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Wednesday Comics: Unranked. Let’s Just Hang Out And Talk, Man.

So, yeah, here’s some more about Wednesday Comics.

Pretty much everything looks to be ending obviously. That doesn’t bother me too much; I’m not Nevett, I just steal his gimmick. Still, it’s a bit disappointing, even in the strips I love like Kamandi and Deadman, where the obvious twists or flat out cliches rear their ugly heads. The ones I’m indifferent to, like Batman, just bemuse me. When it’s the universally loathed Titans junk, it’s just more to loathe. (OMG it was their one recurring villain all along!)

Superman’s twist/justification for mopey Clark has made it pretty okay. Still not great, but not as bad as I made it out to be. And better than Flash!

Yeah, I remain not crazy about the Flash. I’m sorry, internet. Maybe it’s the time travel, maybe it’s Barry Allen. I’m not saying it’s bad, it will just never be my favorite strip in the package. There are parts that feel like I should love them; it’s certainly formally ambitious, but so is Wonder Woman, and that’s unreadable.

Wait! Wonder Woman was readable this week! There’s another strip I liked better than Flash! I really do plan on reading the strip as a whole when it’s done.

Yeah, I would read a Kyle Baker Hawkman ongoing, and I loathe Hawkman usually. It helps that Baker has been using guest stars.

I’d also read a Supergirl ongoing by Palmiotti and Conner. I don’t loathe Supergirl, but I’ve never bought one of her solo comics before.

I’d buy Paul Pope Adam Strange without WC, but I really hope the Wednesday Comics serial winds up leading in to him continuing this story in an ongoing (or at least the next WC. It Kamandi are the only strips I want to see continue with the same creative team if/when they do a sequel).

Gaiman and Allred’s Metamorpho has alternated between being inspired and disappointing, but one constant has been how awesome Java is.

I may prefer Didio’s Metal Men to Giffen and DeMatties’s. Of course, Didio doesn’t expect me to buy a crappy Doom Patrol comic to read 10 pages of his Metal Men. Wonder how he managed to get his dream project surrounded by this much talent? Dude must be connected.

This week’s installment of Green Lantern is exactly the kind of thing I want to see Hal Jordan do. Well, the only thing I want to see Hal Jordan do, really.

Deadman and Catwoman remains not as good as I’d hope given the characters and creative team, but it’s okay. If nothing else, I loved that last line about the Demon’s rhyming from Selina.

I’m not really that excited about this project anymore, but I still think it’s been worth the money to follow weekly, and just appreciate that DC did something so outside the box for instead for one of these projects instead of another DCU wankfest like 52 or Trinity (I don’t have an insult crude enough for Countdown). I’ve heard some people say they were ripping of Kramers Ergot, but really, those people need to die in a fire (or at least lend me their copy of that absurdly expensive giant Kramers Ergot).


Thank god I’m not the only person on the internet who doesn’t think this thing is the second coming of comics. Despite my near-total apathy for the project, I did check out the first couple of issues eventually out of general comic book curiosity, and they dropped my near-total apathy to total apathy. Not that they were bad; they were simply exactly as uninteresting as I thought they would be. And the Wonder Woman thing was unreadable.

Why am I always so mean? I swear I’m a nice guy.

BTW Paul Pope posted on his twitter that he actually has a 13th strip (and a write-up) that’ll go up on his Pulp Hope blog sometime after comics come out this week.


Forget it, Matt; it’s internet town.

The reason you’re always so mean is because you’re “Ultimate” Matt. Which is basically just 616 Matt, but an asshole. Just like all the other Ultimates.

I would love to see Wednesday Comics become a yearly tradition. Even though the writing has been hit or miss, the artwork has been uniformly great. For example, Karl Kerschl’s Flash story has been confusing a lot of the time, but the art has never dissapointed. If nothing else, WC has been beautiful to look at. and for that reason alone I would keep buying it.

Damnation. Something *else* about which I’m not even the slightest bit curmudgeonly — WEDNESDAY COMICS. Of course, that’s probably the Amanda Conner factor at play again, since so far “Supergirl” is the only strip I’ve read.

Otherwise, I’m waiting to have all 12 issues — I’m hoping #s 10 & 11 arrive from HeavyInk today, else I blew the extra $2 I spent for Priority this time around — in hand before I start my perusal. As I’ve noted elsewhere, though, I just couldn’t delay reading a strip featuring not only Ms. Conner’s wonderful art but also Krypto & Streaky.

Good call, jazzbo. I turned myself into a snarky Millar character. let’s see if the name change makes me more agreeable.

I tried to read the first Wednesday Comics and never got into it. I really really wanted to, but I could. It didn’t seem retro/old-timey to me. It seemed like one page of a backup strip made physically larger. I wanted cliffhangers at the end of every page, and outrageous forward momentum. And maybe footer/header gag strips. If you’re going for that feel of the classic comics page, maybe it like those comics. Don’t hold back. That was the deal breaker for me. It felt too much like today.

Also, it was so big. I know that was the shtick, but I was hoping they’d do more with the format. Sadly, they just went with BIG pages. I have cats who sit on anything on the floor, so that was out; and I’m not a kid anymore, I don’t care to lay on my belly and read huge pages. I have to crawl to see the top. I didn’t like it when I was young, I don’t care for it now.

I wish I had more love in my heart.

Face it: most of you guys hate comics. And you’d be crew members on Captain Hook’s ship if you went to Neverland.

