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Wednesday Comics: Hey, Wait, We Have One More Page Left!

Or, why 15 epilogues isn’t so great a reading experience.

So, yeah, that sure was the end of Wednesday Comics. Every strip had a conclusion. Well, I assume that Titans did. I barely even skimmed that thing. And what I could decipher from Wonder Woman was that she was dreaming after all. I think. That sure was a lot of panels again.

But the readable strips, those all finished this week. Even though really, most of them finished last week. Notable exceptions were Supergirl, Kamandi, and Hawkman, which all added something noteworthy to the narrative (and at least one featured a T Rex fighting a seahorse). But really, did we need Batman kissing/suffocating a dying woman to save his secret identity? Superman calling Lois collect? That last page of Strange Adventures, beautiful as it was?

And don’t get me started on the Flash! Seriously, don’t. It was perfectly okay, no better. I will not back down from that assessment. I don’t know why everyone is so crazy about it. We will never be able to reconcile this.

The Metal Men story pretty well ended like all Metal Men stories do. But hey, good on Dan Didio for writing that story and overcoming the rep he’s earned for his editorial decisions. So, having negated most of the discussion below, will it disappear?

The Demon/Catwoman ending made me want to see a Simonson written team up comic starring them, even if the serial itself was underwhelming.

I may literally be the only one, but I could stand to read more New Frontier GL by Busiek.

So, now that I’m done talking about the actual comics that DC published, it’s time to move on to something of much greater worth; the theoretical comics I demand DC publish to pander to me! Brad Curran’s Dream Wednesday Comics II would include the return of the Kamandi and Strange Adventures, plus:

OMAC by Mike Mignola
Mister Miracle by Jim Steranko
Zatanna by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm
Plastic Man by Evan Dorkin and Dean Haspiel
Wildcat by Frank Miller
Superman/Batman by Mark Waid and Frank Quitely
The Spirit by Darwyn Cooke, J. Bone, and Dave Stewart
Ambush Bug Funnies by Keith Giffen and and Robert Fleming
Mary Marvel by Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner*
Enemy Ace by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon
Jimmy Olsen by Chris Sims and Rusty Shackles
Black Canary by Gail Simone and Terry Dodson
Dr. Fate by Dan Curtis Johnson and JH Williams III
Swamp Thing by Len Wein and Berni Wrightson
Human Target by Grant Morrison and Cliff Chiang
Static by Dwayne McDuffie and Chris Sprouse
Death by Neil Gaiman and Amy Reeder Hadley
Warlord by Kurt Busiek and Cary Nord

So yeah, some Vertigo characters, although I’d expect it to be as general audience friendly as volume 1. Also, if I was running Wednesday Comics II, strips would not all be 12 weeks long. Mix things up a little. Use the format to tell some done in ones or do gag strips, as well as six part long stories. Or, if I wanted that coveted MarkAndrew dollar, I’d smush all of these together and make them team ups. So that’s why all the strips that wouldn’t fit in the original.

And now I will shut right the hell up about Wednesday Comics.

*Yeah, this would just be their Supergirl with guest appearances by Captain Marvel and Tawky Tawny.**
**Or I guess maybe Jeff Smith could do the strip with his Mary, if Conner and Palmiotti are busy.***
***Now I’ll shut up with the Wednesday Comics talk.


As poor an EiC as he may be, Didio is a solid writer. Watch some ReBoot. He wrote some of that. One notable episode he did was Number One, when Enzo hallucinates a game world that is Mainframe, with him as Megabyte, forcing him to deal with his personal issues.

Dr Fate by JHW3 blows my mind!

Dude, you totally should’ve tossed in a hyperlink on Sims’ name.

Reading this was painful, and thinking you’re edgy and cool for calling someone a “functional retard” just shows you’re a useless twit.

But unlike Unreadable Wonder Woman®, at least this was readable.

I’m not sure what happened with Flash either but at least my crush on Iris continues. Catwoman/The Demon ended with the grossest imagery ever.

