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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 244

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Today we look at the death of Supergirl in Crisis on Infinite Earths…

In Crisis on Infinite Earths #7, the Anti-Monitor looks like he’s basically won the day. The Monitor is dead, Superman is getting his ass kicked – things look bleak.

That’s when Supergirl decides that there is always hope…

Strong work from Marv Wolfman and George Perez.

It’s tough to pick “the” moment – what say you folks?


the last 2 panels, of course.

For my current tastes I find this a bit over-written but back in the day I loved this.

“You taught me to be brave…and I was…” STILL gets me all choked up.

For me it’s Superman’s primal scream in the last panel – he’d never known what it truly was like to be hurt.

Two moments for me:

Kara’s speech (and fierceness) when she rips the floor out from under the Anti-Monitor, once more saving Kal-El from certain death, and her last words with her cousin before his silent scream.

The Crazed Spruce

September 2, 2009 at 6:32 am

I see four moments, myself. Kara pulling the floor out from under the Anti-Monitor, her pounding away at him screaming “It’s over!”, the actual killing blow, and the final panel. And Wildfire’s “We had a casualty” comes close to being a fifth.

And now *sniff* if you’ll excuse me *sniff*, I need a tissue….

I’d say either the big “THOOOMMM” or the panel with Kara’s final words. I don’t think the primal-scream panel is that momentous because the cover foreshadows (or spoils) it.

Add one of your poll thingies and let’s vote!

i have to go with super girls final speech before she dies and superman then in shadows sad for that showed comic characters can wind up dieing to save another

The moment for me was:

“Oh no…”


Jaw dropping.

Great, great storytelling by Perez. You can loud his attention to detail, but his ability to put the right beats in is rock solid there. You’re in the scene, and the reader is paced along perfectly.

Holy exposition, the entire scene gets no real room to breathe until the very end, which is probably why the final panel is powerful in comparison.

A powerful and wonderfully drawn scene, but Dr. Light’s dialogue nearly ruins it.

You turn in battle, girl? That is a fatal mistake!

I always dug that line.

Thanks a lot, Doctor Light!!

I’m going with either the last panel or the one where she’s blasted, not sure(and both also have good mini-panels before them of Supes crying and ‘Oh no’, respectively)….Hmm… Ok I think the last last panel is the most iconic, in part because of the event and in part because of the cover of this issue, but I think er actual death scene is the cool moment. Like Scott MacIver said previously: ‘Jaw dropping’. Which is impressive because you know it’s coming.

The final panel is the only one that made an impact on me. But of course, Kara eventually got better.

Dr. Light’s repentance was also supposed to be a big deal here, but she screws it up by distracting Kara. I’ve never cared at all for Light because of this. In fact, most of the older characters killed here returned eventually, while the new ones (Dr. Light, Harbinger, Lady Quark, and that oh-so-whiny Pariah) never did much in the DCU after the Crisis was over. None of them ever became breakthrough stars the likes of Kara or Barry Allen.

It was all a waste.

Which makes me ask …If SMan was getting whupped, and Sgirl is not as strong, HOW was she able to do so much damage to the A-M…the series was terrific…I suppose you’ll have Barry Allen’s (now pseudo) death recorded as well….

The death of Supergirl. To me, that “THE” moment of all moments so far as this year begins to wane.

“If SMan was getting whupped, and Sgirl is not as strong, HOW was she able to do so much damage to the A-M…”

Because Writer’s Fiat, that’s how. Crisis on Infinite Earths had great artwork, but the plot and script were absolutely awful. Nothing made sense, characters did stuff for no reason whatsoever, and each antagonist was just tough enough to seem dangerous until it was time for some hero to look good (the Anti-Monitor and his shadow creatures were unstoppable on one page, and vulnerable to mere punches on the other).

Crisis was a vastly overrated series.

best moment- ‘you are a blasphemy of life, you don’t deserve to survive’ so epic.

I love how she destroys his machines, his armour and makes him run away. I love how she says she may never be as good as him but ends showing how she was BETTER!

“I love you so much for what you are. For how good you are” – gets me every time.

Also – “I shall stand triumphant at the dawn of time!” Classic cheesy villain dialogue

The lesson learned by Dr. Light from Supergirl turns out to be ultimately worthless, since after COIE everybody forgot she ever existed, Light included.

Speaking of which, Brian, you should include as a cool moment the great followup Alan Brennert did later, “Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot” in the second Christmas with the Super-Heroes special in 1989. Her speech to Deadman was moving.

Is it a Comic Book Legend the parties involved got in trouble for running that story?

