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Top 70 Most Iconic Marvel Panels of All-Time: #30-21

We asked you to vote and you came out in droves! It was a great turn-out! And now, we begin the Top 70 countdown, with ten panels revealed in installments all this week!

Here‘s #70-61! Here‘s #60-51! Here‘s 50-41! Here‘s 40-31!

Now here’s 30-21!



28 (Tied).

28 (Tied).








Come back tomorrow for the top twenty!!

Here‘s #20-11!


BEN: “I’m a monster, I’m…A THING”
REED: “That’s nice. I think I’ll go with ‘Mr. Fantastic’. It’s got a nice ring to it, and you know, I am just FANTASTIC RIGHT NOW!”

Norm Macdonald’s bit on their names is hilarious.

Cap Vs. France in the top 20 at least. Heh.

“Norm Macdonald’s bit on their names is hilarious.”
Any chance of a link?

Whooo!!! Captain America France panel survives to the top 20! I love it.

I still don’t know if it can be considered an iconic panel, but she is right. Professor Xavier IS a jerk.

‘No more mutants’ looks so strange mixed in with all the others. The modern computerised colouring and printin looks so out of place with the older stuff.

Man, every one here is a classic. You can really see the stepping up of the game as it goes along.

One more of mine down. I was kinda hoping ol’ Skurge would be in the top 10. At least I know I’ve got 5 in the top 20.

gasp choke sputter

The FF hands, at # twenty-one??

Skurge vs. the Hoardes of Hel still gets to me. Unlike many of the panels in the countdown, the words have just as much power as the image. Looking at it out of context, I think the panel had a big influence on Sam Kieth.

I must be missing something on the “france” panel. can someone please explain the iconic significance?

Gad…I REALLY hated Kitty then. I mean…really. She was whiny, self-absorbant and had a bit of an ego problem. If that was the point that Claremont was trying to get across, it worked.

LOL – and the next scene I believe was Illyana and herself rushing to Stevie Hunter’s dance studio. This was in the “Fame/Flashdance” era. LOL.

Now…the birth of the Surfer? PURE Lee and Buscema. Utterly gandiose and “Marvel”. They just don’t make ‘em like THAT any more.

And I remember when Galactus fell! That WAS a HUGE deal then! Great story and art by Byrne.

Thanks, Cass!

Several of those panels are much lower than I thought they’d be.

Balder is too kind to laugh at Skurge….

The FF panel is the first of mine to fall. I actually expected that to be right by the top. Too much vote-splitting from the panels in that issue maybe? Still have my other 9 votes to make the top 20 though.

And frankly, looking at the remaining 20, I’d like explanations as to why more than 10 of those are more iconic than any of the three panels from FF #1.

The foundation of the entire Marvel Universe is #21!

I, I…I don’t even know you people anymore… ::sob::

*snif* Skurge. You did well enough I suppose. But you’ll always be Top 5 for me. Seriously, that whole story stinks of awesomeness, but this one page is the pinnacle of redemption in the Marvel Universe. I can’t think of a single character whose has as heroic a moment.

The FF hands (historically, iconic and homaged dozens of times) finishes at #21 and that Captain America (I guess it’s Captain America) france panel, a panel I’d NEVER seen or heard about before this “All-Time Iconic” list is going to finish higher?????

I guess many can’t figure out the difference between “iconic” and “kewl”.

And my first two show up: “mutie” did pretty respectable (kind of chuckled seeing “No more mutants” just beating it out, just a rough couple of panels for mutantkind, I guess…)

and my second was Silver Surfer, that’s just a beautiful image for an historic moment.

This top 20 is going to look great! Some panels I didn’t vote for (but really liked) will show up (like DD against the backdrop of flames and Wolverine getting killed), and of course 8 more of my picks on the way. I’m also glad Hulk will get his due…

Count me among the surprised that “Fantastic Four hands” wasn’t in the top ten.
MY PREDICTION FOR NO. 1: We’ll hit the jackpot.