As for a Wednesday Comics sequel, I’d toss in a Stars and STRIPE by Johns and Conner.

Yeah, agreed. You’re writing is easily the most painful writer to read on this site (I mistakenly didn’t check the author this time), but calling someone a “functional retard” because they’ve made some business decisions that you don’t agree with, and aren’t 100% privy to all the behind-the-scenes knowledge of, is sad. I don’t like most of DC’s output, either, I’m not an apologist.

Are you in high school, or college or something? I’m genuinely curious, because I’ll forgive you for being horribly inexperienced and having complete lack of life perspective if that’s the case. Otherwise…I’ll not make the mistake of reading your writing ever again.

If there was a Giffen Ambush Bug strip there would need to be a one page fill in by another team when we never get the final installement…until Wednesday Comics vol. 6…maybe.

functional retard is pretty offensive. would you have used a racial slur for a cheap joke?

i think you guys should lighten up. It wasn’t most tasteful way to put it but I don’t think it was THAT bad.

I like Brad’s stuff a lot (& not just because he’s started dropping my name fairly frequently!) — his first few columsn turned me off, but I’ve very much warmed to his general approach … but if memory serves he was called out for using “retard” or “retarded” just a few days ago (albeit, I believe, in reference to himself).

Once that’s happened, I’m sorry: I just can’t think of any excuse for doing it a second time, & to my mnd (which I’ve acknowledged is hardly objective on this issue, since my sister is Down syndrome) that obviates T.’s observation.

(And if the previous “retarded” offender was someone else, I of course hereby apologize. I don’t think it was, though.)

If they (DC) really wanted to get the large Sunday Newspaper Funnies page feel why not approach a second Wednesdays Comics from a totally different angle. Why not bring in comic strip artists/writers to work on DC characters?

Now granted, most of the classic adventure strip artists are either retired or dead, but there might be some talent
out there who not only would bring a unique look to the DC characters, but would bring their knowledge of working within the comic strip framework to the project.

The Metal Men story pretty well ended like all Metal Men stories do. But hey, good on functional retard Dan Didio for putting that whole thing together! He has trouble tying his shoes/running a publishing company, from what I hear. We should give him a special Eisner for effort.


Was this copy/pasted from the Newsarama forums?

I would understand if the “functional retard” comment came from T, he’s the one that hates DiDio with a vengeance if I’m not mistaken.

>>He has trouble tying his shoes/running a publishing company

In fairness, with that phrase Brad is referring to a long thread of commentary from yesterday in response to MarkAndrew’s “DC Comics and Milestone.”

Also, T. certainly isn’t the only one who hates DiDio. I don’t *hate* him, I guess, but I certainly hold him in very low regard … even lower regard than I do Quesada, assuming that’s possible.

Of those listed, these would make it an automatic buy:

Zatanna by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm
Black Canary by Gail Simone and Terry Dodson

And these would just be icing on the cake

Mister Miracle by Jim Steranko
Wildcat by Frank Miller
Superman/Batman by Mark Waid and Frank Quitely
Mary Marvel by Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner*
Dr. Fate by JH Williams III
Human Target by Grant Morrison and Cliff Chiang

You’re writing is easily the most painful writer to read on this site

Why does nobody ever proof read when they write sentences like this one?

I believe the “functional retard” thing was a crass jab at Alan Coil, who called him on his more innocuous use of “retard” in a previous thread. Was it in poor taste? Yes. Are people in this thread blowing it out of proportion? Absolutely.

Sometimes I wonder where you guys come from where the word “retard” gets you up in arms. What about “moron”? Also a clinical term associated with a specific IQ range. “Imbecile”? Same thing. Why don’t we just get rid of all the words of disdain, “douchebag,” could be offensive to women, “asshole,” maybe evoke some uncomfortable connections for people with colon cancer. Actually, we’ll have to save some of the words so we can tear Brad apart in his own thread, because, you know, it’s okay to be a complete dick to a specific person as long as you’re not being offensive to any group.

