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Top Five Most Iconic Lobo Covers

Here are my picks for the top five most iconic covers featuring Lobo (with iconic being determined by what covers are most established and most recognized when it comes to Lobo, with a preference towards covers that are homaged a lot). This is not a BEST cover list and due to the very nature of icons, very few (if any) recent covers will be on the list. A notable exception to the rules is that I don’t count covers from a character’s first appearance (which isn’t applicable to all characters, of course, just those who appeared on the cover of the comic they debuted in), as those tend to be automatically iconic so they’re boring. Here‘s a list of all characters featured so far.


First off, while I’m exempting first appearance covers from the countdown, it’s only fair, I suppose, to share them here before the countdown begins, so here is the first cover appearance of Lobo from his debut story, Omega Men #3…

Artist: Keith Giffen


Artist: Kevin Maguire

While not the first cover appearance of Lobo in L.E.G.I.O.N., it is his second, and I think it is one that sums up Lobo’s appearances in L.E.G.I.O.N. quite nicely – the forced partnership between Dox and Lobo was a major part of the series and it helped lead to Lobo’s popularity increasing.


Artist: Simon Bisley

I still have a hard time believing that this comic was such a hit, but it was, and if you’re talking Lobo, the Paramilitary Christmas Special has to pop into your mind.


Artist: Simon Bisley

Remarkably, Bisley managed to follow up the first (extremely successful) Lobo mini-series with this sequel, which did just as well, with a similarly notable first issue cover.


Artist: Kevin Maguire

This stint in Justice League International (DC’s biggest book at the time) was really what vaulted Lobo into the public consciousness, leading to Giffen later bringing him to his L.E.G.I.O.N. title and making him even more popular, leading to Lobo getting his own series of mini-series, which made Lobo so popular that he was on DC Comics’ official stationery, for crying out loud!

(As a bonus, here’s the following issue’s cover, also by Maguire…



Artist: Simon Bisley

I doubt even DC expected this mini-series to be as popular as it was, and Bisley’s striking work surely had a ton to do with it.


I was hoping to see Hitman Vs. Lobo, personally.

Oh man I forgot about the stationery! Amazing how fast popularity can change.

I still can’t believe Guy Ritchie is going to helm a Lobo film.

It’s probably only worth an honorable mention (since it’s both recent and a pastiche of the cover for 52 #1), but the cover to 52 #17 is probably worth a mention.

Does Lobo the Duck get any love? I can’t help but think of that mashup when I think of Lobo.

What, no Young Justice covers?


“I was hoping to see Hitman Vs. Lobo, personally.”

Who knows, maybe Ennis and McCrea can do another “lost” mini-series of the two. ;-)

lobo… lobo… bring back sheriff lobo -homer simpson

Seriously though, I can’t believe I still love comics after growing up in this big guns, chains, shoulder pads, and cigar era

I was kind of hoping to see the cover from issue #46,Dec ’97. These are all good choices,though.

Lobo is such a strange character. He started out as a typical Giffen parody of Wolverine and the Punisher, but he became so popular that you wondered if everyone was in on the joke. I think that partly accounts for the rapid rise and sharp fall the character. That aspect of the character is nicely summarized in cover #3.

From a personal perspective, the pair of cover at #2 are my favorites. It always made sense to me that the person with the strongest will power on Earth would be a stubborn jackass, like Guy Gardner. You know, the dude behind the wheel of lifted truck WHO WILL NOT YIELD in traffic. It may not be admirable, but it is will power. That is why I love the concept that Guy is more a more formidable GL as a jerk than he was sweetheart. The reversal of fortune over two covers is a nice way to show that visually.

I think, in this case, it probably wasn’t necessary to exempt the first appearance; I doubt that would have made the list even if it was eligible… :D

(Cripes, but that was one UGLY costume Lobo was wearing back then. Methinks he never would have been popular at all had he kept that monstrosity…)

“I can’t believe I still love comics after growing up in this big guns, chains, shoulder pads, and cigar era”

and pouches bob, how could you forget pouches? or whatabout leather jackets?


Is the cover to JLI #18 a homage / parody of anything? The ‘Guy Gardner is not having a nice day…’ slogan in the movie-poster typeface always made me think it might be, but perhaps not.

Wow….can’t believe this character was popular at one time…LOL… I keep thinking of Sheriff Lobo too. Johnny Carson used to rip on that show in his monologues.

Can anyone post a link to the DC stationary at the time. I’d love to see what it looks like.