So far almost none, or none at all, of the ones I picked haven’t appeared – but I have to say, I tend to agree with Richard Marcej that there seems to be some confusion between iconic and cool (or ‘kewl’ as the case may be). I actually love the Steranko panels from Captain America, but didn’t vote for them because while beautiful and memorable (hell, every panel in each issue he did pretty much fits that bill), I don’t really think they’re iconic, not in the way “FF hands” or Peter ‘hitting the jackpot’ or Spider-man holding Gwen’s dead body and vowing revenge are…
And Crusader K: finally, someone who agrees with me about Kitty Pryde back then. I was teenager at the time she was introduced, so I suppose I was part of the target audience for the character, but I just remember finding her more annoying than anything else: a constantly jabbering self-absorbed attention whore who did little that could be construed as useful. I had already began my long hiatus from comics by the time she had moved on to Excalibur and apparently became more interesting. And as to that panel, I in fact remember feeling kind of sorry for Professor X in that particular issue.

The Captain America on a pile of people is my only one this week, leaving me 8 entries in the top 20.

I guess I could have voted for the Fantastic Four hands shot, but I didn’t particularly recognise it. I’ve seen that pose done lots of times in and out of comics, but I wasn’t particularly aware of it originating with the Fantastic Four.

I must be missing something on the “france” panel. can someone please explain the iconic significance?

Because it distils the difference between Ultimate Cap and 616 Cap. Because it’s very famous. Because it’s so polarising and can generate pages of discussion.

“Gad…I REALLY hated Kitty then. I mean…really. She was whiny, self-absorbant and had a bit of an ego problem.”

In other words, a typical, realistic, teenager.

“In other words, a typical, realistic, teenager.”

LOL! EXACTLY, wwk5d!

But that’s what made me like her, actually. She wasn’t an adult in a teen body, she was a teenager trying to be an adult. Her realism made her very endearing.

I think “self-absorbant” is more of a super-power (Shadowsponge?) than a personality trait.

“I must be missing something on the “france” panel. can someone please explain the iconic significance?”

If you had to select the panel that best represented Ultimate Marvel and all that distinguished it from regular Marvel, you couldn’t really do much better. In those terms, it’s an iconic representation of the Ultimate line.

I think the FF panels all suffered from split voting – people voted for one panel out of the hands, or the rays hitting the ship, or the FF sneaking onto the ship, so none of them ranked as high as maybe they should have.

The Ultimate Cap panel, mean-spirited as it is, doesn’t belong ahead of the FF panels. Call me old-fashioned but I prefer the stuff that shows the heroes as heroes, not jingoistic jerks.

yeah, the No More Mutants panel looks like an ad or something.

I’m shocked and disappointed that the FF hands panel isn’t in the top 10. I agree that it seems most people voted for one of the FF #1 panels (if any) and split the votes there. I only have 5 left from my list that made it to the top 20, as I’m an old fogey who hasn’t read current Marvel since the start of New Avengers.

I lost one more this time around, Hank hitting Jan. I’ve always been impressed that Marvel never tried to back down on that one and say it was a skrull or that Hank was mind controlled, or that it was an accident. Nope, he’s just a flawed man who did a bad thing once upon a time, but is not necessarily a bad man. As people do.


September 3, 2009 at 11:27 am

Wow, the FF’s hands at 21? I would have thought that would be top if Jackpot wasn’t….

Roll on Ultimate Cap

Brian from Canada

September 3, 2009 at 12:02 pm

For me, that Kitty Pryde panel was the one that definitively broke up the X-Men into ranks and teams. Professor Xavier demoted her for immaturity and she throws a tantrum — because, unlike other books, she COULD be demoted to another book (and, in fact, was for a short while). And she reacted like a child, which is the tone that the New Mutants did but not The X-Men.

Plus, Xavier IS a jerk. I mean: seriously. Ever notice how the X-Men always seem to do better when he’s not around, but run into major crises when he IS running them?

And that’s part of the charm with Kitty. Annoying, self-absorbed, real teenager — but she grew into adulthood and has a part of her that’s not definable like Wolverine, Beast or Cyclops (who are, like most, two-note characters). That’s why *I* picked it in my top 10 (third to go).