The thing that makes this whole dispute idiotic (uh oh!) is the fact that English dictionaries widely recognize Brad’s usage of “retard” as something separate from the bigoted slur. Here’s dictionary.com (AKA RandomHouse Dictionary) on the slang usages of “retard.”

4. Slang: Disparaging.
a. a mentally retarded person.
b. a person who is stupid, obtuse, or ineffective in some way: a hopeless social retard.

Separate. Compare w/ their definition for “spic.”

–noun Slang: Disparaging and Offensive. a Spanish-American person.

Similar for the dreaded N-word. The definitions make reference to race, which is the issue of offense. Surely you’re not suggesting it’s never okay to dispariage someone for being “obtuse or ineffective in some way.”

I actually don’t *hate* Didio, I just don’t think he’s good at his job. I’m sure he’s a pleasant enough person. i personally wouldn’t call him a functional retard, although I do think he’s done idiotic things (not an actual idiot, just a guy who has made some very idiotic decisions in the course of his job). I have called him other names at times though.

>>Sometimes I wonder where you guys come from where the word “retard” gets you up in arms.

Quasi-civilized society?

As I said, I’m biased because I have a mentally retarded sibling. Given your great degree of sensitivity & perspicacity, I presume you do as well.

Accordingly, I will strive to be as magnanimous &, nay, *omnisicient* as you. Give me time — you’ve set the bar exceedingly high.

@ T: sure,I understand and obviously share your opinion. You’d have to be blind not to see the terrible job Didio has done. I just mentioned you because you’re the most vocal about it(at least on this blog).

As for the “retard” comment, I don’t see what the big deal is. A bit out of proportion, sure, but it was clearly not meant to be ofensive to handicaped people. It’s not like Brad pulled a Michael Richards.

I do, however agree with Aaron Poehler and Matt Little in their opinions of Brad: I stopped going to the ISB so I wouldn’t have to put up with that obnoxious douchebag and now it almost sems like he’s posting here under a different name.

Although now that I think about it, has anyone seen Chris Sims and Brad Curran together?

So Dan, you’re basically conceding that you have no argument?

Wow. You called Dido a “functional retard”? Mr.Curren, its moments like this where everything that is negative about critics is true. I think I will from this point forward skip any articles you write, that was pointless and mean.

Not cool, not cool at all.

Cass —

No, I’m conceding that you’re apparently incapable of basic senstivity, or at least are adopting such a persona for the purposes of this thread.

Btw, DiDio & Quesada … I take it from their surnames that both those guys are Wops?

Just as I am apparently incapable of basic typing skills.

Omar Karindu, with the power of SUPER-hypocrisy!

September 24, 2009 at 11:52 am

Cass, the word “retard” in the second disparaging sense clearly derives from its use in the first such sense. That in itself ought to indicate the problem.

How long till Cass enlightens us about the problem of Dagoes controlling comics? I mean, it was bad enough when a bunch of Kikes were running everything, but damn …

I’m going to ignore the talk about retards and talk about what really matters.

“Superman/Batman by Mark Waid and Frank Quitely
Ambush Bug Funnies by Keith Giffen and and Robert Fleming”


*sigh* I got it, Brad.

Hmm. Yeah. This is just lovely.

First: Would you all have been okay if I’d called Didio “functionally stupid”, or “differently abled”, or something else? I really didn’t meant that one as a slur so much as a riff on the fact that just yesterday you were all saying he was such a moron (and by you all, I mean Dan Bailey and T., so irony!).

Also, it really doesn’t hurt my feelings if any of you don’t read me. Especially Poehler who already told me I sucked at least once this week. You can seriously just ignore me. It’s cool! I ignore things I find as excruciating as my writing is to some of you! Also, Sims and I have never been seen in the same place because I think I creep Sims out, Dude, but if we were the same guy, it would explain a lot, although the logistics of traveling from Texas to South Carolina so much seem pretty daunting.