For me, it is the “You are crying. You taught me to be brave and I was.”

It really pays off the Silver Age history of the characters. Supergirl was always working to please Superman. Trying to show him that she was ready to meet the world. She had to earn her way into the community of superheroes. In the end, she was the bravest of them all. That is a moment that only works for a character with 25 years of very consistent characterization before every new creative team could radically alter the direction of any given franchise at will.

In other words, it is a moment that is totally impossible now. There have been too many “Death of …” stories. The graveyard got so full that creators are forced to bring people back. Even Barry Allen and Bucky have returned. What is amazing is that this sequence still gets me.

Maybe, it is because to this day, that Supergirl is still gone and it is really beyond the abilities of the modern generation of creators to bring her back.

“If SMan was getting whupped, and Sgirl is not as strong, HOW was she able to do so much damage to the A-M…”

Superman was sucker punched/beamed, and the Anti-Monitor didn’t give him any space to breathe after the first strike. Supergirl also started with a surprise attack and pummeling, so I don’t think it’s that much of a stretch or bad writing. After all, the A-M killed her with an attack that looks just like the first attack he hits Superman with.

25 years later and that issue still chokes me up every time.

For my money, there are three moments that get me: 1) “Oh, no…” THOOOMMM!; 2) Wildfire’s “But we… But we had a casualty.” and 3) Superman’s final, silent scream.

Isn’t the moment the cover? (Not sure if it was the next issue or this one with Supes holding the broken Kara and tears flowing down his cheeks?)

Can’t pick a moment but this was the very first comic scene to get me choked up. Barry’s death the following month did not even come close to moving me as much as this.

Actually, I can’t think of any other comic scene to move me as much as this did.

Also, the power difference between Kal and Kara is the same as it would have been on Krypton. Strictly gender-based. Remember, in the Silver-Age Kryptonians went directly to full power under a yellow sun and immediately to mere-mortal under a red sun, so Kal’s longer stay on Earth would have had no impact.

Awesome. Wolfman and Perez at the top of their game. I couldn’t pick a moment since there are just so many. This is how you do a tribute to beloved Silver Age characters.

I wish Brian included the final page, where Superman is giving Kara a private funeral. That page is also very touching, and we get to see Superman giving a goodbye to his beloved cousin.

American Hawkman

September 3, 2009 at 2:45 pm

I think the answer’s pretty clear as to why Supergirl was able to do so much more damage to the Anti-Monitor. Unlike Clark, she decided that he wasn’t worth living and went at it with intent to kill. (You don’t deserve to live!”, as she starts in on him.) That’s what made it all so much worse for me when I first read this… Superman would then have to live the rest of his life knowing that his holding back cost him a chance to end this madness before Kara died. I could EASILY see that breaking him completely, if it weren’t for her final words showing him why she made her sacrifice willingly, and that it was because of everything he stands for that she was who she was. Powerful stuff.

This whole sequence choked me up when I was 14, and it still does.

wwk5d, the Brainiac 5 stuff following this is so much more emotional than the Superman stuff. When he talks about life and death and how he just wants to go ‘away’ (which I take to mean die) but he’s too scared is so powerful. One of my most awesome moments for sure. Shakespearean almost.

(that is in LOSH #16 rather than crisis)

Yeah, it was a good issue, but I still prefer the scene I mentioned. Poor Brainiac.

Honestly, as a 14 year old reading this in 1985, I cried when Supergirl died. Barry’s death, while equally as noble, was a lot less affecting to me.

The real tragedy is that she died looking like an Olivia Newton John video.

Its a well hidden moment this one, but Wildfire’s “We had a casualty” is easily the moment of this sequence for me.

The truly awful thing about the whole Dr. Light sequence here is that Supergirl’s disappearance from continuity made the whole thing meaningless. Instead of a new hero who in two respects had the weight of Supergirl’s legacy on her shoulders (she really learned what it was to be a hero from Kara, then she’d have to deal with the guilt of essentially getting Kara killed), we had… nothing. Nothing at all.

Of course, in the ham-handed way that things got handled in the 90s, we probably would have gotten real sick of her moaning about it in short order, but still… there was clearly a lot of thought put into giving Kimiyo a backstory with some pull here, and it just got tossed in the garbage, unused.

This still chokes me up and anyone who thinks it’s overwritten should go now and read Barry Allen’s death, a tepid essay with some pictures. For me, it has to be ‘But we…we had a casualty.’ That’s when I choked up reading the sequence here, I choked up again reading someone quoting it in the comments, and just choked up again writing this!

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