No, I don’t think half of everyone was in on the joke with Lobo. He works really well in LEGION though. The key to Lobo-used-well is simple: He never, ever, ever gets to win.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong here, but I believe that LEGION cover is also by Kevin Maguire, not Kitson. Maguire was the series’ cover artist for its first year or so.

Nah, you’re right, Andrew.

I’ll correct it.

i was going to be shocked if the paramilitary xmas special was not on the list. for that was where i first got introduced to the walking evil monster that is lobo and amazing how his look has changed over his appearances. plus love lobo making guy gardner cry in fear.

It’s a shame that 52 #17 didn’t place, because that is an awesome look for Lobo.

Lobo: The Early Years [when he was used well and sparingly] were great. Overexposure and trying to take the charecter seriously damaged him.

by the way, i LOVED L.E.G.I.O.N! [i’d buy R.E.B.E.L.S. if only i had the money.]


Let me echo the sentiments toward a cover of 52 — but not issue #17 which, as Thok said, was the same old Lobo that we’ve seen before.

My favorite Lobo piece is the amazing cover to 52, issue #36…where JG Jones showed us a Lobo that truly kicked some serious butt. It was the first Lobo that looked like he really belonged in the DC universe…and one that looked like he belonged on TOP of the DC universe.

I’m with Thok – 52 #17 all the way. It may be newer, but it is the one that springs to mind when I think of Lobo. Isn’t that iconic? Besides being a memorable image, it shows his place in the DCU, totally disrespecting the artifacts of Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman.

The earliest non-miniseries appearance cover I can think of had him falling and struggling with Superman on it. That might have just been a cover for a collected volume of Lobo stories in the rush of his first series’ popularity.. Anyone remember that? I didn’t buy it..

Depending on how one arranged the colorforms, Man of Steel #30 could be an iconic Lobo cover.

Agreeing with other commenters on 52 #17. When I saw today was Lobo covers, that was the second one that popped into my mind (first being the Christmas special).

I loved L.E.G.I.O.N. too! Wow, 1989 was a good time for comics. Was that really twenty years ago??

Honestly, I’m kind of surprised that Lobo #1 of the actual ongoing series didn’t show up, if only for it’s memorable take on the foil covers that ran rampant throughout the 90’s. It’s nothing compared to the Bisley covers, but man did it make an impression on me as a kid back in ’93.

Interesting to see how Lobo’s appearance changes over the years…was he supposed to look like Gene Simmons with the KISS make-up? Cause that’s what I got from his first appearance…

Lobo looks like a gay magician on that Legion 89′ cover. Iconic?…uh…sure.

My first thought was Lobo’s Back with the penis-elbow. I guess the sequel really shouldn’t have the #1 spot.

@DanLarkin, I arranged that cover so Lobo was ripping off Supe’s limbs and beating him about the head and shoulders with them. It’s still like that, bagged and boarded.

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Not to pick nits, but that first cover is by Giffen not MacGuire…
Good choices!

Not to pick nits, but that first cover is by Giffen not MacGuire…
Good choices!

That’s a hilarious mix-up! You see, someone pointed out that the cover for #5 was Maguire, not Kitson. So when I went to make the correction (put Maguire in place of Kitson), I must have put Maguire in place of Giffen, instead! :) So now instead of ONE cover being wrong, it was TWO covers being wrong! :D

Words cannot describe how useless I find this character

words cannot describe how useless i find your comment

Am I the only one who finds that Omega Men cover to be the most hilariously suggestive thing ever? The girl, spread eagle, with a yellow sun between her legs, and Lobo mounted on that enormous bike over her looking like Gene Simmons and Flash Gordon had a baby?

There are no words.

Wow! I actually own all the comics shown here!

First time…

Good list. Lobo is the Biz to me so I haven’t had much interest in the others. Those are the three iconic Bisley/Lobo covers though for sure. I’m surprised that the cover where he turns into a chick isn’t on it but, it’s all good.
Good list.

don’t forget when Lobo was defeated by the likes of Dogwelder and the Defenstrator


I would like to toss in LOBO #3 from his ongoing series. I mean, how many characters have actually killed someone on their covers with the logo of their book?

Chaim Mattis Keller

March 9, 2014 at 9:19 am

Wow, I’m late discovering this. But I think this article, and all prior commenters, missed the boat by forgetting L.E.G.I.O.N. ’91 # 24:


One of my favorite cover blurbs of all time, and very Lobo.

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