttler, I thought about that after my original comment, when I think of Star Wars Iconic covers I immediately go issue 1 and 3(I think) at the top of my head, but I’m pretty sure Dark Horse has a few that I think of(don’t know the numbers but Dark Empire has a couple)

and of course Artist covers(Alex Ross, Kirby, etc).or anything else he could think of, I imagine that 30 days just isn’t enough to fully enjoy this.

I’m willing to bet that the iconic panels was a part of the reason and that Iron Man is going to be one of the characters he’ll do early enough(just to shut people up)

“Does that mean Hulk 181 wouldn’t be eligible?”

Well, since Wolverine’s actual first appearance was in the last panel of #180, maybe it can fall in under a technicality.

I agree with Dan. Flash isn’t the best example, because Flash #123 is the most iconic by a country mile. But yeah, Showcase #4 would surely come close, along with Flash #163 (“Stop!”), Flash #133 (turned into a puppet), Superman #199 (the race) and Crisis#8 (the death). That’s if we’re limiting ourselves to Barry. But man, he had so many good ones. Flash #152, 155, 172, 174, 184, 275, and so many more …

I wonder what the most recent cover on these lists will be….my best bet is cloud-sitting Superman from All-Star, but are there any other really strong candidates from closer to the present?

I’m willing to bet that the iconic panels was a part of the reason and that Iron Man is going to be one of the characters he’ll do early enough(just to shut people up)

You are correct on pretty much all counts (I wouldn’t phrase it as “just to shut people up,” but I guess that’s close enough).

At last . . . Secret Wars #4!

@Palomides, if he does that, we’ll just end up having to look at a months worth of Rob Liefield Xforce and Youngblood art with an occasional sprinkling of Leialoha New Mutants tossed in. No, thank you, I’ll pass on that.

In my original pitch (on another thread), I suggested just a few days of “iconically bad” work (which I still think I’d find amusing). I agree that a month would be WAY too much to suffer through

I Love this idea. I look forward to Wonder Woman day.

Justice League #1 has been homaged HOW MANY TIMES?

A lot?

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