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Manga Before Flowers — September Manga Previews

I somehow “missed” August previews.  And by “missed” I mean, I was apparently too lazy (perhaps “uninspired” if I’m being kind?) to cover them.  Anyway, August Previews was the month of xxxholic.  Del Rey offered both volume 14 and as well as the xxxholic: Official Guide.

Moving on to *this* month’s offerings….

emma 10

My pick of the month is the concluding volume of Emma released by CMX. I never cry at weddings but I’ll make an exception for this one….

Darkhorse’s manga solicitations have felt a little slim lately, so I’m pleased that they are offering a number of titles that will appeal to a variety of demographics.  In addition to the new Chobits omnibus (720 pages for 25 dollars?  Hell yes!), they offer new volumes of continuing series like Bride of the Water God (oh so pretty, oh so incomprehensible!), The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service (would you deliver corpses in this recession?  I bet you would!), and epic fantasy Berserk (I have no smart aleck aside for this!).  Finally, I’m especially delighted that DH has finally gotten around to soliciting Blood+: Kowloon Nights, which I believe has some boys’ love overtones, although you’d never know that from the description in previews.

Del Rey “rescues” Samurai Deeper Kyo (formerly published by Tokyopop) and offers volume 35 and 36 in an omnibus format and while I don’t follow this series, its appearance in previews is worth comment.

Digital Manga makes my heart go “doki doki” with the release of the first omnibus of the shojo classic Itazura na Kiss (aka Mischievous Kiss), with the second volume planned for early Spring 2010 I believe.  If you all like shojo even just a little, I recommend that you pick up this classic (the hairstyles and early 90’s fashion alone should be worth the price of admission).

Tokyopop offers three of all time favorite manga titles this month – Your and My Secret volume 5, Junjo Romantica volume 11 and Tea for Two volume 3.  It is going to be a good month for gender-swap and yaoi fans, that’s for sure.

And speaking of gender-swap (sort of), Viz offers the second volume of the surprisingly grounded fantasy Ooku, where women have taken over the political and economic spheres of Japan due to a plague that has decimated the male population.  Right now this title is certainly on my “best manga of 2009″ short list.  In addition, Viz adds another title to its “mature” shojo line with Yuki Yoshihara’s Butterflies, Flowers. This will be the veteran josei creator’s first title released in the U.S. but trust me, you won’t want to miss it.  (Think “sex romp” x “comedy of errors” and you’ll have an idea what Yoshihara’s works are like).

Okay, now that I’ve had my say, what looks good to *you*?


You know, when ever I let/ask girls read Emma, they always come back to me and tell me they didn’t like it. What’s up with that? I like Emma just fine. Hrm

I also really dislike Samurai Deeper Kyo, and sorry I thought Itazura na Kiss was sorta boring…

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[…] Welsh and Shojo Flash both take a look at this week’s new releases, while Danielle Leigh looks ahead with a peek at the September […]

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