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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 257

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Today we look at the classic first fight between Hercules and Thor…

The fight, which appeared in The Mighty Thor #126 (the first issue of the Thor magazine), began over some awfully lame reason (like Jane Foster flirting with Hercules to make Thor jealous or some such nonsense), but when the fight actually got started, artist Jack Kirby really cut loose!

The moment for me is that first splash page.


I could do without some of Stan Lee’s dialogue during the fight, but the fight itself – awesome.


Honestly, this feels like a whole lot of meh to me. The dialogue is atrocious and the fight itself is kinda weak.

Anyone else notice that the tumbler’s in there from Batman begins?

I didn’t bother reading the dialogue. Didn’t need to. Kirby carries this on visuals alone and does it with incident to spare. That first splash is definitely the main attraction, with Thor’s fist jumping off the page, but the transition from those two vertical panels to the big horizontal panel when Hercules crushes Thor with the building is pretty much perfect. They just don’t make em like they used to.

i would go with the last one where the crowd is in shock over hercules thanks to odin halfing thors power beats hin and knocks him out

Yeah, the dialogue really sucks, and the whole thing… I don’t know, in context it’s probably cool, but I don’t really care much about it either way. Maybe a change-up from some of these types of moments and get some cool stuff from Transmetropolitan, Sandman, Y, DMZ… etc? Hell, I wouldn’t even mind some FABLES at this point.

Yeah, I’d say the final panel.

I think Odin really cut Thor’s power in half to stop his incessant boasting. “I’d rather Hercules beat him to a pulp than listen to one more bit of braggadocio.”

Can we rag on Vince Colletta’s inks now? Why do they always look so soft?


The first splash page was like an extra cup of coffee.

How does Odin made “Grand Kirby Gestures” with his arms while wearing that helmet? Seems like the horns would kinda get in the way of raising your arms.

And yeah , I did notice the Tumbler there. Take that , God-Mode Prep-Time , Batman! Thor retro-actively smashed your Batmobile before you even invented it!

“Why do you persist in talking in old-timey Shakespeare talk?! We’re from Greece! From two thousand years before Shakespeare! It makes absolutely…NO! SENSE!”

I skipped over the dialogue. I actually like the scene with Hercules kicking the purple tractor-car thing out of Thor’s hands after the build up of Thor trying to lift it to crush him.

That was totally the greatest sensation since D-Day.

Rats. I was totally hoping this would be a scene from the Bob Harras/Jackson Guice fill-in issue of Thor (356).

“‘Tis not just a car, ’tis a Volkswagon!” or some such gem.

Apparently I am the only person who likes the dialogue.

“Not all the fury in the heavens — not all the savagery on earth — can equal the senses-shattering cyclone of rage which is Thor, when seized by a pounding paroxysm of wrath!”

Awesome stuff.

Why are Herc and Thor wearing mouth guards? Did they know about this fight beforehand or do they always have one on hand?

@ Eldric IV

Not the only one by a long shot. That dialogue is fantastic.

Speaking of which . . . I wonder if Volstagg really wears a Golden Girdle. Because if he’s that huge while’s he’s wearing one, I don’t even want to think about what he looks like without it.

“as long as the memory of mankind endures, this shall be acclaimed as the greatest single feat in recorded history.”

Damn Herc, that’s some good hyperbole! I kinda want to see this become something like a catchphrase.

So we’ve got pimped out super gods from different pantheons battling in the streets of New York and people are getting hung up about the fact that they are speaking in an incorrect language?

Yeah, because the rest of Thor is so logical.

I’m not a huge fan of Lee’s overwritten dialogue on most of the Marvel books, but it fits Thor perfectly.

I love this scene. Even my wife loves this battle (and Jane Foster acting like a total god slut). We watch the Grantray-Lawrence Thor cartoon of this about 2-3 time a year. Good times…

Hercules is like Thor without the modesty.

You know, I recently started reading epic Greek plays based on mythology like by Aeschylus and others. I have to say, after reading a lot of those plays in the past 2 years, I really started to get what Lee was going for in his over-the-top hyperbole in these pages, and can appreciate it more. I think it’s great stuff, adds a lot of fun bombast to the scenes.

Why does Odin have two eyes?

Vinnie Colletta was usually the worst choice to ink, well, anyone, but you can tell that he actually took his time on Thor and tried to make it look good.

I get a kick out of how Thor and Hercules are written. While the dialogue is fun, the art is Kirby-tastic!

Count me among those who think Stan’s dialogue is awesome.

Of course the dialong is awesome.
Someone should point out to Hercules that for every 1 person who remembers him defeating Thor by dropping a building on him, there are probably 500 who remember Spider-Man defeating Juggernaut by sinking him into a foundation of a building. Maybe that will humble him a bit.

Yeah, I’m glad the comments started shifting the other way on the dialogue. What would a Thor comic be without it?

Anyone else think that its a total cop-out by Odin to have his lackey drain the power from Thor?
“Still, I am his father and can’t risk having someone know that i totally killed my own so, uuumm….so you do it, Lackey Guy!”
What a dad, that Odin. No wonder they call him ‘all-wise’.

It’s worse than that. He grants his power to and puts his trust in someone called “the Merciless”. Shockingly, Seidring proves perhaps not as faithful as one would hope…

You’d think Hercules being called “The Titan from Olympus” would send him into a pounding paroxysm of wrath. But, no, he knows that even though the thunder god’s strength is waning at last, the power of Hercules IS as titanic as before. Hey Odin does have two eyes! He must be wearing a falsey. Hercules is always fun.

I agree, it’s Thor, the dialogue should be over-the-top. And yes, it’s also contrived…a lot of the fights scenes back then were, someone was under mind-control and couldn’t fight at 100% or had their powers drained and couldn’t fight at 100%…

The fight against the Hulk from that era was MUCH better.

I could tell it was Colletta on inks since there are so few backgrounds. All of Kirby’s detailing vanished into thin air once Vinnie went at it with his eraser.

this takes me way back, I use to have this giant comic book along with the Hulk’s but the thor’s was my favorite.

And to a 8 year old boy the dialogue was great since all we had was our young imaginations/

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