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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 259

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

Today we look at the introduction of the lead character of Rick Remender and Tony Moore’s Fear Agent…

We meet the protagonist of Fear Agent when he arrives on a planet on a job to retrieve some supplies which were lost on the planet some time earlier. He arrives to find himself attacked by some Neanderthal-looking creatures.

After following the creatures to a cave where the stuff he has to bring back is located, he discovers that a giant brain-creature (if the natives are Class-D alien lifeforms, think of the brain as Class-A) has crashed on the planet and has used its mind control abilities to command the natives of the planet to do the work necessary to rebuild (inside the cave) the brain’s space ship so it can leave.

Of course, though, the materials necessary to build the spaceship also include the supplies that our “hero” has been tasked to bring back himself (and if he doesn’t bring them back, no cash for him).

However, after an encounter with the brain-creature (luckily, mind controlling aliens are fairly common, so telepathic-protection helmets are fairly common gear), whose spaceship is ready to depart, our “hero” finally figures that he is not going to get the supplies back, so he might as well get some revenge on the brain-creature commanding all the natives to kill our “hero.”

Very cool way to be “introduced” to Heath.


Ha! That’s awesome! I like the art, specifically the colouring and composition of the action in each panel. This is pretty cool, I might pick up the first volume of this series.

i would agree for what an entrance to the main character.

like the art, specifically the colouring and composition of the action in each panel.

Tony Moore IS amazing.

This is the series that later has art by Jeremy Opeña, who is soon to be a major art star.

Ah, the Carlin defense.

I love, love, love Fear Agent. To bad that the final arc of that title is coming out soon – however, there’s a lot of backstory to explore for those who are new to the title or want to see what it’s all about.

Unfortunately, my LCS has been out of stock on some of the earlier TPB volumes and, according to them, DH hasn’t released any new copies of the same in some while. Hopefully with the title wrapping up, DH will start re-releasing some of those early volumes again so that folks like you and me can revel in the true badassery that is Heath Huston.

Great pick Brian.

Just wondering, does anyone know what Tony Moore’s going to work on next after FEAR AGENT?

THE WALKING DEAD, perhaps? ;-)

This is some good stuff.

Great pick!

This actually didn’t do anything for me. Not to my taste perhaps, or maybe i need more exposure to this title.
i’ve liked most of the other entries, but this one was the weakest to me.
Looking forward to tomorrow.

I loved Moore’s stuff on Exterminators…

I’ve always meant to try Fear Agent…

You’ve reminded me, thank you!

i don’t get how tony moore is at marvel and drawing ghost rider instead of fantastic four…

Dude is like Flash Gordon mixed with John McClane

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