I don’t want to stop using the word retarded because, well, I don’t. I don’t like being told not to do things, and don’t even really consider it a slur (although I have used it that way, in retrospect. The Dido thing this time was him hyperbole). Of course, I don’t have a family member who has mental problems like Dan Bailey, so fair enough.

And thank you, Michael. For not being re… yeah, I’ll quit. I find this whole “stop the r word” campaign intolerably PC, but hey, you can hop, skip and jump to “I should be able to use racial slurs” by that logic, so I’ll delete that word from my vocabulary, so as not to offend the eight people who did not post here to tell me they’d quit reading me in disgust. Was that Bissinger apology?

Oh! Functional illiterate! That’s what I should have said, I bet! Unless that would be a whole thing with illiterates, but how would they know I’d insulted them?

Also, I encourage people to start a “fire Brad Curran” petition, because if it worked, then they’d have to pay me in order to fire me. And that’s the last I’ll say in this thread. I’ll give it back to y’all. You were doing pretty well without me.

For a guy who’s so keen on sensitivity, Dan, you seem to have no problem insinuating that I’m both an idiot and a racist (neither of which is true). Oh and a savage, to boot (this one maybe). However, you have yet to provide anything that could be considered a rebuttal to the points I made. I’m not saying there aren’t any counterarguments, Omar made a good point, but your method seems to be to attack my character, solely because I presented an argument whose conclusion you didn’t like.

Your “extending” of my argument to call Dan DiDio a “Wop” or Stan Lee a “Kike” is unsound. As I tried to make clear, there’s only one definition for the word “Kike” and one for the word “Wop.” These words are directed at people of a certain ethnic background and are meant to imply inferiority simply from being born of that background. When somebody says “Dan DiDio is a retard. He can’t get any books out on time,” or whatever, they’re using the second definition (the racial slurs don’t have these) which in its wording bears no reference to people with long-standing conditions of mental retardation (though as Omar says, there is an implication). Still, when somebody says “Dan DiDio is a retard. He can’t get any books out on time,” it’s clear that he means “Dan DiDio is screwing up / conducting business ineptly,” and not mocking him for a state of being that he can’t help.

Also, people who go around saying “spic” and “kike,” I would imagine, actually dislike Hispanics and Jews and use those words to perpetuate the idea that these people are inferior. When somebody says “Wow, that movie was so retarded,” there’s almost never any deep-seated resentment of the mentally retarded lurking in that statement. In fact, for most people who would say something like that (myself included), if a mentally retarded person walked by, they wouldn’t look at him with disdain or try to disrespect him or view him as less of a person. Like I said, I think many of the people upset about the use of the word “retard” reguarly use at least one of the words “idiot,” “moron,” and “imbecile,” all of which, at least at one time in the recent past, were used as specific categories of mental retardation. The overlap is perhaps unfortunate, but “Joe Quesada was so retarded when he gave the go-ahead to OMD” is a valid, non-bigoted usage, and I don’t think it’s fair to write somebody off entirely for using a common slang word in an inoffensive way (a disparaging way, obviously, but not offensive in the typical sense – the dictionary makes these distinctions as well).

I’m pretty sure I was defending you and your right to call him a retard Brad, so I’m not sure what the irony is exactly.

I also admitted I’ve called him names in this thread too.

Also, fwiw, looking at it now, “functional retard” does cross the line over to offensive since it implies a stronger connection to the disabled. Take my arguments to pertain to the use of the word “retarded” as a synonym for “dumb.”

just want to remind people that i like comics.

Cass —

I don’t think you’re an idiot at all. (If I said as much, please point it out to me, so I can retract it. Honest!) For one thing, you write waaaaay too well for that.

Nor do I think you’re a racist, or hate the mentally retarded, or anything of the kind. I *do* think you’re ignoring — maybe for the purpose of making a point, maybe out of an allegiance to some sort of intellectual honesty that I don’t agree with, etc. etc. etc. — the term in question’s genuinely objectionable & offensive connotations.