Face it: most of you guys hate comics. And you’d be crew members on Captain Hook’s ship if you went to Neverland.

Well, yeah. But, who would want to be a Lost Boy? Oh, right: The Coreys.

Aside from a scant few strips, Wednesday Comics has been a huge disappointment. It’s all style and no substance. I’d much rather buy an art book featuring any or all of the artists involved. At least then, I wouldn’t have to put up with thin plots, crappy dialogue, or emo Superman.

If there’s another Wednesday Comics in the future, I’ll wait for the trade or pass on it completely.

Unless half of every issue is by Karl Kerschl.

Between Flash, Strange Adventures, Kamandi, and Deadman I found enough to justify my purchase every issue. Strange Adventures is now my wallpaper, and Flash and Kamandi will soon join the other two walls in my room. That alone is pretty damn awesome. I really can’t understand the negative reviews this thing is getting as we come to an end. No, it wasn’t the second coming of comics. No, most of these don’t really compare all that favorably to the broadsheets that inspired them. Still, WC kicks the crap out of just about anything that DC (or Marvel for that matter) have been publishing as of late with the exception of maybe Batman and Robin (and not anymore with Philip Tan’s generic and confused art) and maybe Detective.

Oh, and in the end? I think Wonder Woman did more right than wrong. The only strip that was entirely irredeemable was Teen Titans.

I like you better already, Matt.

If they try to do this again, every future writer should read the Metamorpho strip to get an idea of how to think outside of the box and maximize the medium. It may have not been the best series (not sure if it wasn’t though) but instead of trying to just make a regular story fit into the format, take advantage of the format.

I will say that the Sgt Rock series ticked me off, the glacial pacing ruined a good story(imho), The Wonder Woman strip tried too hard, and the Cat and Demon was just uninteresting. I don’t hate the Titans like everyone else, but it wasn’t that good of a series. I don’t really understand how people couldn’t have liked the Flash series, it was did a little bit of everything. Kamandi and Metal Men was always good, and Supergirl just gathered steam from slow boring to cute to fun to exciting to adventure.

Oh, forgot about Sgt Rock. That one was awful.

Sgt Rock was probably the most disappointing to me. You’ve got Joe Kubert drawing Rock, on these huge pages. We should have had some spectacular battle scenes. Instead we had 6 weeks of Rock getting beaten in a chair. You would have thought with only 12 pages more strips would have been condensed. Instead many of the stories seemed to be about a 4 page story stretched out over 12.

That said, without having the final issue obviously, I’ve been pretty pleased overall with it. It was a neat idea, I think enough of the strips were done well that it was worth my $4 each week. I hope they do it again, just do it better. Maybe have a few one-off features, or something that only runs a couple of weeks. Utilize the format better.

I was massively disappointed by Metamorpho. It was tedious and it tried to hard to be clever, while just making lots of dad-jokes.

Flash is awesome, though. Something happened in every issue, and it was beautiful the whole time.

Some of Wednesday Comics is great (Supergirl, Flash, Metal Men, Metamorpho), some of it is awful (Wonder Woman, Titans), the rest is somewhere in between. (I do NOT get the love for Kamandi or Adam Strange, though. I guess for Kamandi it is purely nostalgia because he apes a certain old strip style…)

I’ve enjoyed the project even for the bad strips. Interesting to see how different creators approached this different format.

And how you don’t love “The Flash” is beyond me, Brad.

Like everyone, I loved some of it.

After seeing both WEDNESDAY COMICS and FLASH: REBIRTH, I would be a lot more excited about the return of Barry Allen if Karl Kershel were prominently involved. STRANGE ADVENTURES was always a good read. SUPERGIRL was fun, so were DEADMAN and KAMANDI.

Neither TEEN TITANS, nor SGT. ROCK, were very good. However, it was easy enough to skip them after a couple weeks. In the case of ROCK, at least the art was good.

The amazing thing is that I didn’t hate any of the strips. I admired what the creators were trying to do in WONDER WOMAN and METAMORPHO, despite not thinking they were great successes. SUPERMAN was dull, but pretty. That is a small victory considering how repellent DC Comics have been in recent years.

On the whole, it was a great reminder of how big the DC Universe can be. Looking at their solicits, you would never know it.

“And how you don’t love “The Flash” is beyond me, Brad.”

I really wish I could so you people would stop haranguing me every time I don’t say I want to have its babies. I really, really do. I mean, I should; it has talking apes and pretty art, and that’s 2/3rds of why I love Kamandi. But I don’t.

Also, people who don’t like the Sgt. Rock strip are some hyperbolic thing or another. I’ve enjoyed it despite the pacing because IT IS JOE KUBERT DRAWING SGT. ROCK IN TABLOID FORMAT! Did everyone miss that part because he let his son write it, possibly when he was 8?

When I made my comment about Sgt Rock, that is what I meant, it should have been better, it’s pedigree makes me think it should be something special, and instead we got something less than special. I never gave up on it, just thought it was ready to reach a higher level, and it never jumped.

(didn’t know that about his son though)

and I have to agree with Jazzbo, a few of these seemed to have been even shorter stories stretched out. I second the one off format or going with a couple of shorter series’s. I think as an experiment, it has to be thought of as a success, and hopefully they’ll take lessons learned and apply it next time they do something like this.

Let’s talk about chicks, man!

“Chicks… Man….”

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