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A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments – Day 268

Here is the latest cool comic book moment in our year-long look at one cool comic book moment a day (in no particular order whatsoever)! Here‘s the archive of the moments posted so far!

People wanted to see what happened next for Johnny Hiro, so let’s take a look at a cool moment from Johnny Hiro #2!!

Okay, in Johnny Hiro #2, by the great Fred Chao, Johnny has been tasked by his boss to steal a lobster from an opposing restaurant because a famous food critic is in their restaurant and he wants lobster (and they don’t serve lobster).

Johnny makes a decision and, well, things go downhill…






Click to enlarge the double-page spread!

“The” moment is definitely when he uses the lobster to clip the line and travels down the line!

Get Johnny Hiro in trade paperback, people!! From AdHouse!


“You gotta get up to get down.”

WTF?!?! When did this become A Year of Face Palm Comic Book Moments?

I have no idea why you picked this. The art is decently done, but the writing is horrible.

I disagree, i find the humor refreshing instead of the constant death, carnage, fights and hero porn.

A joke about grammar and a joke about a coolio lyric on a double page spread of a guy escaping a trio of knife-wielding sashimi chefs with a stolen lobster… and you say this isn’t cool..?

This is pure unadulterated awesome. I will be buying the trade.

I am loving these Johnny Hiro moments.

If the cooks plan to slice and dice Johnny over a $20 (or whatever) lobster, they’re not the heroes of this story either. Maybe there aren’t any heroes.

The faces on these people remind me of Popeye for some reason. And lobster is nothing if not utilitarian. Oh, and delicious.

I like this enough to put it on my “give it a try” list!!!

Wow, a totally fun moment from what looks like a totally fun book.

This, together with your last Hiro moment, makes me want to try it out.

Yup! Definitely goes on my Christmas List!


After your first Johnny Hiro moment, I decided to pick issue #1 up at SPX. I was not disappointed. The story is fantastic. Gozadilla and the Super A-OK Robot made my greyhound trip back from DC to Mass a veritable joy ride.

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