Which is what I was pretending to do with certain racial slurs. Ignoring their offensiveness would beggar belief. In my little PC world (which is hilarious, by the way — yeah, politically I’m so far to the left of Leon Trotsky that I can’t even see him from where I am, but I also voice so many “incorrect thoughts” that I’m looked at askance more often than not), that applies to “retard” & its variations, too. I apologize, but for me it happens to be beyond intellectualizing, even though I think you’ve done a good job of that. (Unless “intellectualizing” carries a negative connotation for you, in which case I mean something else. I’m really tired, & it’s been a ridiculously long day at work, & I’m not up just now to giving your post the re-reading & thought it richly deserves.)

I mean, let’s be honest — you brought up the word “nigger,” & we’re both aware that that term’s use can be validated, too, with enough mental hoop-jumping. Seeing that happen is hardly unusual, & for that matter it’s been all over sports talk radio here all week long because some black Auburn coach apparently used it while miked during a game. (I’ve paid little attention to the whole situation, so that synopsis is probably missing a few germane details.) But the fact that its use *can* be justified, at least in the speaker’s mind, doesn’t mean I want to use it, or that I want you to use it, or that I think Brad should use it. If you or he want to (which of course I highly doubt), you guys have every right to do so, but would it be inconceivable for people to take umbrage at it?

Well, call me crazy (others have! a couple have even been wearing white coats at the time!), but in my particular case — &, judging from this thread, others’ too — “retard” & “nigger” aren’t that far apart.

If that hurts your feelings or insults your obviously considerable (no snark intended, & I hope none taken) intelligence, I’m truly sorry. And if it does the same to Brad — whose columns, I will say again, I have really, really come to like — the same apology applies.

Group hug?

Or at least handshakes?

>>Of course, I don’t have a family member who has mental problems like Dan Bailey, so fair enough.

No, no, young Curran. My sister has developmental & intellectual problems (functionally, she’s about 4 years old, I think — chronologically, she’s 46.) IIIIII have mental problems.

(I do! Really! It’s not like I’m taking Depakote & Celexa for my health! Well, actually, I *am*, of course, but I think you know what I mean …)

As far as I’m concerned, you can call Didio or anybody whatever you want. I hate this “be careful what you say” PC crap as well.

My only criticism is that you like Sims’ work so much that it reflects on your writing. There have been some occasions where you use expressions straight out of the ISB.

There’s nothing wrong with your writing per se,it’s just that I grew fed up with Sims and his hyperbolic schtick and it’s annoying to see it referenced here.

>>I find this whole “stop the r word” campaign intolerably PC,

Whereas in my estimation, “intolerably PC” would be crap like insisting that “womyn” be spelled like that, or some such absurdity.

Young Curran, I was involved in-fighting amongst the fringes of the anarchist left back when you were in diapers (or so I presume — the set of CSBG Baseball Cards I got is outdated; it doesn’t include you, so I don’t know any of your vital stats, like age), & believe you me: You do NOT know from PC.

>>so as not to offend the eight people who did not post here to tell me they’d quit reading me in disgust.

Which of course doesn’t include me, as I hope you realize. I like your stuff. I will continue reading it. The only thing you ever write about that disgusts me is wrestling … & video games … & MMA … &, I guess, every comic with a cover price that didn’t come off a spinner rack & cost 12 cents new … & being from Texas … & music by anyone other than early punk, postpunk, rockabilly, goth, deathrock, techno, industrial, New Wave or vintage hard country acts OF MY CHOOSING … & a bunch of other stuff that isn’t coming to mind just now (as noted above, I’m tired, & hell, I’ve still got stuff to do here at work, even though I was supposed to leave 57 minutes ago as this is typed; OK, make that 58 minutes) … but “retard(ed)”? Naw. Disappointed, sure, but hardly disgusted. That ain’t nearly enough to keep me away. You’ll have to try hard.