Well a couple of mine finally showed up. I too, cannot believe the FF hands finished so low. I’m looking forward to the top 20, but starting to worry that *newer* panels were chosen for coolness, over iconic. I’m surprised to see the *death* of Captain America is in the top 20 given that the scene has been undone by Marvel in less than 2 years…

Holding breath now…

God Loves Man Kills: To this day that opening scene, before Magneto finds the children puts chills down my spine. It was the first time I remember seeing a hate crime depicted in a comic book on such a realistic manner. As real as comic books about mutants can get I guess!!!

The “No More Mutants” panel is an awful choice for such a high-ranking place. It represents the very typical post-2000 habit of self-created or “forced” important moments that really mean nothing and bear very little influence. “No More Mutants”–except afterwards there were still hundreds of mutants, always enough to fill out the rosters of the X-teams, always enough mutant villains out there, and always enough slots open for new mutants to be introduced. Is it a cool little panel? Sure. It might rank in the top 20 OF THE LAST FEW YEARS, but #27 of the last 70 years? Ridiculous. Only someone with no sense of history, a sucker who gobbled up everything the Marvel hype machine put in front of them, would think so.

[…] por si estaban desesperados, ya está la siguiente (20-11) y la anterior […]

kitty panel is one of the best it should be in the top 10 and paul smith is a GOD

Way to go, Mr, Pym! ;D

Hi, Brian, thanks for putting this together!

I voted for the Skurge panel, but it’s really missing something because it doesn’t include the line, “he stood alone at Gallerbru.” Also, I feel like I should give propers to John Workman for his awesome lettering. Also, yes, the Executioner is lopping off a skull with a machine gun. Jesus Loouiezus, everybody should buy the Thor Visionaries trades!

Count me in for the Skurge panel as well, but almost any Thor splashpage during the great Walt Simonsons legendary run could be considered.

I think the Hank slapping Jan was retconned, during the “Crossing”…it was supposedly part of Kang tampering with Hanks mind…but since not many people remember that horrible story (I wish I didn’t!), I’m not sure if it’s still in continuity or not…

Oh God, did that really happen? Did they really try to say Hank never hit her? That is inexcusable! How could the editors permit something like that?

No, Mary, not that he never hit her, but the reasons why he hit her were changed. It was revealed that Kang was tampering with his mind, and a lot of stuff he did during that era was from him going crazy due to Kang’s manipulations. Hank DID hit Jan, but it was all Kang’s fault. Again, this is all based on a story I don’t remember 100%…

Hi, Brian, thanks for putting this together!

You’re very welcome!

Hey, Dan, I got a spam e-mail from you. It was funny (obviously, it was not from YOU, just like the spam e-mails I get from myself are not actually from me, but it was still funny to see an e-mail from “Dan Felty” and have it be spam).

The Ultimate Cap panel, mean-spirited as it is, doesn’t belong ahead of the FF panels. Call me old-fashioned but I prefer the stuff that shows the heroes as heroes, not jingoistic jerks.

Okay, you’re old-fashioned.

Personally like to have stuff that shows heroes as flawed individuals.

I remember quite well when Pym was reintroduced as Yellow jacket he was suffering from schizophrenia. He didn’t even know he was Pym, braging that he had killed Pym/Giant Man. He was pretty much a villain. So i’m not surprised that this happen. If he were manipulated I wouldn’t be surprised by it also, it would make sens. Maybe not by Kang but by Egg Head or by somebody with a past of mind manipulation.

Wow, that “Mutie” panel is really powerful. What’s it from?

The “Mutie” panel is from the X-Men Graphic Novel: God Loves, Man Kills. At least, I think it is.

Wow .. Steranko .. He and Barry Windsor Smith the greatest of the Kirby copiers*. Why no Steranko Nick Fury anywhere?
I forgot how much I missed The Executioner!!

* there was a time when I thought John Buscema was in this category but his mix of Gil Kane and Kirby ended up being a style of his own. What a great panel that Galactus and Surfer one is.

No sign of Black Bolt. Unbridled power Kirby style. Nor so farKirby and Colletta’s Thor.

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