(59 minutes)

Anyway, OK — clearly, your next post, consisting of nothing but the word “retard” in all caps for 12 inches, is all my fault. My apologies to everyone ahead of time.

(61! Damn!)

What a retarded discussion.

We would expect nothing better from you.


September 24, 2009 at 4:31 pm

But really, did we need Batman kissing/suffocating a dying woman to save his secret identity?

Pretty sure that was motivated by emotion – at the end he saw her as the vulnerable woman he’d seen her as before, and so gave her a kiss whilst she died.

Superman calling Lois collect?

Yeah, that was wacky, but that story had gone off the rails awhile ago – at least it didn’t try a fake out twist like Sgt. Rock ‘… and he may have been his uncle’… the heck was that?

Catwoman/The Demon ended with the grossest imagery ever.

Two people on their way back to a castle stating that they’d like to have sex with each other?


Here’s a litmus test for racism that my mom laid on me as a child.
Would you say it in front of a member of the group to which it refers? If not, then you might want to refrain.
As to the use of dictionary definitions… come on man! Even if you had used “retarded” in isolation it’d be problematic. But the fact is you attached a modifier to it that specified a clinical diagnosis. Compare that to the dictionary’s example of “socially retarded,” and it should be pretty clear where you, as a writer, went wrong.

Brad, thank you for making the effort to not use “retarded” again, even if you disagree with those of us who find the word offensive. I know you weren’t trying to insult those with cognitive disabilities, but “retarded” is, to many of us, a loaded word. I’m a special education teacher, and I hate the word “retard.”

When you’ve had to console a girl (who has autism, and could be described as high functioning) who is sobbing hysterically while saying “I’m retarded!” because someone used called her a retard, you get pissed off when you see the word used as an insult. When you have students who try their hardest every day to improve their communication, behavior, and academic ability, and then have them dismissed as “retards,” you get angry when you see the word used casually.

At my school, we promote a culture of respect for my students and others like them. That includes demystifying autism, encouraging social relationships, and not using the words”retard/retarded” or any synonyms (including “sped”) in an insulting or casual manner. Most of the other kids have enough respect for my students to watch themselves (or at least say “sorry” if the word slips out), because they know the possible effects.

Brad Curran,

Sorry about the getting riled up about the Dido comment. I know you did not mean it as how a bunch of of us took it, so no harm/foul about that. My issue is simply, it wasn’t a criticism about the work, as much as it was simply an insult. If you want to write reviews, WRITE THE REVIEW.

I think comic book fans have taken comic criticism to a point it is worthless. You can pick any comic/tv show/movie/song/book apart easily. The Metal Men strip was fine. The Teen Titans strip was fine. Not every strip in Wednesday Comics was my particular cup of tea, but that is okay. Critique to work, not the creators. If you want your reviews to have any merit, you have to write fairly.

Wow, there’s more crying in this thread than theater full of people watching the end of Terms of Endearment

@Dan: I appreciate you taking the time out to respond fully to my arguments (with compliments, no less, that always helps). Out of deference to you and some of the other posters in this thread, I’ll try to follow Brad’s example and leave off using the r-word on CSBG. You’re probably right when you suggest that I value consistency or – some might say – “cold” logic to the neglect of sympathy.

But more than just that, and I know this has been a go-to defense for countless reprehensible actions so I’m in some way damning myself by association, in the place where I was raised (New Joisey), the word “retarded” was and remains to this day THE word used to described something deficient. I don’t think I knew a single person in grammar school or in high school who would’ve taken offense at that word (not to imply anything about those who DO take offense, just stating a fact of my experience). Terrible song on the radio? “Yo, that shit’s retarded.” Computer not working? “Man, this shit’s being retarded” Teacher giving too much homework? “This lady’s retarded. How are we supposed to finish all this shit?” (Incidentally, we used the word “shit” a lot as well). Most of us don’t harbor any ill-will towards the mentally retarded. For all intents and purposes, the “two” words are just homophones.

True story: my Italian grandmother, to this day, refers to African-Americans in the collective by the offensive and hopelessly antiquated “colored people.” That said, she is one of the least prejudiced people you’ll ever meet, would’ve voted for Obama twice if she could have, and bitterly carps whenever the Republicans try to push back his stuff in Congress. So, it’s also important to distinguish the speaker’s intent from his (often poor) choice of signifier, otherwise you’d wind up condemning people like my grandmother as racists. This’s why I don’t mind if someone requests Brad change his choice of wording (probably too late for my grandmother), but it does irk me when people act like use of the word “retard” (there are a couple of other similarly controversial words) implies a fundamental malevolence.

Wow, I was wondering when I saw on the CSBG front page this had fifty comments already what was going on…

Cass —

Thanks for the background. I can certainly see where you’re coming from. (I’m from rural southwest Arkansas — my hometown still doesn’t have a single traffic light, as I’ve noted on more than one occasion, & since it’s now in a spiral of genuine decline I’d lay odds that it never will — & the fact that the people you grew up with actually communicated *in complete sentences* leaves me envious. OK, I’m exaggerating …)

I would say that for us, “THE word used to describe something deficient” was “Texan,” but (a) I don’t want to poke at Brad any more; he’s a good guy, & (b) it wouldn’t be true. Damn.

In actuality, I don’t know that we had such a word. Y’know, looking back, we just didn’t have many words, period …

Thank you, Mike Loughlin. That was very nice to read.

If you think OMAC is cool and you loved Strange Adventures, make sure to check out Paul Pope’s issue of Solo! It’s got his rather awesome tribute to Kirby, “Are You Ready for the World to Come?”

the fact that this guy needs to post a dictionary definition to prove his case is pathetic. the truth is that no one is trying to take away your right to use the word retarded. All we are saying is once you know that the word causes pain and hurt to a very vulnerable population…why would you? It’s pretty telling buddy.

mike —

For me, at least (one of the original Indignant Eight ! can we get costumes & go fight the use of language we deem unacceptable?), Cass made a compelling point for why he regarded the term as inoffensive, but even so there’s something to be said for your statement that

>>the fact that this guy needs to post a dictionary definition to prove his case is pathetic.

Not that it’s “pathetic,” mind you, but it might be a pretty good rule of thumb for judging if a certain term might be at the very least questionable … almost on a par with Nate’s

>>Here’s a litmus test for racism that my mom laid on me as a child. Would you say it in front of a member of the group to which it refers? If not, then you might want to refrain.

I say “almost” because I can’t really think of any exceptions to the latter view. The dictionary-definition principle would seem to be not nearly as uniform, at least as truly stupid people walk the earth — didn’t some school or city official get fired a few years ago for using the term “niggardly”? Now, *that’s* pathetic.

“at least as LONG AS truly stupid people …”, that is. (Speaking of truly stupid people.)

I agree that you shouldn’t use that word on that blog.

I also agree that Brad is, overall, the worst writer on this blog, but it seems (based on his writing – so I may be totally off) that he’s also among the youngest.

Some of his posts are inane, annoying and a waste of time.

But some of his posts are fun and inspire some quality comments. I’m always willing to give him a chance, and I trust he’ll gradually improve.

>>I also agree that Brad is, overall, the worst writer on this blog,

I disagree. Or maybe I agree, but only in the sense that, say, I dunno, Melky Cabrera is the worst starting Yankees position player. (I don’t know if he is or not … I’m not a Yankees fan, though I have two of them on my fantasy team, but for some reason his name comes to mind.) If he is, he still does a damned good job.

Brad is certainly the most, I guess, *free-wheeling* & *casual* & *informal* of the CSBG writers, but I think there’s a place for that.

(I’m a professional editor. I have been for going on 20 years. And when I wasn’t editing, I was writing for a living. YOU HAVE TO BOW TO MY OPINION ON THESE MATTERS. It’s the law.)

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